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‘I Get More Hugs From My Customers Than My Own Family’

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In our next installation of owner stories, we meet Patrick Campbell. The Baltimore native has made $24,000 in the last year by renting out his Class B motorhome. He offers great advice on how to succeed on Outdoorsy.

I’m known as the “renting guru”: “I am known as the renting guru. I have made a hobby of renting multiple properties on Airbnb and love offering people outstanding accommodations during their vacations and getaways. When I purchased my RV—whom I’ve named Big Bertha—a friend mentioned renting her out as well.”

My RV has her own personality: “Big Bertha is a little Class B. It’s the smallest RV that counts as a motorhome. It has its own sink, toilet, microwave, stove, and bed. But more importantly, my RV has her own identity. The license plate says “Bertha,” and she’s been all over the country: Martha’s Vineyard, balloon festivals, Tennessee, Florida and more.”

I was done in less than 30 minutes: “Compared to other RV rental sites, I found RV to be painless and super easy-to-use. I had my RV listed in less than 30 minutes, and I was booking people in a very short amount of time.”

Hugs from my customers: “I often say that people love the van so much that I now get more hugs from customers than I do from my own family! My main goal is to get them to have fun. That starts right from the key exchange! I give instructions in a hands-on manner — I make the customers DO things themselves around the RV rather than to just issue a long list of instructions.”

How to succeed on Outdoorsy: “I have a few pieces of advice for new owners:

  1. Monitor comparable RVs in your zip code so you don’t overprice or underprice.
  2. Look at reviews to see what kind of RVs are getting the most interest. You’ll also be able to gauge their experience after the trip has ended. It’ll give you a peek into what people want, and what kind of amenities you should offer.”

– Patrick Campbell. Rent Big Bertha here. 


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