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Snowbirds: 10 Spots To Flee From The Cold In Your RV

The snowbird lifestyle is an enviable one.

Snowbirds are the RVers and travelers who spend much of the year living in their home states—typically in cooler, northern parts of the U.S. and Canada. But what sets them apart is that, each year, they travel south to escape their region’s harsh winter climate. Americans and Canadians are known for finding warmer destinations to avoid the chilly temperatures and snowstorms plaguing their hometowns.

If you long for a snowbird lifestyle or are looking for a new location for your winter migration this year, here, in no particular order, are ten of the best spots to flee from the cold in your RV.

Escape the snow this winter.

No. 1: Orlando, Florida

Whether you’re interested in the cultural scene or food scene of Orlando—or the fun found in the parks of Walt Disney World, Universal, Sea World and Legoland—there’s tons of fun to be had in the Orlando, Florida area. There are wonderful RV parks and resorts throughout central Florida, so whether you want to be down the street from Disney or within access to the public transportation of Orlando, you’ve got plenty of parks to choose from. Visiting family and friends can easily fly in and out of the Orlando International Airport, but do keep in mind that Florida is one of the most popular snowbird destinations, so your monthly campground rate probably won’t be a bargain here unless you’re far off the beaten path.

Beach | Outdoorsy
Florida beach.

No. 2: St. Augustine, Florida

If historical tours and ocean waves is your idea of a great winter, head to St. Augustine this winter. With cultural and foodie hot spots and gorgeous beaches bordering the Atlantic Ocean, St. Augustine is a paradise you’re sure to warm up to.

No. 3: Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys are still recovering from last year’s hurricane season, but your visit to the area will help support its revitalization. Visit the Keys with patience and generosity for the local residents, and you’ll be rewarded with outstanding views, wild animal excursions, boat tours and restaurants and bars dotting pristine beaches. Do keep in mind that the Keys are expensive to visit: If price is an issue, consider spending a month or a few weeks exploring the Keys and the rest of your winter elsewhere in Florida. Make sure to book your reservations as far ahead as you can manage to ensure a good camp spot.

Cactus, Phoenix, AZ | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

No. 4: Phoenix, Arizona

This mecca for snowbirds is full of resorts that are, in turn, full of RVers. Whether you settle in Phoenix, Tempe or Mesa, you’re an easy drive to the natural wonders of Arizona with the incredible cultural offerings of a big city at your fingertips. Phoenix International Airport is one of the biggest airports in the country, making it easy to host visitors. Two main words of warning here: The parks fill up early, especially beginning January 1, and you’ll need a car to comfortably take advantage of everything there is to see.

No. 5: Tucson, Arizona

If Phoenix, Arizona appeals to you but is a bit too congested for your snowbird tastes, consider Tucson. Tucson is home to Saguaro National Park, along with plenty of other gorgeous state parks and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. It offers adorable downtown neighborhoods that aren’t quite as chaotic as found in Phoenix proper. Much like Phoenix, the Tucson airport offers an easy option for friends and family. Unlike Phoenix however, the city is known for being extremely bike-friendly.

Saguaro cacti in Arizona.

No. 6: Bisbee, Arizona

There are many more communities in Arizona worth a look besides Phoenix and Tucson. Perhaps the most charming and unusual is Bisbee. This old mining town features homes built into hills and a friendly community full of artists and friends of the arts. Enjoy the monthly art walk downtown, Bisbee After 5, and take advantage of this extraordinary community. There’s even an RV park within walking distance of downtown!

No. 7: Charleston, South Carolina

Southern charm and a deep history can be found in Charleston, an artistic center of the southern U.S. Whether you visit for a week or just for the winter, there’s an array of attractions—both natural and man-made—to explore here. Satiate your taste buds with a visit to some of the country’s hottest foodie destinations or take a tour of a historical plantation home.

Charleston, South Carolina.

No. 8: Galveston, Texas

Galveston, Texas is one of the best kept secrets in the south. Known for its 32 miles of beaches, the town’s historic homes offer a real-time glimpse into the past. Some highlights of a trip here include dining on fresh seafood, perusing boutique shops, ambling the boardwalk, and experiencing live jazz music at night and farmer’s markets in the morning.

No. 9: South Padre Island, Texas

The beaches are the number one attraction here for many snowbirds. Since there are no privately owned beaches in Texas, everyone is welcome to visit them. South Padre Island offers beautiful wildlife, fishing, and golf at South Padre Island Golf Club.

Merida, Mexico | Outdoorsy RV Rental Marketplace

No. 10: Merida, Mexico

Our final selection is one of the many south-of-the-border communities in Mexico that snowbirds have started to flock to. Merida is the state capital of the Yucatan and the city is the perfect destination to call home if you’re interested in Colonial history and a lively cultural scene rich with concerts, museums, and theatres.

Have these 10 destinations for snowbirds inspired you to plan your next RV trip? If so, head here. And if you enjoyed this article, you might also enjoy this article about the Best Trips To Take Over Thanksgiving Break or this piece about haunted campgrounds.

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