CRSSD Festival Spring

Welcome a new season with an RV trip to Waterfront Park in San Diego, California, for a music festival. The CRSSD Festival Spring is here!

Event information

If you’re a fan of electronic heavy metal, indie rock, and underground DJs, then you’re going to love the CRSSD Festival Spring brought to Waterfront Park, San Diego, by FNGRS CRSSD.

The annual two-day springtime music festival in March is all about bringing people together for fun, music, and entertainment in an urban oasis in the heart of the city. San Diego, California, is a brilliant place to visit at any time of the year, but even more so when thousands of music lovers descend upon it for one famed event.

The 21+ festival takes place over a weekend with three main stages of City Steps, The Palms, and Ocean View. In the past, famed headline acts have included The Rapture, Carl Cox, Purple Disco Machine, and Radio Slave.

The venue is equally as exciting as the event, with green grass, walking paths, and water fountains in which to dance. It’s also set within a stone’s throw of San Diego Bay, giving you plenty of opportunities for achieving that sun-kissed look on your vacation.

Tickets for CRSSD Festival Spring sell out fast, so RV travelers who are looking for somewhere fun to be during spring break will need to act quickly. Once you book your RV accommodation near the Waterfront Park, you can then attend a music festival and explore San Diego County and the beautiful cities within.


As soon as tickets are announced for CRSSD Festival Spring, they sell out fast. RV travelers who are on the fence need to make a decision quick. You can buy single-day or weekend passes, and early-bird discounts may apply for those who book early. In the past, weekend pass pricing has started at $290. Remember to present your ID at the gate with your ticket and keep it on you for both days of the event.

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San Diego is a well-appointed city around 120 miles from Los Angeles that goes by the nickname of America’s Finest City. However, the drive to San Diego can be as memorable as the city itself.

From whichever direction you visit, be it from the Mexican border or along the coast up to Los Angeles, you get to enjoy a backdrop of stunning scenery. Stick to main travel routes like I-8 and I-5, but don’t be afraid to head off the beaten track to explore natural attractions like Cleveland National Forest along the way. Allow extra time for recreation and tune into a traffic resource like511SD so you can keep to a schedule.

Once you set up your RV at your accommodation near Waterfront Park, make a plan to get to CRSSD Festival Spring from there. Many past festival-goers have said the best time to arrive has been before 4 pm, and the doors usually open at around noon.

Parking areas

There are limited free parking lots in and around Waterfront Park in San Diego. Parking garages are in abundance in the streets surrounding the park, but remember that these will have size restrictions.

Not all parking locations will accommodate motorhomes and big rigs, so shop around or consider parking at your RV campground nearby. On-street parking is also in short supply, and you may not park your RV on San Diego streets overnight.

Public Transportation

Waterfront Park is centralized to take advantage of public transportation in the area. Amtrak trains and trolleys are within walking distance, and there is also no shortage of rideshare services and taxis. When you get to San Diego for CRSSD Festival Spring, make your way to your RV campground near Waterfront Park and arrange for a ride to the event with plenty of time to spare.

Where to stay


Onsite camping and curbside parking for overnight are not available at Waterfront Park and surrounding streets of San Diego. While having a motorhome offers much flexibility with where you can stay, this built-up area is more accommodating to day visitors. Expand your search within 50 miles of Waterfront Park, and you’ll quickly find somewhere to stay with an RV that’s both comfortable and proximate to the festival.


If you’re all about comfort and luxury when traveling in your Class A motorhome or Airstream, then you’ll find that San Diego Metro KOA Resort, within ten miles of the Waterfront Park, will more than tick all the boxes. However, quality RV campgrounds such as that one in San Diego book up fast, so check out the myriad of bayfront campsites within a short distance of the festival without delay.

If you love the idea of primitive RV camping, then San Diego delivers here too. Within 45 miles of the festival, you can go camping, hiking, and picnicking at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.

