Baltimore Ravens Tailgating

Named after Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem, "The Raven," the Ravens are Baltimore’s NFL team. Venture out to Baltimore to watch the Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium, known to locals as “The Bank,” where 70,000 fans wearing purple and black jerseys will cheer the two-time winner of the Super Bowl.

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Named after Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem, "The Raven," the Ravens are Baltimore’s NFL team. Team mascots Poe, Rise, and Conquer work to encourage players and fans throughout each game with their big bird-like features.

Venture out to Baltimore to watch the Ravens play at M&T Bank Stadium, known to locals as “The Bank,” where 70,000 fans wearing purple and black jerseys will cheer the two-time winner of the Super Bowl. The stadium, which opened in 1996, is adjacent to the Oriole’s stadium, the home of Baltimore’s professional baseball team.

Ravens Stadium is located near the center of the city, and there is plenty to do and see. Tailgating is allowed, but spots are only available for season ticket holders. To enjoy pre-game activities with other season ticket-holding tailgaters at the stadium, you only need a valid game ticket.

Non-season ticket holders can also enjoy many events and tailgates that happen close to the stadium. While there are private lots near the stadium, taking public transportation or a ride-share service might be the best idea. With decently priced seats and tailgating and events around the stadium, going to see the Ravens is a must when in Baltimore.


If you just want to see the game and don’t care where your seat is, there are some affordable tickets in the $50-$70 range, but the best seats can cost between $200-$300. If you’re a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan, consider purchasing season tickets, which gives you access to buy a parking pass for the RV lot. Remember that if you want to join the tailgate parties at the stadium, you will need to have your ticket with you.

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Baltimore winters are snowy, so prepare to drive in the snow if watching a game in December. There are many ways to get to the stadium, but keep in mind that game days bring plenty of travelers to the area. I-95, I-395, and US-40 may all show up along your route to M&T Bank Stadium. Some paths to the stadium may cross the Patapsco River, so be alert for bridges and follow signs that instruct larger vehicles to one lane or another along the way.

Parking areas

The official parking lots and parking spaces for M&T Bank Stadium are usually all sold before the season begins. Highly-coveted tailgating spots are only available for season ticket holders. If you are not a season pass holder, it might be better to leave your RV at a campground and take public transportation to the stadium to enjoy the pre-game events.

Public Transportation

Baltimore is served by the Maryland Transit Authority (MTA). There are bus, light rail, and subway routes that can get you to and from your destination. There is a Light RailLink station that takes you straight to the stadium, and, if you get there early enough, you can make some stops beforehand and explore the city like a true local.

Where to stay


While some NFL stadiums do allow for overnight camping at RV lots, M&T Bank Stadium does not. It’s not all bad news, though. If you don’t mind driving between 10 to 20 miles, there are several RV campgrounds that would be happy to have you near the stadium.


Patapsco Valley State Park sits on the edges of Baltimore in Ellicott City, Maryland, and welcomes travelers to stay with their RVs. For a campground with a familiar feel and amenities you want, try staying at the Washington DC / Capitol KOA. RV-goers have also enjoyed campgrounds located near the waterways of Baltimore, which makes for a scenic view when the sun sets.

Getting around

The gates to enter the stadium open two hours before the game. Once you leave the stadium, re-entry is not allowed. To easily get to and from your seat, use the escalators that are located throughout the stadium. Elevators are also available, but they are for guests with suite tickets.

What to pack


Because it does tend to snow, some recommended clothing includes boots, slip-resistant shoes, jackets, sweaters, beanies, mittens, or earmuffs. Late summer and early fall days are mostly cool, so you can dress in more comfortable clothes. Ravens fans will want to wear purple to support the home team and cheer in style with Poe, Rise, and Conquer.


Tailgate parties sometimes get messy, so bring a few trash bags to help keep things clean. If you’re cooking, you’ll need a grill, cooking utensils, paper plates, and cups. Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer if you’re handling meat. While tailgates are fun, always keep an eye on the flames. You may be able to bring a tent, but the location of your tailgate might have regulations.

Health & Safety

If the stadium, or the area around the stadium, is snowy or icy, walk slowly. Accidents can happen when you least expect them, so it’s never a bad thing to prepare for them. Stock up on medical supplies en route, or bring along a pre-made first-aid kit from home for any falls, scrapes, bruises, or minor accidents.

Where to eat


The stadium has reasonably strict guidelines when it comes to tailgating. You can’t use a propane tank larger than 20 pounds, and lighter fluid is prohibited. However, if you’re parking at a private lot, that may not be the case. To stock up on supplies for your tailgate, or if you want to make a meal at your RV campground, take a trip to one of the grocery stores in Baltimore for your pre-game favorites.


Baltimore is a town in love with seafood. There are tons of restaurants whipping up delicious seafood dishes such as crab cakes, soft crab sandwiches, lake trout, and more. Italian and pizza restaurants are also popular here. Even if you’re not into seafood, you should consider sampling the local cuisine. You might just get hooked on a dish.


If you need to gear up and buy the newest Baltimore Ravens jersey, multiple locations around M&T Bank Stadium sell the team’s merchandise. At the RavensWalk tailgate area, there are drink and food stations. Fans will also find concession stands inside the stadium if you want to eat while you watch the game.



The NFL’s clear bag policy applies to this stadium like all other NFL stadiums. If you don’t have an approved clear plastic backpack, a gallon-sized food storage bag will work. Umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium, so if it’s going to rain, bring a poncho or raincoat to stay dry. If you lose a personal belonging, contact the Lost and Found department and leave a voicemail.


Baltimore does have cold winters, but Ravens fans enjoy bundling up and cheering for the team in spite of the weather. Snow is common during the winter, and a warm jacket and a good pair of boots may be all you need, but hand warmers make a great addition to any cold-weather NFL adventure. The summers are mostly mild, though the temperature has been known to reach 90 degrees.


There are five first-aid stations located at various spots throughout the stadium. Medical staff from Union Memorial Hospital are available at the stadium from before the game starts until shortly after it ends. For anything serious, contact a member of the stadium staff.