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Renter Of The Week: Teri Casagranda

Outdoorsy Renter Stories

Renter Of The Week: Teri Casagranda

Chelsea Gonzales
by Chelsea Gonzales
Posted April 9, 2019

Wisconsin resident Teri Casagranda and her husband Gary wanted to see the beauty of Arizona. Recognizing that one of the best ways to do this would be via RV, Teri set out to find one.

“My son told me there are RV rentals similar to home rentals such as VRBO, so I searched ‘RV rental Arizona’,” Teri says. The minute she saw Outdoorsy at the top of the results, the Casagranda’s road trip adventure began.

Outdoorsy Renters Teri and Gary Casagranda.

“I was totally new to this,” Teri recalls. “I was concerned that money would be spent on questionable or uncertain services. I did plenty of searches for complaints and reviews, and Outdoorsy looked good. I was very relieved that everything went so well, as there were plenty of horror stories about other RV rental companies. I loved the prompt and clear feedback and answers to questions, as well as the thorough and fair rental agreement.”

Teri and Gary picked up their Class B RV rental in Litchfield, Arizona and traveled to Cottonwood and Sedona. They were gone for four nights and five days—which was, according to Teri, “Not long enough!”

The Casagranda’s Class B rental.

“This was our first RV trip, and being able to stay in beautiful areas and see the sights along the way was awesome,” Teri says. “We love nature, and being right there with the native vegetation and wildlife was just awesome.” She adds one of their favorite highlights of the trip was meeting a roadrunner face to face.  

The RV was in perfect mechanical shape and drove without any problems,” Teri says about the rental. “I’m all about security, and was very pleased with the vehicle we rented. I cried as I was tidying up to return it, as I didn’t want to think someone else would be renting it after us. It felt like ours, and now we’re actively looking to purchase a similar RV.”

Scenic sandstone rock formations near Sedona, Arizona.

The Casagrandas are currently planning a second trip with Outdoorsy. “We are planning for Montana and Wyoming (Yellowstone!) this fall. This time we’ll try a Class C so we are sure with our choice when we purchase,” she explains. “Then, when we purchase, we’ll also list with Outdoorsy with confidence!”

All about Teri Casagranda

Favorite morning beverage: 

Favorite campsite meal:
“Crab cakes”

Music you like to play on the radio:
“It depends … ‪Bob Seger‬, Ottmar Liebert, Prince”

Best game to play on the road or at your campsite:
“Mexican train dominoes”

Favorite season:

Last photo you took:
“Sunset in Sedona”

What’s your Outdoorsy spirit animal?
“Roadrunner for sure!”

If you could travel anywhere in an RV, where would you go?
“Yellowstone is our next destination. We also want to see Grand Canyon National Park because we got snowed out last time.”

One of the sights from the Casagranda’s roadtrip through Arizona.

Chelsea Gonzales


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