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Lindsay McKenzie
by Lindsay McKenzie
Posted January 3, 2018

If you’ve ever camped before, then you know how friendly campers are. In fact, it is pretty common for people interested in similar hobbies to connect in some way with one other. If you’re riding a motorcycle, you might wave as you pass another rider. There’s an unspoken rule about saying “hello” on the trail when you pass a fellow hiker, as well. And RVing is no different, in fact, it’s likely you’ll even meet friends while traveling in an RV.

Meeting friends while traveling in an RV
A fun meet up we had with two other RVing couples! Photo Credit:

Think about the last time you stayed at a hotel. When you were in the elevator or the lobby, did you strike up a conversation with anyone? Did you meet your “neighbors” in the rooms next to you or across from you? Probably not.

However, don’t be surprised when you pull up to an RV park or campground and other RVers immediately welcome you, help you back your rig in, ask where you’re from, or even invite you over for a campfire! Better yet, if you have any issues with your RV, you are sure to find help from someone in the park.

The RV community is pretty fantastic, whether you’re a rookie or a veteran. That being said, it’s fairly easy to meet new friends while traveling in an RV! We were surprised when we became full-time RVers how many great friendships we had built within just the first year. So, if meeting new people is a benefit you hope to gain from RVing, we’re here to help!

Here are 3 tips to help you meet friends while traveling in an RV

Make the First Move

Be outgoing, welcoming, and friendly wherever you’re parked! Even if it is not in your nature to be the first one to reach out to a stranger, just try it. Everyone tends to be much more willing to chat and socialize when traveling. It probably won’t even be too hard because most people at a campground are walking around looking for people to mingle with anyway.

campground friends
Friends we met at our RV park in Bar Harbor, Maine. Photo Credit:

Invite neighbors to your campfire! During our first month of RVing, we had a couple invite us to their fire, along with three other couples/families. The large group of us ended up spending all evening together chatting about all the things we had in common, eating s’mores, and swapping RVing tips. We ended up hanging out with each other almost every night that week. We even exchanged information and still keep in touch … all because one couple invited others to their campfire!

Social Media

It’s called social media for a reason. It wasn’t designed for people to just scroll through their feed and do nothing more. It was created for people to engage and connect with each other and it’s an incredible tool for doing just that!

Facebook and Instagram are the #1 ways that we have met friends while RVing. We follow tons of other RVers and any time we see someone in the same location as us, we message them! We’ve had lots of people message us as well. We’ve met up with RVers at breweries, restaurants, and parks and every time we do, we leave with new friends who we continue to keep up with through social media.

social media and RVing
A recent Instagram message we received!

There is an instant bond between RVers. We can easily talk about destinations we’ve been, struggles we’ve had, and the many reasons why RVing is so amazing. It’s such a unique way to travel that there’s so much to talk about! And because it’s becoming more and more popular and accessible, RVers are wanting to connect with each other more than ever!

RV Meet Ups and Events

There are several large scale RV events all year long and all over the country. From RV shows to conferences, to festivals and everything in between, you’re sure to find something that interests you.

Passport America organizes fun rallys and caravans, where everything from your nightly stays, entertainment, and food is all organized for you. You can view their schedule here.

Escapees RV Club is also well known for their national events and rallys. They host an annual “Escapade” for anyone who wants to attend, as well as smaller events for members only that cater to a variety of travelers. Here is their calendar of events.

We attended a Summit for RVers the month before we even began RVing and it was the most powerful event for us. We made some very close friendships, networked with people who later offered us amazing work opportunities, and just had a blast hanging out with like-minded individuals.

RV Summit
The RV Entrepreneur Summit. Photo Credit:

We worried that we would get lonely while RVing full-time, but that just hasn’t been the case at all. In fact, we feel like we have more of a community than we ever had. So, if you’re planning to buy an RV or rent an RV, get out there and make some friends on the road!

I love meeting up with other travelers, so connect with me on Instagram or Facebook! Hope to cross paths with you!


Lindsay McKenzie


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