Best RV Parks Near Glacier National Park

Jen YoungMay 29, 2022

Best RV Parks Near Glacier National Park

What’s your idea for a perfect short vacation? For some, it would be to rent an RV, gather their family and friends, and take a trip to the perfect campsite at the Glacier National Park. One of the most beautiful national parks in the country, Glacier National Park offers exquisite beauty that gives you both chills and peace at the same time. 

The park is a vast land spread over 1 million acres, and the reason it is called a glacier park is that most of the land, including the mountainous peaks, valleys, and lakes, was formed by the glaciers that produced its landscape.

If you want to witness the true beauty of mother nature, you need to visit the park at least once in your lifetime. The icebergs, mountain tips, and scenic plateaus make this place unique. 

So, if you intend on renting an RV, we would recommend paying a visit to the Glacier National Park, and below, we will discuss some of the best RV sites near the park

Top 6 Best RV Sites 

Glacier National Park is a place full of adventures and makes for one of the best campsites across the country, 

So, what’s the best way to do it when it comes to camping and adventure? 

Well, by getting an RV! The park has many RV sites that allow you to park your vehicle and enjoy the views this place has to offer. If you own an RV, that’s amazing, but you can always rent one if you don’t

Here, we list our top 6 best RV parks near Glacier National Park. 

  1. North American RV Park, Coram, MT 

If you go straight for 10-12 minutes from the west entrance of the Glacier National Park, you will find this beautiful RV park. This park is perfect for a family vacation. The site is safe, secure, and offers comfort, and if you stay here for a while, you might start to feel at home. 

If we have to rate the convenience of this park, we will rate it 9/10, thanks to the store that you can find as you enter it. This convenience store has everything and comes to your rescue when you have forgotten some essential things at home or ran out of them. From your favorite snacks to a freshwater hose, you can will everything there. 

  1. Johnson’s Campground and RV Park 

This RV park is unique and is a family’s legacy. Famous for the Johnson’s of St. Mary restaurant, this park has been in business since the 1950s. Aside from the beautiful scenic views of St. Mary lake and glacier George, this park offers the best food you would find near the National Park. 

So, if you are out there, you wouldn’t have to carry food along with you in your RV. You have the restaurant right by you. However, the food is not the only good thing about this RV park. It offers full hookup RV spots and laundry facilities as well. As far as the location is concerned, the park is located less than a five-minute drive from the East entrance of the Glacier National Park.

  1. Heart of Glacier RV Park 

When it comes to a good RV park, this one checks all the boxes; comfortable environment, peaceful location, beautiful views, and basic amenities such as Red Eagle Motel across the road. If you ask us who this park is for, we wouldn’t say families, as it does not offer any luxuries like other RV parks on our list. 

However, Heart of Glacier RV Park is more of a profound experience and is suitable for a group of adults. So if you plan on taking a friend’s trip in an RV to the Glacier National Park, this is your spot. 

Right after 2 to 3 minutes of driving through the east entrance of the Glacier National Park, you will find this location. It is more about real camping with adventures and a lack of luxuries such as having a store or laundry, which can be considered a drawback of the place, but this fact makes it more adventurous. So if you are in for a thrilling adventure, you know where to go! 

  1. Moose Creek RV Park and B&B 

If you are at the Glacier National Park, try driving down for five minutes through the west entrance, and you will find your RV at one of the most beautiful RV parks in the area. This RV park is perfect for a family trip because of the security and convenience. 

Moreover, you can play sports such as volleyball, horseshoes, etc. All your family members will have something to do. However, there is one problem, since this is one of the most popular and most beautiful RV parks in the area, it is always full. 

If you want to make your way in, you might need to get an advanced booking because finding a space on arrival is not the case for this one. You might wonder why you should go through so much trouble when you can simply go to another RV park in the same area; well, trust us, this place is worth it. 

  1. Apgar Campground National RV Park 

If you plan on experiencing dry camping, or you might know of it as boondocking, you need to consider going to the Apgar Campground. Located on the shores of Lake McDonald, the view of this location is exquisite, a treat for the eyes that one must have!  

