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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted July 28, 2017

Jack Huynh is a Bay Area-based photographer and videographer. An avid outdoorsman, he rents out his Class B Leisure Travel Serenity on Outdoorsy.

A stranger told me about Outdoorsy: “I’d purchased an RV to be able to go on more adventures with my daughter. A year and a half ago, I met someone at a campsite who mentioned Outdoorsy to me. He’d had a great experience on the platform. I’d been thinking about renting out my RV for a while, but I was very intimidated by the idea of building my own website and ginning up demand. Outdoorsy was the perfect solution.”

Rapid success: “I got rental requests very quickly on Outdoorsy. I think I’ve managed to find a niche for myself. The size of my rig makes it easy to park and take off-road. At the same time, it’s very nice on the inside. It’s perfect for adventurous and newer couples alike.”

Being able to save for a house: “Based on current bookings, I’m estimating that I’ll make about $35,000 this year. The rental income from my RV is finally allowing me to start saving to buy a house. I wouldn’t even have been able to dream of buying a house if it weren’t for the money I get from the RV. The cost of living in the Bay Area is just too high.”

Think of your RV as an investment: “I’d recommend that all new buyers analyze the market demand for the type of camper van they want to purchase before actually buying it. Your RV is a business. Make sure you’re investing in the right type of asset. It might be scary to pay more upfront, but remember your RV will quickly pay for itself.”

A tip about pricing: “Resist the temptation to overprice your vehicle. Check all the listings in your area and price according to what you find is a general average.”

– Jack Hunyh. Rent Jack’s Leisure Travel Serenity here


Team Outdoorsy


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