How To Rent (and Market) Your Fifth Wheel

Christine LindstromOctober 13, 2020

How To Rent (and Market) Your Fifth Wheel

If you’re a fifth wheel owner looking to make some extra cash, renting out your fifth wheel with Outdoorsy is an excellent option. Not only will you create a new source of income, but you’ll play an important role in helping others explore and enjoy the great outdoors— a very rewarding thing in and of itself! But managing and marketing a fifth wheel RV rental is a little different than your average bumper-pull or motorhome. In this article, we’ll break down the unique factors to consider when renting out and marketing your rig.

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Renting Your Fifth Wheel

No one is going to be able to find your fifth wheel rental if you don’t list it first! Start by joining a peer-to-peer rental company like Outdoorsy and create your listing. Setting up your account is easy— you’ll add info like your RV’s name, description, and rental price. Include a few pictures, publish your listing, and you’re good to go! You can start accepting bookings and helping others hit the road.

Outdoorsy has tons of resources for new owners, so be sure to check out these articles for more specific instructions on your first steps.

Special Rental Considerations for Fifth Wheels

Most RV rentals are pretty straightforward, however, fifth wheels have one unique consideration: most people can’t tow them. If you’re a fifth wheel owner, you probably have a truck with a fifth wheel hitch. There will be people who fall in love with your listing, only to realize they don’t have the means to tow it to their destination.

That’s where the delivery option comes in.

At Outdoorsy, renters can request that the RV be delivered, provided that the owner has activated the feature on the listing. Offering delivery is totally up to you, but know that doing so will open up your pool of potential renters. The most successful fifth wheel owners listing their rigs on Outdoorsy offer a variety of delivery solutions.

How Fifth Wheel Delivery Works

Some owners charge between $1 to $2 per mile for delivery. Others include free delivery within a certain radius. (For example, free delivery within 40 miles.) Most commonly, however, owners charge a flat delivery fee within a specific distance with a per-mile fee for any additional miles, such as $150 for up to 60 miles plus $1 for each additional mile.

Charges vary, but as an owner, you should take into account the cost of fuel, vehicle wear and tear, and how much time you will spend delivering your fifth wheel. Remember that you’ll be making the round trip twice.

While it’s less tangible to estimate, consider the value in reducing the risk of damage to your RV that could potentially be caused by inexperienced renters trying to drive and set up your rig. With a little preparation and good communication, renters can have a wonderful vacation in a fifth wheel. In return, fifth wheel owners can develop a thriving rental business.

If renters have a question about delivery, feel free to direct them to this Outdoorsy explainer video!

Renting Out Your Towing Truck

Some owners also rent out their truck that is equipped to tow their rig. This is a great option for renters who feel comfortable with their skills and plan to visit more than one campground during their trip.

Marketing a Fifth Wheel to Renters

One of the keys to getting bookings for your fifth wheel rental is the marketing. You’re probably one of hundred of RVs that a renter to choose from, so you need to show them what makes yours unique. Aside from implementing basic RV marketing tips, it is also important that you’re prepared to answer any questions that may come up regarding your particular model.

Know the Pros and Cons of a Fifth Wheel Rental

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your fifth wheel can help renters decide if your rig is a good fit for them.

The design of a fifth wheel adds safety and maneuverability compared with other types of RVs. For this reason, longer trailers often have this design. These trailers also usually have more storage and living space. Because the front end is raised to fit over the bed of the truck, fifth wheels tend to be taller with higher ceilings in the living area, creating a more spacious, luxurious feeling for the renter.

However, there are some practical considerations to take into account when renting a fifth wheeler:

  • The renter (or owner, if delivering) should check the intended route for height and weight restrictions.
  • Fifth wheels may also exceed length limits on certain roads and some campgrounds.
  • They require a special hitch mounted in the truck bed—not to mention they require a truck that’s rated to tow the weight of the trailer in question. Often fifth wheels will be towed by a dually, which is a truck with dual rear wheels on each side.

As an owner, you’ll want to let potential renters know about these advantages. You’ll also need to be ready to answer questions about the disadvantages.

Be Prepared for Common Fifth Wheel Questions

Fifth wheel owners should remember that many renters are new to the world of RVing and may be intimidated by what can seem like a steep learning curve.

If your RV listing description answers a renter’s concerns before they arise and puts them more at ease, they are more likely to rent from you. In addition to describing all the features your rig has to offer, be sure to include information that addresses some of the practical concerns that may cause your potential renter to shy away from choosing a fifth wheeler.

Here are some common fifth wheel questions to answer within the description.

  • Can I tow it myself?
  • Do I need a special kind of truck?
  • How does the hitch work?
  • Is your truck and/or hitch also available to rent?
  • Do you deliver and set up at campgrounds?
  • How far are you willing to deliver and what do you charge for this service?

Chances are you’ve thought through the answers to these questions. But if they’re not included in your listing, you may be losing business. Potential renters who are simply browsing may not want to contact you to get this information, so answering their basic questions is good marketing. Don’t let uncertainty lead renters to click on to the next listing. Fifth wheel trailers don’t have to be intimidating.

Get Your Fifth Wheel Rental on the Road

At the end of the day, your fifth wheel RV rental is helping people make memories, and you can’t put a price on that! Anyone can find success in the RV rental business with a little RV marketing know-how.

Christine Lindstrom, Outdoorsy Author

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