The Most Popular Rigs for Owners Renting Out RVs

Team OutdoorsyMarch 24, 2017

The Most Popular Rigs for Owners Renting Out RVs

As an RV owner renting out RVs you keep your eyes open for ways to stay ahead of trends. A great way to grow your RV rental business and beat the competition is to know which RV to invest in that renters will be attracted to lead to higher utilization rates and glowing customer reviews.

1.The Winnebagos: Minnie Winnie, Vista, Travato 

Popular RVsApart from lovers of retro campers, renters want for the newest RVs possible at the lowest rental prices for their road trips. In the minds of an increasing number of renters, Winnebago is king in the world of RV’s. 2016 gave Winnebago a prince and a princess in the forms of the Vista 31BE and Minnie Winnie 31G respectively.

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Superior storage in the Vista as opposed to Minnie Winnie’s excellent performance on the roads would make them appear to be sibling rivals. However, considering their lineage, both are tremendous vehicles that bring an interest that goes far beyond its well-known brand name.


The upscale Winnebago Travato turns heads. Read this great post from blogger Alan Heymann about his experience renting out his Winnebago Travato for extra cash on Outdoorsy.

2. The Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE

Not to be outdone, the equally formidable Fleetwood introduced the Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE. A diesel pusher and coach, it may seem below the standards of certain wise-minded RV enthusiasts. But as the new saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, or in this case, the RV. Customers will find little to complain about with fantastic features and enough space for the entire family.

3. The Leisure Travel Van LTV Wonder

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There are customers who are intimidated by the sheer size of some RV’s. They may prefer a smaller vehicle with all the same features that bigger RV’s have to offer. For smaller motorhomes, brand names like Leisure Travel Vans and Airstream have the LTV Wonder and Interstate Grand Tour EXT respectively. It’s not the size but how they’re used, which makes these types of RV’s popular.

4. The Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT

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Read about how Outdoorsy helped these two business owners build their Airstream business in just one year!

The year is important because of perceived reliability, especially in the newer models as opposed to the newer ones. Some renters may go for an RV that drives well, has a spacious interior and storage, or overall size. Get to know your area and your renters by talking to people who find you. Ask them what they were looking for. The more information you can get as an owner renting out RVs, the stronger your business will be, and the faster it will grow.

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