Birmingham to Denver Road Trip Guide


Birmingham, Alabama shares its name with a city in England. It was founded near the end of the 1960s and was best known for heavy industrial manufacturing that worked with steel and iron. To this day you can still find coal, iron, iron ore, and limestone within 10 minutes of the city. Birmingham has been given two nicknames over time.

The Magic City and the Pittsburgh of the South are what you can call this area of the south. With an average of one inch of snow per year, Birmingham is quite a warm place to live. With incredibly hot summers, you can expect days of mostly sunshine. Birmingham is one of the most popular cities in all of Alabama.

Whether you live there or you’re visiting, it can be a great place to use as a starting point for a road trip. If you don’t have your own motorhome, you can easily rent a vehicle to take to a beautiful city like Denver. There are plenty of fun and interesting places to see along the way. You can find a handful of them below.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

McWane Science Center

Your first stop is going to be right in the heart of Birmingham. Whether you’re traveling with your best friends or your younger siblings, the McWane Science Center is a great place to start off your trip. It’s a science museum and research archive found in downtown Birmingham. This is a fun location for visitors of all ages and there’s plenty to see. There is a high-end science center for you to explore.

You can also see a variety of different animals in the aquarium. The McWane Science Center plays a variety of jaw-dropping movies in the 280-seat IMAX Dome Theater. You’ll see films there in a way you’ve never watched in a cinema before. If you need some rest before continuing your journey, you can park the RV at a local RV Park. The Hoover Met Complex RV Park is a great choice!

Elvis Presley’s Birthplace

There’s a part of our brain that allows us to assume that famous stars and music legends have always been rich. If you decide to make a pit stop at the birthplace of Elvis Presley, you’ll be shocked at what you see. The icon was born in Tupelo, Mississippi in 1935 and the home has since been preserved for tours. Just from looking at the outside you’ll be able to see how small this house really is.

The King was born in a two-room home that his father, Vernon built with his father and brother. Elvis lived in the home with his parents and one of his brothers. One reason the home is so small with so many occupants is because of the financial hardships during the early 1900s. Before Elvis was even four years old, his parents had to sell the house because they couldn’t make payments. It's a long way from here to superstardom, and the house serves as a reminder of the humble beginnings of one of the world's most famous people.


Speaking of Elvis, if you’re going to make a stop to see what his lavish life was like, drive the rented camper van to Graceland. Established as a museum in the summer of 1982, Graceland is the name of the enormous house that Elvis would eventually call home. It sits on 14-acres and is located within Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis loved this home and spent a lot of time there when he wasn’t busy writing music, touring, or acting.

His daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, has owned and helped run Graceland ever since her father’s passing. While you’re in Memphis, there’s a lot more to explore. It may be a good idea to camp overnight to get some rest for your next stop on the road trip to Denver. Graceland RV and Campground is the perfect place to hunker down!

Dickerson Park Zoo

What’s a road trip without a day spent at the zoo? This is a great way to get the blood flowing in your legs after several hours of driving. This is another activity that visitors of all ages can enjoy. The Dickerson Park Zoo is a zoological park located in Springfield, Missouri. There are over 500 amazing animals to see at this zoo.

Consisting of over 160 species, you’re sure to find one creature or another there that you like! This zoo has been an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums since 1986. It does have shorter hours than most zoos, making it a good place to stop in the morning into the afternoon. There are also a variety of different events that go on during each month at Dickerson Park Zoo.

Union Station Kansas City

While Grand Central Station in New York City takes the cake for being the coolest train station, the Union Station in Kansas City is a close second. This historic train station is quite the sight to see and will be a perfect excuse to get out of the camper and walk around a bit. The outside of the building is usually drowned in beautiful ombre lights that help it stand out in the big city.

Since its grand opening in 1914, the Kansas City Union Station has been home to a lot more than just trains. There you will find national exhibits, an Extreme Screen that plays 3D movies, and more. There’s even a Science City in the building for you to explore. Don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee or something to eat before you leave.

Topeka Zoo

Two zoos? Don't worry; they each offer different experiences, and maybe you didn’t have a chance to stop at the one earlier in your trip. You can safely assume that the Topeka Zoo is located in Topeka, Kansas. It’s part of Gage Park off the interstate, making it the perfect place to spend the afternoon during a road trip. There are several exhibits all throughout the zoo.

Whether you’re looking to see wild cats like lions or tigers or if amphibians are more your thing, you’ll find it at the Topeka Zoo. With over 250 animals in total, you’ll find a cool creature that you’ve never seen in person before. After an exhausting day exploring, you can park the motorhome at one of the nearby campgrounds or state parks. This is a great place to get some rest before continuing on your journey.

Villa High Park

While it may not be the most exciting stop on your trip, sometimes it’s a good idea to break away from that cell phone you’ve been staring at during the trip and spend some time in nature. Whether you’re driving the RV or you’re a passenger taking a nap, a visit to Villa High Park is a great idea. There you’ll be able to enjoy a picnic and relax.

There aren’t any fancy things that other parks have, but that’s okay sometimes! If you’re traveling with kids, they can enjoy playing on the swingset and get worn out to sleep for the next leg of your journey. Adults can play a game of frisbee, take a long walk, or go birdwatching. Whistle Stop RV and Antiques is a local place where you can sleep and shop before the last part of your trip.

Cherry Creek State Park

Speaking of entertaining parks, Cherry Creek State Park located in Aurora, Colorado is quite different from the previous park. Cherry Creek offers over 800-acres for visitors to explore. If you’re traveling during the winter, you’ll be able to go skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and have snowball fights. In the summer, some of the more popular activities are bird watching, horseback riding, flying model airplanes, and more.

This is a beautiful park that is a great place to have as your last pit stop before making it to Denver. Whether you want to stretch your legs on one of the many hiking trails or if you’re looking to catch dinner from a boat, Cherry Creek State Park is a sight to see!


You’ve made it to the beautiful city of Denver! This place is filled with outdoor parks and tourist attractions to explore. Once you’re there, you can visit art exhibits, museums, amazing ice cream shops, and delicious coffee houses. It’s an RV-friendly city and there are plenty of places to park overnight while you see this great place!

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