“Pudgy pies” are a thing. An amazing thing.

Outdoorsy renter Ashley is a life-long camper and when we asked what the one thing she can’t go without on the road is, this former chef told us “A pudgy pie maker”. To which we replied “A pudgy what?”

“It’s two cast iron squares and you put white bread on either side and add pie filling to the middle. You close it up, put it in the fire and when the crust burns off you open it up and you have a beautiful pie. And it really tastes like pie! You can put anything in there, chocolate, bacon and eggs…it’s amazing.”

It does indeed sound amazing and we are remiss that we didn’t have one on the road with us last time we were out. Pudgy pies are also known as mountain pies or hobo pies. But we’re with Ashley on this one, we think pudgy is the best name.

Here are a bunch of types of pie makers in case you are enthused as we are about the idea. And be sure to send us along any great recipes we can share with everyone.

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