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Posted February 28, 2017

Just because your RV kitchen is tiny doesn’t mean it can’t be functional and cozy. With enough creativity, small situations can be the best–and very low stress! Your tiny RV kitchen is no exception.

If you’re having a hard time imagining cooking a fancy dinner in this kind of tiny home, now might be time to maximize your space with gadgets that can make your RV kitchen even more functional. Implement the ideas below and bask in the glory of a simplified cooking experience you wouldn’t have dreamed of having in an RV.

Magnetic Knife Hnewer

RV kitchen

Rummaging through a drawer for knives is not only impractical, it’s also downright dangerous. On the other hand, keeping a traditional knife block on the countertop isn’t exactly ideal either. Instead, why not hang your knives on the wall? It might seem like a crazy idea, it actually works quite nicely. The knives don’t fall down when you’re driving, and it is a real space-saver. Magnetic knife bars can be found at almost any home goods store. Find one you like, mount it on your wall, and enjoy the ease of grabbing exactly the right knife every time. Save your drawers for other knock-around items.

Wall-Mounted Spice Rack

A pantry full of tipped-over spice bottles is a sight many traveling chefs face after moving their rig from one place to the next. This can make cooking quite frustrating as you struggle to find the right spice in the disarray. Fortunately, this can be remedied quickly and easily with a wall-mounted spice rack. These can be purchased from most home goods stores, but our favorite one is from IKEA. To save even more space, try mounting the rack inside of the pantry door. This will leave your walls looking blank and clean while still keeping your spices nice and neat in their own little cubby.

Over-the-Sink Coffee Mugs

If you’re tired of reaching to the back of the cabinet to find your favorite coffee mug each morning, you’ll love the idea of hanging those cherished cups where they’ll be more accessible. Simply screw some cup hooks into the cabinet above your sink and hang your coffee mugs on them. This will make finding the perfect cup easy–something that is invaluable when you are still in need of a caffeinated beverage to wake you up.

Hanging Fruit and Vegetable Baskets

With a tiny refrigerator and next to nothing in the way of counter space, it can be difficult to find a place to keep fresh fruits and vegetables. If this is an issue you face on a regular basis, you might consider investing in hanging fruit and vegetable baskets. (You can also find great ones at flea markets.) This will give you a place to keep produce and requires none of your precious counter space.

DIY Tiles

If grease and dirty dishwasher are constantly sticking themselves to your RV walls, you are likely ready to be done with the chore of scrubbing it off. Luckily, by installing a simple backsplash, you can put this problem behind you. The best part? Installing the backsplash is incredibly simple.

For this project all you’ll need:

A collection of Smart Tiles (snew at home improvement stores)

Measuring tape

Sharp scissors

The tiles are a peel-and-stick product, so all you have to do is measure, cut, peel, and stick. An entire backsplash could easily be finished in under half an hour. The results are amazing. So if you’re feeling cluttered, look for gadgets improve your RV kitchen and make it more functional and better looking.

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