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Posted December 16, 2021

This post was written by Janine Pettit, Editor-in-Chief of Girl Camper Magazine.

I’ve been camping for many, many years and, in that time, have tried pretty much every kind of camping gadget and gear. My friends at Camco love to send me things to test out and over time I have compiled a list of things that always make the cut when I hit the road.

Here are some of my tried-and-true favorite camping items. I hope that if you are stuck for an idea for the RVer or avid camper in your life, this little Santa cheat sheet of last-minute Christmas gifts might help!

Big Red Campfire

last minute christmas gifts for rvers

Price: Starting at around $200

When I first saw this many years ago, I wondered why anyone would want a propane firepit! Well, let me tell you what I know now. This compact portable firepit is incredibly handy when wood is not available or dry; when you want to sit by the fire for 15 minutes and not worry about having to wait for the fire to die down; when you arrive at the campground late and the store is closed so you can’t get wood; when you have upper respiratory issues but still want to cozy up by a fire; when there is an open fire ban in place; or when you want an extra cooking space that’s fast and easy!

An added bonus is that $20 worth of propane goes a lot further than $20 worth of firewood. My firepit has paid for itself many times over. I love the attachment that lets me set my cast iron fry pan on top and grill up some burgers. When I’m not camping, I can use it on my back porch any time of year too.

Portable Refrigerator

Price: Starting at $240

Part of the fun of a road trip is eating when you want, where you want. With the Camco fridge, your drinks and food stay cold no matter how long you’re on the road! Includes an 11-foot 12/24V plug adapter for your car and a 7-foot A/C adapter for a standard outlet. If you’re away from your campsite but want to turn up or down your fridge, you can use the Smartphone compatible app.

Because it adjusts from -4° F to 68° F it’s a true freezer/fridge combo, which makes it so handy during the holidays when I need the extra space at home. The handy internal LED light makes finding what you want easy at night. Comes in 20 to 95 liters.

EVOFlex Drinking Water Hose

Price: Starting at around $15

We’ve all struggled with those coiled hoses that just won’t cooperate! This hose is made with a flexible construction that holds no memory so it will coil, stretch and position any way you want it to!

And unlike most hoses on the market, this one is completely BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free, so it won’t leach harmful chemicals into your water or leave a plastic taste like a standard hose. Ranges from 4’ to 50’. Made in the USA.

TastePURE Heated Drinking Water Hose

Price: Starting at around $130

Even if you live in a warm climate like Texas, last year showed us that extreme cold can happen anywhere! I learned the hard way that I needed a heated hose when I woke up camping in Arizona one morning, and my regular hose was frozen solid.

This self-regulating heating hose can withstand outside temperatures of up to -40° F, an added measure of security for those who RV in cold weather. Duel female hose fittings with an adapter hook to the hose bib. The 10-foot power plugs into any standard 110V outlet. It comes in 12, 25, or 50 feet and, just like the EVOFlex by Camco, is BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free. Made in the USA.

Pop-Up Utility Container

last minute christmas gifts

Price: Starting at around $15

These pop-up containers are the catch-alls of camp life. I use them to corral just about everything. In the underbelly of my camper, they hold hoses and extension cords. In the backseat of my truck, I use them to stash the many different types of footwear I need for all my outdoor adventures, keeping the dirt all in one place. Inside the camper, I stash one in the shower to collect dirty towels and laundry and outside I use them for garbage and to keep my charcoal dry.

I am sure that each RVer will find his or her own dedicated purpose which is why these things make such great gifts! The possibilities are endless. They come in three fun patterns, fold down with a spring action when not being used, and can be staked to the ground so they won’t blow away. The top zips up to keep stuff in and bugs out, too!

Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

last minute christmas gifts

Price: Starting at $19.88 for a 2-pack

It’s fun to add a little chic to your campsite. These double insulated stainless steel wine tumblers have removable stems. With the multicolored stems attached, you always know which glass is yours. A bonus is that they have tight-fitting lids that keep the bugs out and minimize a mess if one gets tipped over.

They come in six fun colors, but you can also customize them by spray painting them with your favorite teams’ colors or just to match your design aesthetic. They’re another item that is also good around the pool or on the back porch.

Have a Camco Christmas!

There are simply too many of Camco’s Life is Better at the Campsite products to share here, but you can’t go wrong with these fun, colorful, and practical gifts — from doormats to aprons, table clothes to tumblers, plates to cutting boards, and so much more!

You can find all these products online, or at a local retailer or dealership near you.

Need more last-minute Christmas gifts? Check out these gift guides:

Happy shopping!

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