Birmingham to Charlotte Road Trip Guide


Alabama has many famous cities, but Birmingham stands out. Birmingham is blessed with several natural resources and human ingenuity, boasts of many firsts, and is a forerunner for so many activities including historical records and adventures. You will not need to look too hard or pay close attention before you see evidence of these on the various architectural displays and landmarks that adorn the city.

The weather conditions in the city are relatively mild, and thus encouraging for outdoor enthusiasts and fun lovers to find their way around the city, thereby engaging in visits to popular attractions such as The Birmingham Zoo, Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum, The Alabama Theater, and many more.

Taking an RV road trip out of Birmingham to Charlotte in North Carolina offers you all the time you need to experience a diversity of scenery as well as enjoy the view of the countryside when you make the trip. The destination, Charlotte, has several entertainment features that continue to attract the attention of both old and young. The number of fascinating things you can do in the city is unbelievable, thus it is an ideal vacation site for families but does not leave out young singles, foodies, shoppers, and visitors that come from everywhere around the country.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

International Motorsports Hall of Fame

If you have a fascination for fast cars, then a visit to International Motorsports Hall of Fame is a must-do for you and yours. This remarkable museum, located in Lincoln, is just an hour away from Birmingham and may take up to about four hours if you want to see all the artifacts that are kept there. So, if you leave for the museum quite early in the day, you will have ample time to go through all of the available collection.

You will come across 150 cars that have taken part in original races and auto sports here, some of the most famous races of all time. Additionally, you can spend time at this museum learning about the racing giants that have helped shape the racing industry and how they have built a name for themselves. Your visit to this place will definitely afford you a great time and sets you in the mood for the remaining part of the trip.

Georgia Aquarium

An hour and a half from the museum in Lincoln will bring you to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. The Georgia Aquarium makes for a great stop during the course of your trip, as it has some mind-blowing architecture that houses the aquatic animals. The large aquarium is home to about 120,000 aquatic fauna so get ready to spend enough time here. As you get to see how the animals live in their habitat, you can also watch out for the performance by the Sea Lions and Dolphins as that is the highpoint of the visit.

After a while touring the aquarium, you may be looking for something to eat. Well, the restaurant in this place is great. There’s a variety of decent meals that would excite your taste buds. Should you decide to spend more time in the city, you could stay overnight at the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area which offers RV camping opportunities.

Darwin Wright Park

Picnic with the family and bring your pets along with you as you spend time at Dawn Wright Park in Northlake, South Carolina. This park is an interesting stopover and is a great place to fish, swim, kayak and explore nature.

Adults can play golf in the nine-disc golf-course available at the park while children can make the most of the playgrounds. The trees in the park make for a nice evening walk as you watch the birds fly while the impressive trees and shrubs in the park help you connect with nature.

You definitely do not want to miss the amazing view of the sunset, so be sure to sit on the river pier and watch as sun sinks into the horizon. If it gets late, you could go primitive and spend the night at the War Woman Dell Wildlife Management Area less than 50 miles from the park.

Cherokee County History and Arts Museum

The artifacts contained in the Cherokee County History and Arts Museum in Gaffney, South Carolina, totally links the museum to its roots. If you want to know more about the local history of South Carolina, then do yourself some good and come enjoy some learning experience at this museum.

The exhibits pertain to the wars that were fought in South Carolina several centuries ago. Come here and discover interesting facts about the history that shaped the town into what it is today. The museum is absorbing and there’s something that will interest anyone that visits.

You can expand your adventure by taking a tour of the town to see what Gaffney has to offer. Take a walk to the Peachoid and see how something so common can look so extraordinary. Have a meal at the Fatz Restaurant and if you fancy spending the night, the Spartanburg NE / Gaffney KOA Holiday is just perfect for your RV needs.


Charlotte is a one-of-a-kind town with streets that are always buzzing! It is no wonder then that it’s been nicknamed Buzz City. Fall in love with the colorful history that enriches the town and do not miss out on the several artworks that adorn the city too.

The weather is always great, whether for casual fun or for serious outdoor adventure. Try not to miss a BBQ prepared North Carolina style and join in the celebration of cultural festivals in the city. There are a variety of parks and campgrounds in the city that can accommodate your RV too. However you make your tour around the city, don’t forget to take a selfie.

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