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Posted November 5, 2022

You don’t often hear people saying they wish they traveled less. But unless you’re a tech billionaire, money is often a factor that limits how much of the world we can see.

Luckily, RV travel is a great way to have an inexpensive vacation. With inflation quickly climbing, more people are searching for ways to travel and explore this summer without breaking the bank.

With RV vacations representing a cost savings of 21-64% for a four-person travel party (RVIA), they’re still a very affordable vacation option, even in the face of inflation. We checked this stat with our own research and Outdoorsy figures – a week-long RV vacation for four with liberal spending (even including flights for four) will come in at around $3,400 (or $2,500 without flights), which compares to a cruise vacation at $8,000, a theme park vacation at $9,000 and a ski vacation at $10,000.

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Vacation just got cheaper

If you’re planning to treat yourself to some cheap RV travel, the price of gas is often a major consideration. The bigger your rig, the more comfortable you’ll be, but the more gas it will take to move your vehicle around the country. That said, the median mileage driven on an RV vacation through Outdoorsy is 665 miles. So even if gas is as much as $4 per gallon and the median miles per gallon for RV is 10 miles, RV travelers would be spending around $275 on gas (total) for a 7-day vacation – which is less than a typical airline ticket. Also, it’s worth considering that most folks typically do the majority of their driving on Day 1 and Day 6 of their trip, and don’t do much driving on the days in between.

That being said, consider renting a travel trailer or toy hauler – you can still get the full Outdoorsy experience on a tighter budget with these gas-less towables. Or, set up shop at your favorite National Park campground by parking your RV on-site and exploring the natural wonders on foot.

Also, many families who are concerned about shifting gas prices don’t realize they can also get an RV delivered to a campsite or destination of their choice — easily creating their own low-cost, luxury hotel room under the stars without the cost of gas. There are lots of “nearcations” you can go to. Places closer to home, yet far enough away to feel like a bonafide journey.

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RV travel can save you money 

There are more than just cheap fuel prices to consider when looking for an inexpensive vacation. There are other ways RV travel can save you money. 


Eating out at restaurants quickly gets expensive. You can spend a fortune eating in restaurants, especially if you’re traveling with the family or a large group of people. Cheap RV travel means you bring a kitchen with you everywhere you go. It’s always less expensive to get food at a local grocery store than at a restaurant. Besides, having a home-cooked meal surrounded by the beauty of nature beats even the best restaurants around.


Airports tend to be in or close to big cities. And you don’t need to live in a big city to know that everything is more expensive in a place with a high population density. Just compare the price of a sandwich in Manhattan with one in Mississippi, and you’ll quickly see the difference.

But in an RV, you have much more control over where you go. You can avoid the expense of cities and instead explore less well-known areas where the cost of living is lower.

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With an RV, you bring your accommodation with you. Hotels and other accommodations are often the most expensive part of the vacation. An RV provides you with both a vehicle to get around and a place to stay, helping to keep costs down.


How many of us have had this experience: you find an unbelievable price on the flight and get excited, only to find the cost of bringing a suitcase nearly doubles the price of the flight? With an RV, there are no additional baggage charges or unexpected fees. It’s a lot easier to budget for a trip when you can figure out beforehand exactly what it’s going to cost.


RVing is the most affordable, all-inclusive vacation option you can take with your kids and pets. You don’t have to pay extra fees to board your animals while you’re out on an adventure – they can come with you. Just choose the pet-friendly filter when you’re searching for rigs to find the perfect vehicle for your entire family, pets included.

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More than 60% of Outdoorsy RV owners offer delivery – meaning you can have their vehicle delivered to a campsite and set up for the ultimate glamping experience without you having to lift a finger. Also, with delivery, you save another $130-$250 per trip because of the cheaper insurance and no gas costs.

The most cost-effective way to travel 

When it comes to cheap travel, an RV vacation is hard to beat. By combining transportation and accommodation in one vehicle and offering you the opportunity to cook for yourself, an RV road trip has always been a great way to take an inexpensive vacation.

Team Outdoorsy is here to help you along your journey. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming RV rental, give us a call at 1-877-723-7232, send us an email, or start a chat.

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