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by Sarah Taggart
Posted March 28, 2018

It’s almost summertime, and that means one thing, road trips! Outdoorsy makes the ideal American summer road trip accessible to anyone. With many different types of RV rentals, that amazing RV road trip is one click away. Here are some tips to save some money on your next road trip.

Camp cheap

Camping for free, otherwise known as boondocking, is the best way to save money on a road trip. Campgrounds with lots of amenities can be awesome, but the price can add up. Camping for free is the cheapest way to go. National forests and BLM land are amazing spots to check out for free camping. No amenities can bring ensure you have some epic nights under the stars with just the sounds of nature. Finding cheap campsites is another great option. Check out state parks for this and campgrounds that are further away from large tourist attractions.

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Eat and drink cheap

Eating out for most meals when on a road trip can be the most costly part. One of the best things about taking a road trip in an RV, is most come with a kitchen. Thus, it is a lot easier to have home cooked, more inexpensive meals on the road. When food shopping for your trip, it’s always good to meal plan and shop with intentions. It’s more cost effective to stock up in larger cities and towns on your road trip to save money on groceries. Check out this post for easy RV meals.

Another great thing about renting an RV for a road trip is you can make your own coffee in the morning. This way you can skip the expensive $3-$5 cup of joe at a coffee shop. It’s also cost-effective to make a habit of not buying plastic water bottles. Have each member of your trip keep their own reusable water.There is typically always water available at visitors centers and campgrounds. You can also keep something like a bladder of water for outings.

Get gas cheap

Renting an RV is the best way to enjoy a vacation vs. staying in a hotel. However, gassing your temporary home on wheels can add up. Being smart about where and when you fill up is a great way to cut down on costs. Similar to food, gas is typically cheaper when there is more available, like in the larger cities. Gas in the middle of nowhere tends to cost more due to the isolation factor. Compare and contrast prices to save a few bucks when filling up an RV. Check out apps like gasbuddy to find the cheapest gas around you.

tips for saving money on the road| Outdoorsy
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Rent an RV before you buy one

Buying an RV can cost you a lot, especially if you are not 100% sure you will even truly enjoy it (although we are pretty sure you will love it). So what better way to test it out than by renting an RV.

Check out Outdoorsy’s many RV rentals for your next road trip!

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