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Our insurance policy is a first in the RV marketplace.

No matter what side of the equation you sit on, RV owner or renter, insurance is important. Our commercial RV insurance policy provides our users with $1M in liability coverage during the rental period. And while we know insurance can be a boring subject, it’s a an important component to providing safety and peace of mind.

We offer $1M in coverage on every qualified RV rental and a simple way for the renter to purchase their rental insurance, online and in a few simple “clicks”. It can be purchased on the same day of the rental, even right up to the moment of your key exchange. Now you can rest assured that you can rent out your rig, or you can rent somebody else’s rig, and hit the road without a worry.

Safe and sound always

Of course you can read all the details about Outdoorsy Insurance on our site (seriously, read it). But here are the basics for everyone:

Our insurance policy is a first in the RV Marketplace. That means nobody else can offer you the level of protection, peace of mind and security that we can.

If you’re an RV owner, the Outdoorsy insurance program allows you to take both domestic as well as international renters under this policy, expanding your rental audience and income potential.

Most individual insurance policies do not cover rentals. This is probably one of the reasons you aren’t renting out your RV yet. But with Outdoorsy Insurance, we’ve got you covered. Check out our rates and see how simple it is to get the insurance you need to start renting (and making money off of) your rig today.

We’ve done everything we can to create an insurance policy that makes great sense for the Outdoorsy community and we’ve made it simple and inexpensive. And it’s one you won’t find anywhere else.

You made it to the end of an article about insurance policies…we recommend this story to get back to the stuff you love reading about…road travel.

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