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by Team Outdoorsy
Posted July 4, 2015

What’s a road trip without the four-legged family members along for the ride? While traveling, it’s pretty common to see dogs sitting up in the passenger seat, enjoying the trip just like everyone else. Some pups were born for road life.

However, there are plenty of things to take into consideration when hitting the road with your pets. Some love it, but some others aren’t too crazy about bumping down the interstate at 70 miles an hour. Some dogs and cats can also go into total freak out mode while in motion, too. Not fun.

Traveling with pets takes a little extra planning. Here are some things to keep in mind when setting out on your next adventure:

Create a routine. Your rig is your home, and just like at a typical non-moving home, pets generally do best when you stick to a schedule. Regular morning walks. Frequent breaks while in motion always helps with anxiety. Feedin’ time at the same time. Makes sense, right?

Make sure your pets have all their papers and tags. We are talking vaccination records and collar tags here. A lot of campgrounds require pets to have this info and will check. Some campgrounds are also breed restrictive, so make sure to ask about that before arriving if you are traveling with larger dogs and certain breeds.

Keep ’em leashed. Yep, you can’t let your cats and dogs run around all crazy like. It’s not safe for them and for other campers. Good news: a lot of campgrounds do have an off-leash area where pets can get some exercise.

Keep ’em cool. If you are heading out on a hike or maybe grabbing a bite to eat, make sure you are plugged in (or your generator is running) and your pets are kept cool. If you are running your generator, make sure you aren’t away for long periods just in case there is a power failure.

Pick up after your pet. Do this, people. Most pet owners are responsible, but there are a few that like to let their pets just do their thing. Besides the sanitary reasons and basic decency, picking up after your pet helps to ensure that campgrounds continue to allow campers with dogs and cats. Everyone wins.

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