Spring Cleaning Your Outdoorsy RV Rental Business

Team OutdoorsyApril 5, 2017

Spring Cleaning Your Outdoorsy RV Rental Business

RV dealers with large fleets know it best: there are annual routines that will keep an RV rental business humming and growing. On Outdoorsy, new RV rental entrepreneurs are growing their own mini-fleets, and can learn from the practices of the pros. Use the practices of big guys! Here are 5 great tips to freshen up your own “fleet,” be it one RV or four.

Give Your Rental Rig an Annual Scrub

Every rental needs a good washing and waxing. Making it shine like brand new not only gives it a great appearance that more people will want to rent, but it just makes the overall fleet look more professional. Don’t skimp here, wax your vehicles at least once a year for shine and for resilience.

Clean and Protect the Interior

Just as can be said about the exterior, so can be said about the interior. Detailing the interior means washing everything inside, and once clean, spray on a vinyl or leather protectant to really make it shine. Add in a new accessories like bluetooth capability, a hands free cell phone device, an iPod dock, or even a CB radio.

If Your RV Isn’t Being Rented, Consider Switching

Virtually every rental fleet has units that are not very popular. They may rent out here and there, but compared to the other units, they don’t do as well. As an Outdoorsy RV owner, you probably chose your RV for your own needs and desires, but take this piece of advice from the pros: Consider selling a vehicle that isn’t getting a lot of traction before it gets too new. Use that money for either a down payment on something new, or get a good used vehicle to replace that one.

 Lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles are in vogue, and there you will find new trends in the RV business which you can use when updating your fleet.

Here’s a Good Way to Decide About Switching

The rule of thumb here is that any unit which acquires 10% or more in maintenance costs over the course of a year, should be snew. The chances are that you’ll need to spend more and more, and you’ll replace it with something less maintenance intensive.

Spend Money to Make Money

As a new RV rental entrepreneur, you may not be ready to switch out your vehicle to grow your business. Another choice is to invest in a new vehicle, and as you do, slowly phase out your new vehicle. Since this is your new business, you get to price your rentals and experiment with what works in your area. You may be surprised when your entire fleet, new additions included, are rented out.

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