Boise to San Diego Road Trip Guide


Renowned for all things beautiful, Boise is poised for enchantment and awash with memorable attractions that intrigue young and old. The interesting experiences available in this city make a visit down here a dream to many. There is always something to be done whether you prefer the indoors or the outdoors.

The city flourishes with culture. Arts abound all around the city, all of which enhance its cultural heritage. Living in this city does have its privileges - the diversity it showcases has helped in its growth economically and it is one of the 21st-century cities to look out for.

Start your RV road trip from Boise and hit the highway through a staggering variety of climates and landscapes. There is so much to learn and experience during the trip to San Diego in California, another city that has so much to appreciate and enjoy. Five days on the road will bring you close to some of nature’s most amazing beauties. Also, nothing stops you from truly having the time of your life as you bond with your friends on this incredible journey.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Faulkner Planetarium

Your visit to this planetarium brings you closer to space and the planets - as close as you can get without the hassle of actually going outside earth as virtually every experience that’s available there is available here in Twin Falls.

The Planetarium features projection systems that give a simulation of what the solar system looks like. In the Centennial Observatory, there is a telescope that you can use to view the sky, stars, and galaxies, which will give you a different view of the world. Add to that the art galleries and other attractions at this museum, and a visit here is bliss. Take time to tour the grounds of the museum as there are outdoor attractions that make this place one to look out for.

You would want to be here early to beat the rush, so if you leave Boise early enough, you will have ample opportunity to spend time at the museum before you continue on your trip.

Cactus Petes Hotel and Casino

Leaving Idaho into Nevada, the town of Jackpot sits just by Nevada’s border. The small town is famed for its casinos and has a lot in common with the very popular Las Vegas. Cactus Petes Hotel and Casino opens up several slots and games where you could take a chance and hit some big wins. Nighttime is the best time to be here as the resort provides live music and entertainment. The resort offers great food of various types, from casual dining to gourmet meals. While you play games with your buddies, drinks abound and you can enjoy yourself in your favorite gaming destination.

After a nice gaming experience, take some time out to relax by the pool and enjoy the company of friends. And when its time to retire, the resort offers on-site accommodation. Check out the resort’s gift store for the latest souvenirs before you take your leave.

Angel Creek Campground

After your time in Jackpot, if you are looking for an encounter with nature, here’s an opportunity for you. Just a few miles from Wells lies this campground with plenty of activities for you. The size of this place will leave you in awe.

Plenty of trees, flowers, and grasses add color to the campground and create a fragrance that settles so quickly and lingers for a bit longer. Take a trail hike with friends and have a feel of the flora and fauna of Nevada. Make a trip to the Angel Lake where you can take a dip in the water, do some wildlife watching, or fish for your dinner which you can make over an open fire.

Lodging and accommodation opportunities are allowed in the campground and it offers the basic amenities for your RV. The campground has enough grounds for even the biggest rigs and campsites if you want to go primitive.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge

The 300-mile drive to Crystal Springs takes about four hours and is very rewarding as the desert landscape adorned with rugged hills and sandstones span the horizon, presenting a breathtaking sight. The refuge aims to conserve wildlife and is at the same prepared for human recreation. This protected wildlife refuge is home to several migratory birds, especially waterfowls and the flycatchers. The refuge also contains other aquatic and non-aquatic wildlife species and as well as a multitude of plants.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge is perfect for picnicking with friends, hosting family gatherings, hunting and hiking. It should not come as a surprise to you that the grounds can serve as a suitable scene for photography enthusiasts. Following a long day at the refuge, you can choose to retire and extend your stay at the refuge’s campground which depicts what a living heritage this refuge has.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Two hours away from Crystal Springs is the famous Las Vegas. Everything in this much-talked-about city is built to surprise you. No matter how many times you are here, you will still be beyond excited.

The Bellagio Hotel is a magnificent property, very striking and iconic. The water fountains always seem to welcome you no matter what time of the day you’re here. The five-star hotel offers you nothing but pleasure and excitement. The food in the restaurants will excite your taste buds. Go along with friends, play games together and see what winnings await you at the casino tables.

The several amenities that the hotel has are designed to make your stay here as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Nurture your body with some spa session and take some time to hit the gym. Whatever indoor fun you desire, you’ll get here.

Route 66 Mother Road Museum

The Route 66 Highway is one that you must have heard of at least once. It makes for a nice stop as you enter California. The museum tells the history of Barstow, some of which is centuries old. Just off the highway is the Route 66 Mother Road Museum.

The museum features artifacts and many beautiful archeological items that range from displays of the ice-age bones to modern time jewels that make for a wonderful visit. That’s not all though. It has a book section filled with a lot of historical details that make a wonderful addition to the museum. If you arrive here early enough, there should be enough time to fully immerse yourself here. The museum store is not to be missed.

Feel free to spend the night at Barstow KOA before completing the adventure at San Diego.


All megacities have something in common: stunning architectural masterpieces and deep-rooted history, and San Diego is no different. This marine city is filled with a variety of fun and charm and there is no shortage of things to do here. Nice warm weather all year round and extensive beaches make it ever-ready for a vacation.

From the flea markets to a city full of skaters, be prepared for everything this city brings your way. Because of the many farms available in the city, there will always be some fresh food for you to enjoy. There really is no bad time for you to visit the city.

Don't worry about where to stay as there is a host of parks and campgrounds in this adventure city.

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