Hometown Throwdown

Prep your RV, and stay in the festive mood. It’s time for a road trip to Boston for the Hometown Throwdown courtesy of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones!

Event information

A lot happened in 1994. Nelson Mandela was elected president, Forrest Gump and Friends entertained audiences, and O.J. Simpson was arrested. But 1994 was also the year the Hometown Throwdown in Boston began, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down all these years later.

The Hometown Throwdown, hosted by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, is a music festival that runs over three days in Boston between Christmas and New Year’s. There’s a heavy emphasis on local punk, hardcore, and ska bands, and both Boston locals and music lovers from further afield get to experience new music on the scene.

Hometown Throwdown is held at House of Blues Boston at 15 Lansdowne Street, and it’s an event that brings hundreds of festival-goers every year. The City of Boston goes crazy for this event, not to mention already being a hive of activity for the festive season.

What better way to keep the festive fun flowing than with a music festival that celebrates local talent? Then, when the new year festivities are over, and everything returns to normal, you can check out what the greater Boston area has to offer.

Explore the Freedom Trail, stay warm and toasty at the Museum of Fine Arts, or check out the wintry sights of Back Bay. Now’s the time to book your music festival tickets, dust off your RV, and end the year on high.


Tickets go on sale for Hometown Throwdown in the few months leading up to the event. Once they go on sale, you need to be online fast to make sure you don’t miss out. In the past, general admission has incorporated various ticket types of floor, mezzanine, upper mezzanine, stadium row seating, and box seating. These options have often been under $30 each, but the most favorable ticket types, such as box and stadium seating, sell out first.

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Driving in Greater Boston, a metro region of New England, can take a lot of patience, concentration, and skill. It can also require someone with a lot of knowledge of handling RVs in traffic and built-up areas. It’s home to nearly five million people and is a region that’s central to New Hampshire, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont. Before you set off on your adventure to Boston for the Hometown Throwdown, it’s worth reviewing Mass 511 online or by phone to help navigate delays.

On your travels, you are also likely to travel across multiple US routes, state highways, toll roads, and interstates in various weather conditions before finally reaching your destination at House of Blues Boston. Allow plenty of time for parking and entering your destination for congestion will be expected at this busy and festive time of the year.

Parking areas

It can be quite challenging at the best of times to drive and park an RV in a congested city, but even more so in winter, in Boston, and during Christmas too! When you buy tickets to the Hometown Throwdown, you can also purchase parking online at a parking garage next door. However, some sizing restrictions may apply. If you drive a larger rig, consider requesting permission to park at a local business or mall and making use of public transportation.

Public Transportation

Boston, Massachusetts, may be busy and lacking in parking spaces, but it throws out all the stops when it comes to public transportation. There is a train station within a few buildings’ distance of the music festival venue, as well as E-bikes for hire, bus routes, and rideshare services. Even if you can’t park your RV at Hometown Throwdown, you can certainly get there another way.

Where to stay


House of Blues Boston is a quaint music venue nestled between Fenway Park, the Massachusetts Turnpike toll road, and The Fenway Garden Society. Its busy location makes it unsuitable for RV-goers to camp, which means you may need to put thought into RV accommodation on your travels. When you purchase your festival tickets, book your suitable RV accommodation in Boston at the same time.


It can be a little tricky for those taking an RV trip to source RV accommodation near House of Blues Boston. However, the further out from the event date you book, the more options there are from which to choose. Campgrounds that are accessible with a large RV within 50 miles of the event site, such as Boston / Cape Cod KOA Holiday welcome travelers year-round. These sell out fast, so you will need to jump on any booking with haste before December rolls around in Massachusetts.

Getting around

Upon arriving at House of Blues Boston, the only thing you’ll need to get around is a decent pair of dancing shoes. Scooters, skateboards, roller skates, or anything similar is prohibited within the grounds of the music festival. Fortunately, there is not a lot of ground to cover once you are inside the venue.

What to pack


Deciding what to pack for a trip to Boston during winter can be quite tricky. Of course, you are going to need your winter woollies, waterproof clothing, boots, mittens, and your favorite winter hat, but not once you attend the Hometown Throwdown. House of Blues Boston is an indoor venue, which means you’ll be stripping off within minutes of your arrival. Consider leaving as many layers as possible in your RV before you enter the site to save having to carry around any garments you remove as you heat up.


It’s almost worth preparing a checklist when you start planning an RV trip to Boston for Hometown Throwdown. You will, of course, require camping and cooking equipment before and after the event, but what about during it? Festival officials have a strict gear policy.

They ask that you don’t bring any drugs, cigarettes, vape products, weapons, lighters, unsealed liquids including alcohol, large bags, camelbacks, stuffed animals, or potentially harmful items. Pack light and speed up security screening in the process. Consider withdrawing cash before you arrive for vendor purchases, such as water.

Health & Safety

Music festivals can be hot and sticky, which means you need to consider your health throughout its duration. Purchase water at the venue to remain hydrated, and pack a first aid kit in your RV along with toiletries, sunscreen, and lip balm. If you need to bring any prescription medication into the House of Blues Boston, make sure it’s clearly named and matches your government-issued ID.

Where to eat


How you cook can depend on what the RV camping rules are for your destination. Those who have chosen to experience primitive RV camping may be able to light a campfire if weather permits or cook with their onboard kitchen appliances. Some campgrounds open for the winter may also have communal kitchens when the weather isn’t quite perfect for outdoor grilling.

Travelers who want to grab a few grocery supplies in the vicinity of House of Blues Boston can enjoy the myriad of markets within a short walking distance of the festival venue.


Whether you fancy a bite to eat before or after Hometown Throwdown, you will not be short of options. There are standout eateries scattered throughout Boston to cater to the most discerning of palates. Indulge in freshly baked goods at one of the many bakeries, or tuck into hearty American fare at a bar or bistro. It’s Christmas, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little and get into the festive spirit.


House of Blues Boston boasts a bar and restaurant area that might be worth checking out during your visit to Hometown Throwdown. However, vendors may also be selling water and light snacks to sustain you during the show. Anyone who exits the venue, even just to grab a bite to eat elsewhere, will not be able to re-enter.



Hometown Throwdown security officials want to make sure that everyone who attends has a good, and most importantly, safe time at the music festival. They request that you arrive early to allow time for screening, and this may take the form of a pat-down, wand, or metal detection arch. Bags will be searched, so allow extra time for this process.

There will also be security positioned throughout various parts of the venue, which you can approach at any time if you require assistance. For any other concerns on your travels, you will find the nearest police station within two miles of House of Blues Boston.


Anyone who visits Boston between December and February is going to need their best snow boots. While the summers are warm and humid, the winters are cold and snowy. Before you pile into your RV for your road trip, check your weather and traffic apps. Be on the lookout for road closures and instances where chains must be worn. Take your time, drive according to the conditions, and ensure your heating unit is in working order before you get going.


Officials on site at Hometown Throwdown are there to keep everyone safe, but they can also help with medical concerns and issues. If you require emergency assistance, locate a security officer and dial 911. You can pick up medical supplies at a pharmacy within a mile of the music festival venue. There is also a hospital within three miles.