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‘Outdoorsy helped me find the perfect post-retirement career’

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This is the second post in a regular series profiling Outdoorsy’s most successful RV owners.

Meet Linda Highley, a 69-year-old Floridian who is turning retirement into a thriving business opportunity. Read her story below. 

Starting out on Outdoorsy was almost accidental: “I first learned about Outdoorsy from my banker. I wasn’t convinced about letting strangers into my RV, but I decided to take a chance and list my rig. I got my first rental within the first couple of weeks.”

The financial returns have been huge: “I’ve made $8000 off three trips so far. At this rate I have the potential for making $40,000 by the end of the year. I’m now considering buying another RV and turning this into a long-term business.”

My first rental was a nightmare. But Outdoorsy had my back: “The renters took my RV to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where it got caught in a wildfire. They managed to make it out safe, but part of the RV had melted right through. Outdoorsy and their insurance partners were incredible. I got a check within a week of getting in touch with the insurance company.”

“Outdoorsy’s handling of the issue convinced me to continue renting out. After four months of repairs, I finally got the RV back and decided to trade it in for a newer, smaller model. I’d gotten a ton of interest on the site, so I just picked up where I’d left off. My new RV—a Coachman Freelander—has been on two trips already. Outdoorsy is truly a quality company—great renters, great partners, great customer service.”

The perfect post-retirement career: “I’m retired and had been looking for a way to supplement my income, but it’s been hard to find something that gives me flexibility. I’ve instead decided to focus entirely on my RV business on Outdoorsy. The potential for a substantial income is here and I can work at my own schedule.”

– Linda Highley, 69, Palm Bay, FL. Owns a Coachmen Freelander 20CBT 2017.


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