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Owner Of The Week: Jerry Dufour

“Growing up and traveling across the country for bike races, I fell in love with the idea of traveling by RV,” says RV owner Jerry Dufour. “Once I owned my first RV, it was my home as I traveled from Alabama to California and everywhere in-between all year while racing mountain bikes.”

Not wanting to keep his passion for travel to himself, Jerry decided to start Dufourfun Rentals, his RV rental business on Outdoorsy. “I enjoy traveling by RV and all the opportunities it opens,” Dufour explains. “When I saw the opportunity to share that with others, I jumped on it!”

Outdoorsy Owner Jerry Dufour

While this storyline may sound pretty typical of an Outdoorsy RV owner, there is one thing that makes Dufour stand out: he is only 21 years old. The young entrepreneur clearly doesn’t let his age get in the way. Instead, he chooses to use it to his advantage.

“My age, I believe, has allowed me to learn a lot about what makes a great experience for people,” Dufour shares. “I am not very experienced, but I’m eager to learn.”

Fred the Freedom Elite

And learn he has. In fact, in just a few months, he has seen an amazing amount of business.

“I had my first booking within the first week of listing,” Dufour says. “The popularity of RV rentals currently—and the income that comes along with it—has allowed me to start a small rental business that I hope to grow!”

Dufour is already using his profits to grow, and is now the proud owner of not one, but two rental rigs. “I have Fred (the Freedom Elite) and Winnie (the Winnebago View),” he says. “Besides being some of the most affordable RV rentals in the area, they also come stocked up with everything you would need for a great trip—with the option to add additional items like a bike and/or bike rack!”

Inside Fred the Freedom Elite

“Everyone who rents my RVs are great people and always return [from their trip] with an even bigger smile than they arrived with.”

Each positive rental experience makes Dufour feel increasingly more comfortable in his business. “I feel safe most importantly because the RV and camping community are great and respectful. Secondly, if anything were to happen, the insurance provided through Outdoorsy promotes my ease of mind.”

Inside Winnie the Winnebago

All about Jerry Dufour

Favorite morning beverage:

Favorite campsite meal:
“Ramen noodles”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:
“Mountain biking”

Favorite season:

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?

Outdoorsy Owner Jerry Dufour
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