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Things To Do In Miami

Miami, Florida, is a fantastic city to visit, and visiting it in your RV is a wonderful way to see it all. Visiting a city as large and diverse as Miami takes some planning. Here are some items for your Miami checklist.

Step 1: Rent an RV

Don’t have an RV? No problem! Outdoorsy’s peer to peer RV rental process is easy and gives you access to some incredible RVs. Currently, if you’re renting an RV in the Miami area, you’ll want to consider this adorable class C with great gas mileage and this little trailer. Whether you’re looking for a small RV that can go anywhere or a large RV for living it up on vacation, you’ll find something worth exploring here.

Step 2: Choose Where To Stay

If wilderness camping is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to consider the Larry & Penny Thompson Campground, which is on 270 acres of woodland. It offers electrical and water hookups, a large freshwater lake with a beach and waterslide and more.
Embassy RV Park is one of several highly rated private parks in the area. Customers cite the easy drive to South Beach (25 minutes as long as you’re avoiding traffic), which is pretty great as RV parks are usually on the outskirts of tourist destinations. Consider Miami Everglades RV Resort or consider staying in nearby Fort Lauderdale, FL, which is about a forty-minute drive.

You can also look for availability at the campgrounds in Everglades National Park.

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Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Step 3: Choose What To Do

There’s so much to do in this area, and your priorities will affect where you’d like to stay and how you choose to do it. RVing can be a great way to keep your travel budget in check, but make sure it works for your needs. You may want to consider:
That’s just a small sampling of what there is to do in Miami. Be sure to plan your travel carefully, either bringing or renting a car or avoiding busy rush hour or taking advantage of an Uber, taxi, or public transportation. There’s tons to do in Miami.
Do you have any ideas I missed? If you enjoyed this, you might also enjoy my article on why you should plan your travels around local ice cream¬†or my article on five great places to get your coffee fix. And if you’re ready to reserve an RV, head here!
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