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by Lizzie Dragon
Posted July 1, 2020

Unfortunately, coronavirus cases have not yet flatlined, meaning the virus is still affecting many people every day, including our healthcare heroes. Frontline workers spend their days in a fight against COVID-19, and we think they deserve the world. Though we can’t give them the world, we can give them a free RV road trip. If you don’t mind, we’d also like this opportunity to brag about these healthcare heroes. That said, here are some of our trip winners.

Lori Haas

Lori is a nurse in Denver, Colorado. As a nurse during this pandemic, she has had the responsibility of calling patients to notify them of their COVID-19 test results. Telling people they tested positive for the virus, Lori has not been met with smiles and positivity. Often, this news is met with anger directed at Lori.

Like most, if not all, frontline workers, Lori has been under immense stress, which is why her sister, Lisa, nominated her for this trip. An outdoorsy lady, nature is where Lori recharges. This trip is her opportunity to step away from the stress of the job and into the calm of the outdoors. Rumour has it; a proposal may be in the works as well. No pressure, Max.

Logan Laws

ICU nurse and soon-to-be dad, Logan, works in an adult hospital in Austin, Texas. He’s the type to step up to work with the most critical patient or take on the most challenging assignments. People trust him with their lives as their caregiver, and without even a second thought, he takes on this role with incredible passion. All the qualities he possesses are the makings of a great father.

Finding out his wife and nominator, Kelsey, is pregnant in the middle of March, amid a pandemic, was less than ideal. With Kelsey working as a physical therapist and Logan working in the ICU during the time, the couple had to cancel their planned trip to Europe. But, the good news is there is still time to get a babymoon road trip in before December! With a baby on the way, we think it’s time to recharge, celebrate, and get ready for their new role as parents.

Ashley Sfetkof

Ashley was nominated by her former co-worker, Christa, who can vouch that she is a strong and caring individual and nurse. In Exton, Pennsylvania, she works long hours and comes home to take care of her dog, who suffers from diabetes. She can’t leave him behind to go on a trip, as he needs insulin daily, so a pet-friendly RV road trip is the perfect adventure for her and her furry friend.

With an elderly grandmother and other family members who are especially vulnerable, one can only imagine the stress Ashley is under. We agree with Christa and think she deserves some time away to care for her own physical and mental health, especially after constantly caring for that of others, both family and patients.

Brittany Corrigan

Canceling a road trip across North America, Brittany found herself on the COVID-19 frontlines. As a registered nurse working at an ICU in Florida, she serves her patients with great care and a smile on her face. Even though she has experienced significant trauma, losing patients despite her best efforts, she continues to fight for her patients without letting fear or sadness get in her way.

Brittany was nominated by her friend and road trip partner, Carly, who had nothing but kind words to say. Carly describes her friend as a “strong nurse, an intelligent and well-rounded woman, and an adventurous, spontaneous traveler.” This trip would give these two hardworking and well-deserving nurses a chance to reflect on their experiences together, and head off on the journey they had anticipated before being thrown into the trenches that are the COVID-19 frontlines.

Pamela Cloribel

Pamela is a pharmacist and US Army Reservist. In Irvine, California, she works as an ICU Pharmacist, taking care of COVID patients. Despite the challenges that come with the job, including personal protective equipment shortages and being quarantined away from her daughters, she serves with compassion and care.

Her sister and nominator, Emily Saelak, describes Pamela as selfless, as she is continuously giving back to her patients, community, and her country. A US Air Force Veteran serving in 9/11, she has just recently re-enlisted in the Army Reserves. Pamela has made and continues to make incredible sacrifices, as has her family. They deserve a little chance to reconnect on an RV road trip, don’t you think?

Thank You to Our Healthcare Heroes

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, our frontline workers are our heroes. With the help of the nominators, we have received more than 1300 submissions and awarded over 140 trips to some of the most unselfish and untiring individuals. Though Outdoorsy’s Healthcare Hero Program has ended as of 6/30, we are still looking for ways to give back to deserving communities.

Thank you again to our frontline workers for fighting for our lives today and every day.


Lizzie Dragon


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