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by Lizzie Dragon
Posted January 15, 2021

Water, fire, earth, and air. These are the makings of the four nations in Avatar: The Last Airbender and the zodiac signs. As far as the zodiac is concerned, all live together in harmony, but their travel styles are a little different. Today, we discuss what your zodiac sign says about the way you travel. Read on to find out more about yourself and maybe even start planning a 2021 trip.

Fire Signs

The fire signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — are known for their fiery spirit. Needless to say, their travel style mirrors that.


An Aries traveler has a very adventurous nature. They like to keep moving, doing anything and everything exciting and spontaneous that presents itself. Prone to do whatever piques their interest at the moment, you never know if they’re out exploring the bustling city life or out swimming with sharks.

For Your Next Trip: Explore a big city, like New York.

Travel In: A Sprinter Van — good for those on the go!


The larger-than-life zodiac sign, Leos travel in a similar fashion. Strutting around the city in their most fashionable attire, they are the main character, and they know it. Expect them to show off their travels on Instagram in great detail, and try not to get too jealous. If you’re traveling with them, you can be confident knowing they know all the hip spots worth checking out and snapping a pic.

For Your Next Trip: Post away at one of the most instagrammable places in the world. Charleston, perhaps?

Travel In: A larger-than-life fifth wheel, duh!


Born to travel, Sagittariuses are probably thinking about their next trip as a write this. While on the way home from their trip, you never have to wonder what’s going on inside their head. As their staring out the plane or RV window, the only thing on their mind is “where to next?” They’re truly up for anything from camping in the desert to scuba diving. They want to try it all.

For Your Next Trip: Go on a National Park road trip!

Travel In: An Airstream — plenty of windows to stare out of as you daydream about your next adventure!

Earth Signs

The Earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — are very grounded, as the name hints. If you need a trip planned, they’re your go-tos.


The Taurus traveler is not one for roughing it, as they prefer glamping to camping. A vacation is their time to indulge in delicious food, a hotel with a view, days of shopping and excursions, and, of course, the perfect souvenir to remember it all.

For Your Next Trip: Go glamping at Catherine’s Landing.

Travel In: A Class A RV — complete with all the comforts of home.


Virgos do their homework when it comes to anything, including travel. Researching every aspect of the trip, they’ll know exactly what to see and do in the area. Want to eat at a nice local spot for dinner? You’re in luck because they’ve already yelped it, memorized the menu, and know exactly what to order.

For Your Next Trip: Get out of your comfort zone in Canada.

Travel In: A pop-up camper — so you can spend more time Yelping and less time learning to drive a huge RV!


Capricorns love trip planning. When they make a detailed plan, you better believe they’re sticking to it. Very hard-working by nature, they take this time in a new place very seriously and want to make the most of it. You won’t find them staying in hostels or eating cheap food, as they want only the best on their trip.

For Your Next Trip: Go skiing in Aspen.

Travel In: A winter-ready Mercedes Sprinter van.

Air Signs

The Air signs — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — go where the wind blows. While traveling, they like to really submerge themselves in their surroundings.


Curious souls, Geminis love learning everything there is to know about a place, fully immersed in the culture and tradition of it all. Being the knowledge-seekers that they are, you’ll likely find a Gemini exploring museums and art galleries rather than jumping out of an airplane or ziplining through the forest. Tour guides be warned, they will ask a lot of questions, so you better know your stuff!

For Your Next Trip: Immerse yourself in the culture of New Orleans.

Travel In: A vintage VW bus — history meets style!


For Libras, travel is an emotionally connected and nostalgic experience. If they go home for the holidays, you can always find them at one of their favorite spots. While traveling somewhere new, they have a certain ability to see the sites through a lens of romanticism. Their suitcase is messily stuffed and will likely go over the baggage claim limit. I mean, you can’t expect them to have already chosen their outfits? What if they meet the love of their life? No need to worry about suitcase weight on an RV road trip though!

For Your Next Trip: Find the love of your life in San Francisco. Hey, it could happen!

Travel In: A Class C RV — just big enough for you and your three suitcases.


Easily bored, Aquarius travelers move from place to place more quickly than others. The more they can do or see on their trip, the better. Their unwavering independence and go with the flow mentality may lead to a few mishaps along the journey, as they aren’t particularly prone to taking precautionary measures. If you’re an Aquarius, make sure you’ve invested in insurance!

For Your Next Trip: Never run out of things to do in Las Vegas.

Travel In: A teardrop trailer — easy to tow and take anywhere.

Water Signs

The Water signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — are the most sensitive and sentimental of the zodiacs. That said, they enjoy trips that indulge all their senses.


Cancers are more prone to homesickness, so moving across the country or taking a month-long trip isn’t really their thing. They prefer shorter trips made even better with some familiar comforts of home. They’ve likely packed their favorite blanket along for the ride and will call you with updates on what they’ve been up more often than most.

For Your Next Trip: Feel at home in the beach town of Carmel, California.

Travel In: A custom-built campervan — your cozy home on the road.


Scorpio travelers may tend to over plan and overpack for their vacation, but it’s just because they want everything to go perfectly. Preferring to be in control, bumps in the road that may come with traveling, like delayed flights or a flat tire, are especially frustrating. When they travel, they seek both peace and self-reflection. They typically find this at places off the beaten path, somewhere like a secluded beach, away from tourists.

For Your Next Trip: Take in some solitude at Dry Tortugas National Park.

Travel In: A travel trailer — easily tow your entire closet.


As laidback as they are, Pisces would much rather someone else plan the trip and make all the decisions. They’re happy doing whatever it is whoever they’re traveling with wants to do. Though they won’t want to plan the trip, travel is a great way for a Pisces to gather inspiration and get their creative juices flowing. They must, however, be mindful of sensory overload.

For Your Next Trip: Know someone already planning a trip? Ask to join them! Or follow Zoey Deutch’s road trip itinerary!

Travel In: A sprinter van — like Zoey did!

Are the Stars Aligned?

I’m no astrologer, but I’d say the stars are aligned for an adventurous new year! This is your sign to rent that RV and pack your bags. You deserve it!

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