Houston Astros RV Camping Guide

The Houston Astros have been a favorite in the MLB since 1962 and their games are a fan favorite. Hop in the RV and head to Minute Maid Park for a game in Eastern Texas.

Event information

Starting as the Houston Colt .45s in 1962, this fun team changed to the Houston Astros in 1964 and has gone from the National League to the American League. Astros games were held at the

Astrodome until the year 2000, which was the first domed stadium and jokingly named the Eighth Wonder of the World. They are now home in Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, which is the city's first stadium with a retractable roof. The seating capacity is over 41,000, including club and luxury seats, and the seats are filled to capacity most games.

The Astros Mascot, Orbit, is a lime green alien who wears an Astros jersey and has baseball-topped antennae. Adults, as well as kids, love him and his antics, and he has been a fun and active character at Minute Maid Park since 1990. Speaking of kids, the park loves them, too. The Astros Buddies Kids Club is famous for being one of the most fun kids’ clubs in baseball and has thousands of members all across the country, not just in Texas.

Adults enjoy the food with everything from burgers and fries to po’ boys and tacos, while kids really enjoy the Dippin’ Dots and cookies. Ice-cold beverages, including beer and soft drinks, are available from the concession stands as well as the vendors who will come to your seat.

The Marketplace in center field has a huge variety of beverages and food items right there in the middle of the game, so you might be able to get a treat without missing a play. Although you cannot camp at Astros Stadium, you can find plenty of fantastic campgrounds nearby that accommodate RVs.

While Minute Maid Park has had many other attractions from soccer to Taylor Swift concerts, it will always be the home of the Houston Astros.


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get good seats at a Houston Astros game. Pick your seats well, and you will be rewarded with some of the best views in the park. In previous years, fans have gotten some excellent seats for under $25 per ticket, and that is for popular games with famous rivals like the St. Louis Cardinals. Of course, if you choose specialty seats, club seats, or VIP seats, you are going to pay more because you get more.

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In the middle of I-10, I-45, and I-69, you won’t have any trouble finding Minute Maid Park in Downtown Houston. Traffic can get pretty hectic on weekdays during peak rush hour times, so try to skip 7 to 9 am and 4 to 7 pm travel if you can. If you like nature, there are several parks nearby you can visit, including San Jacinto State Park, which is 24 miles to the east and even has two campgrounds.

Parking areas

The best way to park at Minute Maid Park is to reserve a spot ahead of time. They have over 25,000 spots in three large parking lots that are prepaid, but you will have to call in advance to find out if they can accommodate RVs. Check with local restaurants and hotels in Harris County as some do let you park there and even offer shuttle service on game days.

Public Transportation

Houston has several routes on the Metro Bus line that can take you to Minute Maid Park for an Astros game. The Green Line and Purple Line both go to the Convention District Station, and six other routes can get you there from around town. Remember to note the dimensions of your campervan or Class A and check for size allowances at the station’s parking lots.

Where to stay


Unless the park begins to allow overnight camping, fans will have to find accommodations close to Minute Maid Park. Camp nearby and take public transportation such as the Metro Bus, so you won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot.


When looking for a place to camp near Bucs Stadium, you may encounter more than 15 campgrounds within a 30-mile radius. Many have full hookups, showers, and other amenities while others are primitive. It just depends on what you want and how far you want to go. But make sure you reserve your spot early because they will fill up fast come game day.

Sheldon Lake gives you options for camping within 20 miles of the stadium. Less than an hour to the northwest, the Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA has over 200 RV sites with utilities, a pool, a fishing pond, and so much more.

Getting around

A shuttle crew helps those with mobility issues, but they may have trouble getting to everyone on days when the stadium is the fullest. Wheelchairs are welcome, and there are quite a few ADA seats and ADA accessible restrooms and concessions. Strollers are also welcome, but they cannot be stored in a seating area. Families can take them to the Fan Accommodations window to store them during the game.

What to pack


If you expect Texas to be hot, you will not be disappointed, because it usually is during baseball season. So, it is best to pack for summer weather. Most fans wear baseball jerseys or t-shirts with their favorite Astros player’s name and number as well as shorts or jeans. A baseball hat is also a good idea since it helps keep the sun out of your eyes while helping you display the Astro team colors of blue, orange, white at the same time.


Minute Maid Park has a clear bag rule, and this means you can only bring in a clear bag typically no bigger than 16x16x8 inches. Backpacks and coolers are not allowed, but you can bring food and water in a small clear bag like a gallon storage baggie. Also, have your game ticket, ID, and cash or credit card for purchases.

Health & Safety

Water is essential, no matter whether you are drinking other beverages or not. Bring a sealed bottle of water, and you can refill it as you need to from the restrooms or water fountains. You will also need sunblock to keep you from getting a sunburn, especially on your face. Bug repellent also comes in handy if you are at a night game and for sitting outside at the campground.

Where to eat


Tailgating is not allowed at the park, so you will not be doing any cooking at the stadium. Plan to cook at the campground and enjoy your RV kitchen or a fireside meal. Locations with utilities are nice because you can cook indoors or not on a whim. Cook your meals ahead of time and freeze them, so you don’t have to do much and then heat them on a campfire or grill.


Although the park has a bunch of food vendors and restaurants, you may want to head into town for a group meal. There are southern-style, Mexican, seafood, and New American restaurants near Minute Maid Park. In fact, there are several restaurants less than a mile from the park that you can walk to if you want to explore Houston. Maybe take a walk to one of these local places for a meal after the game, and then catch the Metro Bus from there to get back to your campsite.


From nachos to wings and from BBQ to quesadillas, Minute Maid Park has a plethora of food vendors. They even have a few pizza places and several ice cream vendors on each level. If you are looking for a drink, you don’t have to go far. You may not even have to leave your seat because the cold drinks will come to you. Along with hot dogs, snacks, and candy as well. If you are looking for Astros souvenirs, you can find vendors throughout Pirates Stadium. The Merchandise Marketplace is also a good place to look.



You may be delayed at the gate if you have a bag or other items that security deems searchable. And if the metal detector beeps, expect a longer delay. To make sure you get to your seat in time for the first pitch, try not to bring anything that may slow you down. You will see plenty of security guards around the park as well as Houston Police Officers that you can reach out to if you have an issue.


The weather in Houston during the summer, which is when most of the games are, is usually hot and dry. The average high in this part of Texas is the lower 90s with the lows in the 70s. Be prepared for pop-up storms as well, which are common from June through September. It is helpful to have a weather app on your phone, so you can keep an eye on the local forecast.


Minute Maid Park has several first-aid stations, including one in the Upper Concourse in Section 334 and on the Main Concourse in Section 150. If you have an emergency, grab a staff member or call 911. If needed, head to the local hospital, which is less than a mile away. There are also several urgent care facilities nearby. Remember to keep a first-aid kit in your rig for minor emergencies.