Hills Creek State Park

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Accented by the tranquil Hills Creek Lake, Hills Creek State Park is a beautiful area for RV campers to explore and relax in. Located within Tioga County, Pennsylvania, the 407-acre park was previously a pigment mine for the paint industry. It was opened for public use in 1953 and is named for Hills Creek which runs through the park. The creek was later dammed to make Hills Creek Lake. In 2000 the park was added to the "Hills Creek State Park Complex", which is an administrative group containing eight state parks in the Tioga and the nearby Potter counties.

The highlight of the park is the 137 acre Hills Creek Lake. The lake is a warm water fishery that also offers some great kayaking and swimming opportunities. During the winter ice fishing is also a popular activity to do on the lake. You will also have ample opportunities to spot some fantastic wildlife as the lake is a hotspot for beavers and many different waterfowl. Hiking trails, great picnic spots and day use areas are also available all year round for you to enjoy.

There are multiple different camping options at Hills Creek State Park. There are 35 non-electric sites, 22 electric sties with 50 amp and water connections and 15 full hookup sites. Camping is offered year round and peak season is April through the end of October.

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You could be forgiven if you looked at a map and thought that Hills Creek State Park was in the middle of nowhere. Despite looking like a desolate area, the park is located midway between Wellsboro and Mansfield just north of the US-6. The smaller towns of Charlestown and Whitneyville are also in the vicinity of the park. The park can also reached via PA- 287 between the towns of Tioga and Wellsboro.

Getting to the park is relatively easy as the roads are mostly flat and the park is away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby PA Grand Canyon. During the winter this area can have large snowfalls so make sure you check the weather forecast and the park website to make sure the park is open.

If you need to get some supplies we recommend stopping in at the larger towns before you make your way to the park. If you are in the north you can go to Tiaga and the south has Blossburg. In the east you can stop in to Mansfield and the west has Wellsboro.


There is plenty of room in Hills Creek State Park for parking as it is quite a large park. During the summer period the park will be busier but you should still be able to find parking.

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There are no public transport options to get to Hills Creek State Park.

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Hills Creek State Park Campgrounds

The campground at Hills Creek State Park will take care of all your RV needs. It is quite a large campground and the sites vary from grassy open areas to hemlock-covered shady sites. You have the option to choose between 35 non-electric, 22 electric and 15 full hookup sites. Both the electric and full hookup sites have 50 amp hookups. The other facilities at the campground are modern and up to date which is always a plus. Some of the highlights include warm showers, restrooms, water fountains, a dump station and laundry facilities. You should be able to get cell phone coverage in the park and there is small concession store available in the campground for any last minute supplies and snacks. Pets are allowed only in the A and D loops, so make sure you book for one of those areas if you have a pet.

Reservations are available to be made anytime during the calendar year and during the winter time the campground will very quiet.

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Hills Creek Lake is a great boating location too! In total there are three boat mooring areas that have a capacity of up to 30 boats. Two of these areas also double as boat launch spots and they have concrete launching ramps. All motorboats besides electric boats are not allowed at the lake. Boats must have either registration, launch or mooring permit from Pennsylvania state parks or a launching permit from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.


Hills Creek Lake is a warm water fishery that is home to many different species of fish. Some of the most popular are yellow perch, walleye, bluegill, crappie, muskellunge, smallmouth and largemouth bass. The lake is so good for bass fishing that it is one of the stops on the Bass Masters annual tour. Bass as big as eight pounds have been caught on the lake before, so maybe you will get lucky and hook a big one if you choose to cast a line. A fishing pier for people with disabilities is also available at the Pines Boat launch.


Hills Creek State Park has a great sandy beach that is open from around Memorial Day until after Labor Day. Along with the beach there is also a bathhouse and snack bar that is open for the public during the hours that the beach is open. You are able to swim at the beach from 8:00AM to sunset. There are no lifeguards at the beach so swim at your own risk and use safe practices at all times.


Winter Recreation

Once the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops at Hills Creek State Park there are a number of different winter activities you can do. When the lake freezes over it becomes a haven for ice fishing, with bluegill, yellow perch and walleye the common species to catch. Ice skating is also popular, but make sure that you check the ice levels before you skate as they are not monitored by park staff. Cross country skiing is permitted on the hiking trails and other open areas of the park and there is a good location for sledding at the hill on the beach.


The lake, wetlands and forested areas of Hills Creek State Park have fantastic birding opportunities anytime during the year. The lake and wetland area is home to a variety of resident and migrating birds, including osprey, great blue heron, bald eagle, common loon, and various ducks. During the spring and fall you could spot wild turkey, ruffed grouse and broad-wing hawk, in the forest area. Common visitors in the spring and the fall are eastern bluebird, swallows, red-tailed hawk, sparrows, doves and wrens.


Hills Creek State Park has some great hiking available for people of all skill levels. In total there are five and a half miles of trails. Three trails can be found within the park, along with the northern extension of the long-distance backpacking Mid State Trail. In particular, the Lakeside Trail offers you great opportunities to see some birdlife. You might even see some beaver activity around the beaver house and the lake if you do this trail, especially around dusk.

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