ARCA Indy 200

Head to the great state of Indiana this October for the ARCA Indy 200 where you can see fast cars, enjoy the food, and camp with lots of friendly fans.

Event information

In early October, you can see dozens of racers compete for the finals at the ARCA Indy 200. Located in Brownsburg, Indiana, this Midwest series is a popular one with race fans because the track here is fast but unpredictable. With the loudest motors and fastest cars, the excitement is riveting as you watch the racers head for the finish line.

The winner of the Short Track Challenge will be crowned after this race. This is the final race of an 18-race trek of over 2,300 laps at 16 different tracks. So, you get to see the winner accept the trophy at the end. Over 80 drivers have competed in the series, and you will be there to see the winner get that trophy.

If the 3,400-pound steel machines racing at over 200 miles per hour do not get you excited, you may not be a race fan. But everyone is a race fan after a weekend of ARCA racing at Lucas Oil Raceway, where you and the whole family can enjoy some delicious food, fun activities, and lots of racing. You’ll also enjoy hanging out with fellow race fans at one of the campgrounds at the track, so the fun doesn’t have to end when the race does.


In the past, the ticket prices for ARCA Indy 200 at Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg, Indiana have ranged from $35 to $60 per person. There are also special packages and camping deals that run between $100 to $500 for the weekend. Special parking and pit passes, as well as other add-ons, are separate.

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Not far from the intersection of I-74 and I-465, you will find Lucas Oil Raceway on US-136. The track is only 16 miles northwest of the state’s capital, Indianapolis, where you can see the Indianapolis Motor Raceway Museum, the Indianapolis Zoo, and some awesome museums full of local history. Located almost in the middle of the state, Lucas Oil Raceway is easy to get to no matter where your journey originates.

Parking areas

Lucas Oil Raceway at Brownsburg has multiple parking lots, so you should not have any trouble finding a spot to park. Besides the regular parking spots, there are also red key and gold key parking lots as well as other VIP parking lots for those who have purchased a special package deal. The fees for parking typically vary from free to $20.

Public Transportation

Your best choice for public transportation in and around Lucas Oil Raceway is going to be a taxi or car service. While Hendricks County does have public bus service, they do not go as far as the Raceway. However, you may be able to get a private service from one of the shuttles in the area such as IndyGo or Way2Go.

Where to stay


Lucas Oil Raceway offers camping without hookups on a first-come, first-served basis. The park does have showers with hot water and drinking water available as well as public restrooms. If you wish to have a campsite with hookups, Raceview Family Campground located by Gate 4 has over 600 campsites, 236 of them with 30- to 50-amp electric. They also have showers, restrooms, firewood, water, and on-site sewer pump out services as well.


Sometimes you just have to get away from all the crowds and noise and get back to nature. If you are one of those people who would rather camp in the woods where you are secluded from all the lights and noise, you can find several campgrounds in the area that can accommodate you. In addition, the Indianapolis KOA Holiday is less than 30 miles away and has over 100 campsites that can handle rigs up to 110 feet long with full utilities, a pool, a dog park, and activities for the kids.

Getting around

Lucas Oil Raceway has a tram service available during the ARCA Indy 200 that will take you from the parking lots to the important areas such as the campgrounds, track, concession stands, restrooms, and pits. Of course, you can also walk if you want, and see more of the sights that way. Just remember to wear comfortable shoes to walk in.

What to pack


Temps can vary from cold to sweltering in Indiana during the beginning of October. It is best to pack outfits that have multiple layers so you can wear items that can be removed if needed. A hoodie or coat is a definite must because it will drop into the 40s at night. Comfortable shoes and thick socks are also a good idea.


Be sure to pack your basic camping needs such as flashlights and lanterns, coolers, plenty of water, and a camp stove or BBQ pit. Even if your site is supposed to have electric hookups, it is always good to be prepared just in case. Fans have been allowed to bring coolers up to 14 inches into the track, but no alcohol or glass containers. Pack up a small backpack with your tickets, a camera, binoculars, and any other needs.

Health & Safety

For the campsite, it is a good idea to bring some kind of insect repellent. You will want one that is good for both mosquitoes and ticks because even though it may be a bit chilly, those bugs are still out and about until winter. You will also need some sunblock to protect you from sunburn, and a hat and sunglasses are good ideas, too.

Where to eat


You will be able to cook on the grill or indoors if you choose to stay at one of the sites with utilities such as Raceview or a KOA. If you want to BBQ, make sure you have a propane grill just in case fires are prohibited where you are staying. A camp stove is also a good idea for a backup plan. Town is only a few miles away if you find that you forgot something.


If you are sick of track food or just want to get out and enjoy a nice sit-down meal with the family, you won’t have far to go. There is a BBQ place within walking distance right on US-136. Or you can head into Avon just five miles to the south where you will find everything you can think of and more. Cajun food, Thai cuisine, a sushi bar, pizza, Mexican, and even a Vietnamese restaurant. Enjoy a meal out, and then get back to the racetrack for some more fun.


Lucas Oil Raceway boasts several concession areas located at various spots around the track during the ARCA Indy 200. You’ll find a bit of everything from pizza to fried pickles and ice cream to iced coffee. Beer is available in the beer garden by the Nitro Mall. Speaking of the Nitro Mall, stop by and check out some of the goodies and other fun stuff you can pick up for your friends back home.



You will have to get to the gate a few minutes early if you are bringing a cooler or backpack because they will need to be searched. It will go much faster if you make sure you don’t have any items you should not have. Some of these include fireworks, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and glass bottles. And security is also there to help you if you need them for anything from noisy neighbors to drunken brawls.


If you are not familiar with Indiana weather, you may be shocked that it can go from the upper 80s to lower 40s in a 24-hour period. In October, the average temp during the day is 75 degrees, while the low is typically about 47 degrees. A stray shower or even a few flakes of snow are not out of the question either. Be prepared for any weather here.


There are several first aid locations with trained medical staff at Lucas Oil Raceway during the ARCA Indy 200. One of them is by Nitro Alley, another is in the Sportsman Pits, and there is one more by Gate 3. If you need to refill a prescription or see a doctor, there are three hospitals within a five-mile radius of the track.