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by Team Outdoorsy
Posted February 19, 2020

This post was contributed by the team at VacationRenter. 

We at VacationRenter couldn’t be more excited to announce our partnership with Outdoorsy. Some of you might be wondering who we are and what that means for you, though? 

VacationRenter is a vacation rental search engine that brings together all accommodations from the top sites to help travelers find the perfect rental. Over time we found that the perfect rental can mean different things for different people, so we decided to expand upon our accommodation types and will now offer Outdoorsy’s full inventory of more than 40,000 peer-to-peer model RV rentals from its peer-to-peer platform on VacationRenter. 

Not only can you use VacationRenter to find your favorite Outdoorsy RV and go on an incredible road trip, but you will have a variety of added vacation rental options readily available anytime you want.

For instance, after planning your perfect road trip and booking an Outdoorsy RV, perhaps you want to add in a stop along the way to visit a rustic cabin equipped with a hot tub to soak and unwind for an evening? Well, we’ve got you covered there.

Or maybe you’re trekking to a family reunion and will have to find a way to accommodate a large amount of people once you arrive? No need to worry. Our vast array of vacation rentals and intuitive filters will help you find precisely what you need.

Did you know 73% of Americans prefer a road trip over flying? That makes total sense, and even more so when it comes to taking a road trip in an RV, trailer or campervan.

There’s something just so wonderful about the feel of the open road and all the sights you can take in, while still having your essential home comforts nearby. (You also always have immediate access to transportation and a bathroom as a bonus!)

With this partnership, visitors to VacationRenter will now have access to Outdoorsy’s full inventory — across more than 4,800 cities and 11 countries — of more than 40,000 peer-to-peer model rental offers on RVs, trailers, campervans, and more wherever they want to travel in addition to our current array of spectacular vacation rentals.

So what does the VacationRenter and Outdoorsy partnership mean? The ability to find the types of accommodation you want, whenever and however you want them.

Team Outdoorsy

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