7 Ways to Update Your Stock RV without Renovations

Jon & Nadia BajueloFebruary 20, 2018

7 Ways to Update Your Stock RV without Renovations

You have decided to rent your RV, but you are wondering how to make it stand out among the rest. While some RVs are attractive out of the box, others may need a little extra love to win over a renter. But, with these small changes, your listing can go from stock to a dream getaway even if it is not one of the most popular models. Try these seven easy ways to update your stock RV – no renovations needed!

Work the Windows

1. Focus on the View

This first tip is super simple. The goal is to draw the eye to what is outside the window. Stock RV interiors always look better if there is something scenic outside the windows in their photographs. When you take the photos for your listing be sure to have your RV parked somewhere in nature. One option is to take the pictures while the RV is parked at a popular spot where your renters are likely looking to go. Mountains work very well. Trees or dense foliage are also solid options. If a campground is more convenient for you, choose to photograph at one that uses hedges, palms, or shrubs to separate the campsites from one another, so you can have those showing out of your RV windows.

Here is an example of a beautiful mountain view, and the valance has been swapped out for a curtain rod and curtains. Photo Credit: roamingremodelers.com

2. Swap Window Valances for Curtains

Window Valances in many RVs are not particularly modern or attractive in many cases. If the rig you are renting suffers from outdated or ugly valances, swap them out for curtain rods and curtains. When looking for curtain rods, be sure to select very lightweight and adjustable rods. You will want to keep in mind not to choose a curtain rod where the bracket design allows the rod to jump up and off the bracket while the RV is bumping along the road. (We may or may not have learned that the hard way).

For your curtains, you can purchase fabric and make them or buy regular ones and have them shortened if necessary. Try to choose patterns or colors that evoke the feeling you are going for. If you are unsure how to accomplish that, head over to Pinterest for inspiration. And remember you don’t need to limit your search by including the words “van” or “RV” in your search term.

3. Recover Your Window Valances

If you don’t want to deal with unscrewing the valances and drilling new holes for curtains, but would still like to update the valances, then recovering them is the option for you. To do this, start by unscrewing one valance and closely look at what was done to cover them in the first place (you’ll often find the fabric was just stapled on). If you want to buy your own fabric, you will want to stick to “home” or “home decor” fabrics at the store. You will find a better selection online. But, if you would rather shop in-store, depending on where you are, you might have some difficulty finding something more modern than what you began with. Should this happen, a useful hack is to go to a store whose style you like, and repurpose a fabric item like a table runner.

Tone Down the Brown

4. Paint Cabinetry

Wood is wonderful, but if it is what all surfaces in your RV are made of or made to look like, your RV may lack personality or a sleek look. A simple fix is to paint some or all of the cabinetry in your rig. White will definitely open up the space and provide a clean look, but don’t be afraid to go for color. Again if you need some inspiration, Pinterest is your best friend and don’t rule out looking at residential kitchens for inspiration.

A little paint goes a long way towards getting rid of all that brown! Photo Credit: roamingremodelers.com

5. Give Shelves Some Pop

If you would rather not paint (the idea of painting can be so much more fun than the actual execution), break up the brown by using paper or fabric to accent the shelves. You can give shelves a fun pop by selecting a bright color or fun pattern to cover the backs and sides. Certain gift wrap, left-over wallpaper, certain scrapbooking paper, fabric, and shelf liners are all great options.

6. Recover Cushions

If your RV has a dinette, you can bring some life into the RV by recovering your cushions. As with the curtains and valances, you can purchase your own fabric or look to repurpose other fabric materials. You can use google and YouTube to find “No Sew” methods or you can have someone make the cushion covers for you if sewing is not your thing. Do remember that it will be best to stick to upholstery and “home” fabrics when shopping.

7. Set the Scene with Little Details

Finish sprucing your RV up by tying it all together through little details. Your RV will look welcoming and personalized if seating areas have throw pillows and blankets. Keep nice placemats and/or plates in the kitchen drawer for your renters and photograph the dining area with those. Fake plants, string lights, and books are also items that help personalize the RV and create an environment a renter will want to live out of during their next adventure.

Use these tips to update your rig and start renting out your RV with Outdoorsy! And for more helpful tactics to make your rental shine check out this article.

Jon & Nadia Bajuelo, Outdoorsy Author

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