Getting around

Upon arriving at Waterfront Park, adjacent to the Pacific Highway, you will be able to make your way on foot to the main gates with your ticket and ID. Once in, there are plenty of places to sit, relax, dance, and enjoy food, as well. Bicycles, scooters, and similar are not allowed at the park, but your feet will be more than suitable for getting you around this grassy and paved festival site.

What to pack


Temperatures in March in San Diego are relatively mild. They are warm enough for shorts and t-shirts, but cool enough for long sleeves as well. Bring heavy and light layers to cater for all weather conditions in the area. You can then have full confidence to explore the greater San Diego area in comfort, including camping and walking at Mission Trails Regional Park.


A “less is best” approach is encouraged by festival organizers for those attending one or both days of the CRSSD Festival Spring. You can bring a small purse or backpack, a cell phone, cash, ticket, your ID, earplugs, and sealed items such as sunscreen, gum, makeup, and lip balm. There will be an amnesty box at the gate for any prohibited items that are not allowed in the festival.

If you want to free up your hands for dancing, then you can also rent lockers for personal items. These lockers, which you can book in advance or on the day, also offer phone charging for convenience.

Health & Safety

San Diego has a mild year-round climate, which means you are unlikely to strike any weather extremes that could impact your health and safety during the festival. However, festival officials encourage attendees to bring sealed sunscreen, sunglasses, and sun hats with them.

You may also bring an empty water bottle and refill it at the onsite water filling stations. If you require medication during the two-day festival, make sure the prescription label matches your ID, and show gate officials. Re-entry is not allowed once you’re at Waterfront Park, so bring toiletries and other convenience items with you in a small bag.

Where to eat


Whether you’re picnicking at the Black Mountain Open Space Park near Escondido, or you’re preparing a bite to eat at your RV campground, it’s imperative to plan ahead. Make sure you stock up on propane and supplies for onboard cooking before or after the festival.

There is a grocery store within two miles of the festival, where you can collect all manner of supplies for camp-style hot dogs, S’mores, and more on the way back to camp. It’s also a good idea to ask your host before you light any campfires or charcoal grills.


Within walking distance of the CRSSD Festival Spring is a myriad of different eateries to satisfy all tastes and palates. From seafood and salads to desserts and bistro meals, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into in San Diego County. Many of them are a convenient distance from RV campgrounds in San Diego and the music festival venue.


As you are not able to bring in food and beverages to the CRSSD Festival Spring, organizers ensure there is plenty of options to satisfy all. Vegan and vegetarian options are also available for those who desire them. Bring cash as payment cards may not be accepted at all vendors. Fans can also purchase CRSSD Festival Spring merchandise at the festival.



The security screening process is thorough but straightforward. All attendees will have their ticket, ID, and possessions checked at the gate. Anything prohibited, such as cigarettes, drugs, E-cigarettes, and unsealed items can go in an amnesty box at the entrance before entering. Once you are at the festival, re-entry is not allowed. Remember to bring your weekend pass for both days of the event.

If you require help at any time, approach a security official. Emergencies can be taken care of by dialing 911. You can also visit the nearest police station, San Diego Harbor Police, within two miles of the festival.


San Diego’s climate is considered one of the best in America, with warm and dry summers and mild winters. The mild year-round climate means that during March, when the festival is on, you’re unlikely to face weather extremes.

However, checking a weather app on your travels can mean you’re well prepared for the conditions when you check out local attractions like the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park toward Point Loma. It also pays to carry extra water in your RV and make sure your heating and cooling units are in working order.


Cuts and scrapes and general dehydration at music festivals are frequent but uncomfortable. To assist with any medical concerns you may have, there will be first aid stations clearly marked at Waterfront Park. These will also be highlighted on your festival guide and the CRSSED Festival Spring mobile app. Free water refill stations are located in the middle of the festival to remain hydrated.

If you require emergency assistance, approach a festival official, and dial 911. The nearest health clinic is seven miles away in Coronado by the San Diego Bay.