Meg Furey-Marquess
by Meg Furey-Marquess
Posted December 16, 2020

You could say this year has been a little bit … different. Okay, it’s been a lot different. We’ve spent our days, weeks, and months changing plans and moving forward only to move back again. We’ve taken many unfamiliar routes and a few confusing detours and at times, we all wanted to get off this ride called 2020. 

However, these unexpected twists and turns made our journey all the more worthwhile. Sure, it was a little different than we all planned, but isn’t it true what they say — it’s the journey, not the destination that matters? 

At Outdoorsy, we’re champions of everything from sunrises on seashores to sunsets over canyon vistas and every natural moment in between. But most of all, we’re champions of silver linings. So, let’s take a quick pitstop and review where we (and you!) went in 2020 as we look forward to 2021. 

Your Year in Numbers

1. The Wheel You Got Behind the Most: Top Driveable RV of 2020

2018 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds

This Class C RV ranges from 22 to 31 feet. In even the smallest of models, you can expect a full kitchen and bathroom, along with multiple sleeping areas. For a spacious ride that is easy to drive, the Thor Motor Coach Four Winds is a top choice. 

Check out this Thor Motor Coach on Outdoorsy!

2. The One That Followed You Everywhere We Went: Top Towable RV of 2020

2019 Jayco Jay Flight

The Jay Flight RV has been America’s best-selling travel trailer for 14 years. And for good reason; these easily towable rigs have superior construction and all the comforts of home. From 21 to 38 feet, there is an easy towable rental for you. 

Check out this Jayco Jay Flight on Outdoorsy!

3. Total Number of Trips Taken Between January and October 2020


No summer bummer here: 116,784 of those trips were taken from July through October.

4. Not Even Winter Can Slow Your Roll


Number of trips we’re on track to hit by the end of 2020.

5. Where You Loved to Pick Up Your RVs

  1. San Diego, California (Nearly double the bookings in 2020 versus 2019)

  2. Las Vegas, Nevada

  3. Phoenix, Arizona

  4. Denver, Colorado

  5. Austin, Texas

  6. Portland, Oregon

  7. Los Angeles, California

  8. Salt Lake City, Utah

  9. Mesa, Arizona

  10. Seattle, Washington

6. You Never Forget Your First Time…

Number of first-time renters: 135,161

Nearly 90% of Outdoorsy renters in 2020 were first-timers.

7. You Loved Being On the Road 

Average trip length: 6.4 days

8. Renting Out RVs is Big Business

Highest Earning Owners (One rig listed): $42,000/year on average

Our highest-earning one-rig RV owners made an average of $42,000 by renting out just one RV.. Yep, some of our owners nicely supplemented their annual income by renting out their RV. Some have even decided to take the plunge and turn it into a full-time gig!

And with $13,000 a year being what the average American made on their side hustle in 2019 (Bankrate), we think RV rentals is going to be the side hustle of choice in 2021.

Highest Earning Owners (Fleet owners): $2.4 million/year

Our fleet owners raked in the dough this year, with our biggest earner bringing in around $2.4 million.

Interested in buying a fleet of RVs yet?


Wanna join our RV owner community in 2021 and make some extra cash? Play around with our estimation calculator and see how much you could make with your RV.



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