Once you see how beautiful Lake McDonald is, you might never want to leave the place. However, boondocking is not child’s play, so this is not a place for you if you have children on board.  

But, if you’re a group of adults exploring the best RV locations in your rented RV, this place should be on your list! Also, the best part is that this one is the cheapest RV park on our list and only charges $20 per night. Now, that’s not a bad deal, right? 

  1. Polson Motorcoach Resort 

If you want to have a luxurious camping experience in your RV, this is your place. Offering a classy and high standard accommodation, Polson Motorcoach is the place for the rich who do not want to struggle through their camping experience and want to have a safe and sound adventure. 

The best part about this location is the view. It lets you enjoy the lovely views of Lake Flathead surrounding the mountains. Not only that, but within the area, you can enjoy several different tourist spots such as Kerr Dam, Polson Rodeo, National Bison Range, etc. This place is a complete vacation package, and most people who arrive here prolong their stays for at least ten days because of the peaceful environment and the many activities to do! It is a perfect family RV park for those who want to avoid all troubles an adventurous trip could cause!

A Few Things To Note 

Visiting the Glacier National Park is something you must put on your to-do list. We can guarantee you that the experience you will have wandering around this place will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something you will cherish for the rest of your life. It is full of adventure, but most importantly, it is the best place to witness how beautiful our mother nature is. 

However, people have many questions about the place, especially when traveling in an RV. So, here we have answered the most common queries people have about the Glacier National Park, and we are sure these will help you plan your trip. 

  • Does Glacier National Park have RV Sites? 

The answer to this is yes, the Glacier National Park does have RV sites, and not one but many, and we have discussed six of the above, but these are not all. There are many more RV spots you can find around the park. The ones discussed in this post have been ranked based on their experience, but if you want to explore other options, you can visit Flathead Lake KOA or the North American RV Park. We would recommend these two as the following best after our list. 

  • Can you drive a camper through Glacier National Park? 

Where would you ever drive your camper if you wouldn’t drive in a camper through the Glacier National Park? Glacier National Park is one of the most suitable places to go through a camper and offers many beautiful campsites that one could only imagine. If you want to explore all the park areas, you might have to spend a few weeks at the site because the park has been expanded to a million acres. However, there’s one thing for sure: each spot on this land is a new experience, too, is a good one! Also, you need to know that whatever location you decide on going to the park, you should know all of them follow the first-come, first-serve rule. So if you didn’t make it in time or made advanced bookings, you might miss your spot. 

  • Is Boondocking allowed in Glacier National Park? 

Yes, boondocking is allowed in the Glacier National Park but not in all spots. There are only a few RV parks that allow this adventure, and one of them is on our list above; Apgar campground. You must explore this place if you genuinely want to have a thrilling boondocking experience. 

  • Which are the best campgrounds near Glacier National Park? 

There are many campgrounds near the Glacier National Park, and this is why we have compiled this list above to sort out the best ones. If you want to have a fun family adventure, North American RV park, Coram should be your best choice. If you’re going to have some adult thrill, you must visit the heart of glacier RV park. And if you want to have both fun and luxury, you know you need to visit Polson Motorcoach resort. But regardless of the one you choose to opt for, one thing is guaranteed, a fun and thrilling adventure. 


The Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful sites in North America. Every year, many people visit this place to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful environment. While many travel in their cars, the best way to explore this place is through an RV. This is the ideal camping spot, and there’s no better way to camp than doing it through an RV. The site is home to numerous RV parks, and if you get there in a car, you might not be able to enjoy all of these beautiful spots. 

So, if you intend on visiting the RV Parks across the Glacier National Park, you can rent an RV for your friends and family. 

At Outdoorsy, we offer the best collection of RVs, and rental packages. With over 5000+ reviews, 1.2M interactions, and 240K trips taken, we believe in making our clients’ adventurous experiences even better with our vehicles. 

So, if you have a plan to visit the Glacier National Park in an RV, contact us now to find the best deal

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