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At the end of the day, I’m a sucker for a good home show. The ones that feature extensive remodels, the fix and flips, and whatever that show is where they buy entire islands for personal use. I will find any reason to wear my #DemoDay shirt.

Lately, there has been a rash of TV shows featuring customers looking to downsize their entire lives to a tiny home—cleverly designed dwellings that have all the furnishings of a home, strategically arranged into 200 square feet or less. Often, these homes are built on the backs of flatbed trailers and can be towed around.

It’s exciting to live in an age where we are all able to consider a home life that doesn’t feature a full house or a stagnant apartment. Whether we’re making small renovations or downsizing our entire home to a few dozen square feet, there’s a different way of living on the horizon. Those that travel by RV have known this all along, and the creative minds have taken to imagining new concepts of what life on the road can look like. It’s not just Winnies and Airstreams anymore.

Here are a few new concepts designers are playing with that we may be seeing on the road soon!

Stylish and trendy

The Romotow

While on the road, the Romotow looks like your typical trailer hauling behind an SUV. Streamlined, curves, smooth lines. When parked and fully expanded, the main cabin of the Romotow spins out to reveal a fully covered deck area. You know what that means? No more stepping out of your trailer and into the mud anymore.

Developed by the New Zealand Company, K2, the Romotow’s deck is ideally made of teak wood. The cabin features a master bedroom with a fully plumbed shower, a kitchen, and a dining area that can be used as an accessory sleeping area.

Harmony 3

For some of us, camping with an RV or trailer should feel like we are just inches away from sleeping in the dust and eating our Dinty Moore dinner right out of the can. For those that want all of the creature comforts of home, there is the Harmony 3 by Burstner. Not just the comforts of any home, but the comforts of your dream home.

While the floor plan remains functional and compact, all of the design is straight out of a luxury living playbook. Not for the faint of heart—or the light of wallet either.

Agile and versatile

The Bufalino

If you’re into the weird and wacky and aren’t much for company, the Bufalino might be right up your alley. Inspired by the three-wheeled Tuk-Tuk motorbikes that are a mainstay of transport in some Asian countries, the Bufalino adds a few walls and a twin-sized mattress to this low-impact vehicle. It’s ideal for those looking to camp out in the urban jungle, but not so great for those who need to travel several hundred miles to their next campsite.

Nau Ecco

Looking like something straight out of the brain of Elon Musk, the Nau Ecco is one of the only all-electric conceptual all-in-ones we’ve seen. The Ecco looks like a car out of the Jetsons that folds out into a cabin with standing room. No one is likely going to see the Ecco on the road anytime soon, but the concept drawings prove that someone out there is thinking about recreational vehicles in a whole new—and exciting—way.

Cricket Camper Trailer

The pinnacle of practicality, I had to throw the Cricket Camper on the list as it’s the only concept that I’ve actually had a chance to use. It’s both small and agile and readily available for purchase or rental today.

Crickets are billed as the ultimate adventure camper and for good reason. The low-profile design makes it incredibly easy to tow behind most cars and SUVs (I pulled it with a Toyota Tacoma and nearly forgot it was back there.). When parked, the roof and sides expand and open up to offer a wide and breezy living space big enough for a full mattress and a small kitchen area.

Some models of the Cricket are designed with roof racks to stow kayaks, bikes, or anything else you may need to keep your adventure moving in the right direction.

Beast mode


Let’s say you aren’t much for the cool and unusual concept vehicles. Maybe reading through some of these ideas have you feeling anxious that you might need to give up your RV as you know it.

Fret not. For every concept that leans to the smaller side, there is at least one that goes for the heavyweight category. Enter the Marchi EleMMent. It’s hailed as one of the “biggest motorhomes in the world” and I doubt anyone would question that claim. Tallying in at 45 feet in length with a 17-foot wingspan when parked and extended, the EleMMent offers nearly 730 square feet of living space.

A fully outfitted kitchen and a master bedroom with king-sized bed are driven around by a driver’s cockpit that resembles a spaceship. Oh and did I mention there’s a fully furnished rooftop deck? Rest assured, you’ll be the highlight of the campground.

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