Buffalo Bills Tailgating

With the capacity to hold over 70,000 screaming fans, the New Era Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, is a great venue to watch football. When you’re in Buffalo, it’s all about awesome tailgate parties and spicy buffalo chicken wings.

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With the capacity to hold over 70,000 screaming fans, New Era Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills, is a great venue to watch football. When you’re in Buffalo for a game, it’s all about Billy the Buffalo, tailgate parties, and spicy buffalo chicken wings. Buffalo is the birthplace of the famous snack, after all.

Throughout the stadium and surrounding parking lots, there are various activities and tailgates that take place on game day. While parking passes for the RV lot sell out fast, getting your hands on one means you can start tailgating the day before the event.

The hot-ticket item sells out fast, so it’s best to purchase your pass before the season kicks off. Ideally, it’s best to tailgate in the summer or fall months since it can get quite cold from November to March. If you’re planning on tailgating in the winter, dress in layers and stay warm.

Buffalo is a welcoming city, and, even though it’s a mid-sized city, it still has that small-town charm. The food is hearty, the fans are passionate, and the football is always the best show in town. Niagara Falls State Park is a nearby stop that travelers often also appreciate just to the north. Whether you plan on exploring the region, tailgating, or just catching a game or two, New Era Field is a top-notch venue to watch a football game.


Finding a comfortable seat for an affordable price is no issue at New Era Field. Most tickets range from $50 to $80, but the best seats in the house can sell for over $200. For the best prices, buy your tickets early. Once your seating situation is set, make arrangements for parking and tailgating. RV parking spaces do sell out fast.

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Buffalo is located in the western part of the state, and it’s close to the Canadian border. Many major highways intersect with the city. Major cities such as New York City, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are just a few hours away, which makes Buffalo the perfect place for a weekend getaway in your RV. Do be careful, however, if driving in the winter because snowstorms and icy roads do happen. Toll routes are present along I-90 and across 1-190 (Grand Island to the north).

Parking areas

RV parking is available at the Colton RV Camper Lot, but it’s required to buy the parking space in advance. Contact the Bills ticket office as soon as possible if you’re interested. RV parking spaces are highly coveted, and they tend to sell out before the first kickoff of the season. The lot opens up the day before the game and closes midday the day after, which means you can start your tailgate early. It’s no wonder everyone wants a parking space.

Public Transportation

The Buffalo area has a decent sized transit system with multiple bus lines and metro lines that can take you to many places in the city. If you want to avoid driving your RV to the stadium and paying for parking, it’s possible to hop on public transit to get to the stadium. The NFTA-Metro website is comprehensive and has a built-in trip planner to help you find a route that fits your schedule.

Where to stay


The Colton RV Camper Lot is the only lot that allows RV camping, and you must park the day before the game when the lot is open. Parking when the lot is closed is not permitted, and you must leave the day after the game by the designated time. Apart from the port-a-johns on-site, there are no other amenities. Pets are permitted, but they must be leashed at all times. For a more amenity-packed camping experience, explore nearby campgrounds.


Camping in an RV doesn’t mean you have to do without the comforts of home. There are several RV parks in the area and even some across the border in Canada that have additional amenities. Niagara Falls Grand Island KOA sits about a 35-minute drive to the north on the US side of the falls. Niagara Falls KOA Holiday is just across the Niagara River and the Canadian Border to the west. Don't forget to bring your passports if you plan to visit the Candian side of Niagara Falls or camp west of the Niagara River.

Getting around

With multiple tailgate events happening on game weekends, it can be difficult to get to them all, but they are usually within walking distance. A little extra walking may be in store if you want to visit several stops. Bikes, scooters, golf carts, and wheeled devices are not permitted in the Colton RV Camper Lot.

What to pack


From August to September, wear something breezy and comfortable, but keep an eye on the weather in case it changes. The wintertime is no joke in Buffalo, so it’s best to come prepared. Pack as many layers as you can, invest in some hand warmers. Temperatures can dip to 20 degrees or lower, and snow is common.


Grills are an essential piece of gear if you plan on tailgating, and don’t forget to bring cups, plates, cutlery, and some outdoor furniture. Apart from tailgating and having a good time, you’ll want a comfortable pair of shoes and maybe a Bills jersey to show your support. Include your passport at the top of your packing list if you plan to cross the Canadian Border, just 15 miles northwest of Bills Stadium.

Health & Safety

Tailgating at the Colton RV Camper Lot is a great way to support Billy the Buffalo, but you'll want to come prepared. Bring a few cases of water with you, and stock up on food items. Since temperatures can drop even further at night, it’s important that you bring plenty of blankets. You can bring blankets inside the stadium if you wish.

Where to eat


Buffalo is all about the buffalo chicken wings, and tailgating guests will expect to enjoy a few tasty bites. Stock up at one of the nearby stores, and practice perfecting your zesty, spicy buffalo sauce in the meantime. If you want to tailgate but don’t want to put in the work, there is a tailgating service that can take care of it for you.


If you’re a fan of buffalo chicken wings, you’ve come to the right place. Sure, you can find Italian cuisine here such as pizza and pasta, and there are a few Chinese and Indian restaurants, too, but the wings are a must-have item for many travelers to the area. Find your perfect chicken wing in Buffalo.


If you want to grab a meal before the game and outside the stadium, look for Buffalo Red Zone options with your crew. When you’re inside the stadium, purchase a jersey from the Bills Store and look the part while you cheer on the Bills. Food and drink can be found within New Era Stadium to keep you going as the team plays.



Tailgating at New Era Field has been revamped to make it safer for all. You must have a ticket for the game or a tailgating ticket to have access to the tailgate parties and events. To deter any bad actors, all belongings that you bring into the stadium must be in a clear plastic bag. Patriots fans have been known to be heckled, but it’s all in good fun. Talk to security if the heckling becomes aggressive.


The temperature in Buffalo can be bone-chilling as the colder months settle into Western New York, but there are ways around that. Buffalo natives are resilient, partly because they dress in layers. Apart from the bitter cold, snowstorms and blizzards are not uncommon, so drive with caution and keep an eye out for weather alerts.


First aid stations are located throughout New Era Field in case you have a small emergency. For anything major, it’s probably best to head to a hospital or local clinic. There is a hospital five miles away, a 14-minute drive, where you can get help. Pharmacy services are also under five miles from the stadium.