Huckleberry Festival WA

Hoorah for the Huckleberry Festival! You’ll be berry glad you took your RV to Bingen, Washington, for the annual Huckleberry Festival, or HuckFest!

Event information

Huckleberries are a delicious fruit that grows in the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. They taste delightful in jams, candy, pudding, pancakes, muffins, and even salad dressings and juices. Their versatility makes them a firm favorite throughout many parts of the United States, which is perhaps why they are celebrated in an annual festival.

For any huckleberry lover, the Huckleberry Festival in Bingen, Washington, is a must-attend event. It has graced the township on the US-Canada border for over half a century and continues to bring hundreds of visitors to see what all the fuss is about each fall.

The Huckleberry Festival celebrates all things huckleberry – from the humble jam that pairs beautifully with your morning toast to the fizzy beverage with a subtle huckleberry flavor. If you’re yet to have your fix of this beautiful berry, then this three-day during the first weekend in September could be the answer.

Enjoy a mix of local foods, entertainment, and a HuckFest Parade. The kids can even take part in an egg toss, watermelon-eating competition, and a coin dig. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in this small Klickitat County city. Could it be time to find an RV rental in Washington and be a part of the festivities?


Fun and affordable things to do are a traveler's dream in Washington. A little off the beaten track along the Columbia River will put you in Bingen and White Salmon, central to the Huckleberry Festival, which is typically free for general entry. Events and entertainment within the festival might cost extra, but local businesses keep costs low by sponsoring this annual event.

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Bingen is a small city in Klickitat County that sits on the edges of the Columbia River on the border of Washington and Oregon. The main road into and out of Bingen is SR-14 that runs along Columbia River’s north bank. For anyone traveling from Trout Lake, Mount Adams, and White Salmon, SR-141 is a scenic and direct route to Bingen.

With plenty of natural attractions to visit along the way, such as the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, RV-goers may like to follow Washington 511 resources online or by phone. Road-trippers can then keep up to date with the most straightforward routes to their destination while being aware of any delays along the way. Upon arriving in Bingen, follow the festive fun to 401-413 W Humboldt Street, the long-standing site of the Huckleberry Festival WA.

Parking areas

While onsite parking for the Huckleberry Festival is limited for tow vehicles and motorhomes alike, there will be plenty of options for those who arrive early in the day. On-street and off-street parking is usually available throughout Bingen, with some local businesses also allowing vehicles to make use of their lots to access the festivities.

Public Transportation

The Bingen-White Salmon train station offers transportation from Portland, Oregon to Chicago, Illinois. However, there are no inner-city public transportation options for the Huckleberry Festival. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to get around the city on foot, by bicycle, and with a motorhome.

An RV is also the most convenient option for getting from the Huckleberry Festival to nearby attractions like Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

Where to stay


Taking an RV trip to Washington can require some planning to see the best of what the state has to offer. In addition to thinking about local attractions like the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and Panorama Point, it is also worth thinking about RV accommodation near Bingen. There will not be onsite camping available, so scan the area around Bingen and White Salmon to find the best place for RV camping.


Even though Bingen is quite a small city, that doesn’t mean there won’t be anywhere to stay near the Huckleberry Festival WA. If you don’t feel like driving your motorhome once you’re in the area, then book your spot at Bridge RV Park & Campground within one mile of the Huckleberry Festival and make your way there on foot.

Beacon Rock State Park within 30 miles of Bingen offers camping parking spaces, and visitors to the area can enjoy luxury at Lewis & Clark Campground & RV park within the same distance. Remember to book in advance to ensure you get your first pick.

Getting around

Upon arriving at the Huckleberry Festival, getting around is easy. Park your motorhome, put on your most comfortable footwear, and navigate the site on foot. All stalls and forms of entertainment are near each other to ensure spectators never have to walk too far. However, if you feel like exploring the township, then consider hopping on your bicycle or making use of your campervan to see more in a shorter space of time.

What to pack


For any traveler who plans on eating their fair share of huckleberries, dark clothing is a must-have. After all, who trusts themselves to wear white while eating juicy fruit? Cooler fall temperatures can also see the need for warmer layers during the day and at night. Anyone exploring the natural area, such as Pierce National Wildlife Refuge near North Bonneville, may see the value in outdoor-appropriate clothing for comfort and safety.


Aside from cash and payment cards for vendor purchases, there won’t be a great need to carry around a big bag of equipment into the Huckleberry Festival in Bingen, Washington. In fact, a “less is more” approach can see you far more comfortable, and with more opportunities to pick up a few purchases along the way. Not all vendors will accept credit cards and debit cards, so withdraw cash before attending to ensure you have the correct payment type.

Health & Safety

Temperatures may not be sweltering in the heart of fall in Bingen, but that doesn’t mean there’ll be no need for sun safety products. Lather on sunscreen, and bring plenty of drinking water for sipping throughout the day. For anyone exploring the great outdoors around Bingen and up to Toppenish, there can also be a need for a first-aid kit, bug spray, and additional drinking water.

Where to eat


Flex those culinary muscles by making use of your motorhome’s kitchen appliances. Some campgrounds near Bingen also have communal kitchens for convenience or let you haul out your charcoal grill. No matter how a road-tripper chooses to cook, they can pick up all the grocery supplies they need in White Salmon, within a two-mile drive of the Huckleberry Festival.


Bingen might be small, but it has no shortage of eateries for those who fancy a break from all those sweet huckleberry treats. Sit down for quick bites to eat at the bistros and cafes along the main streets of Bingen. Otherwise, pick up burgers and fries and go picnicking at Rhinegarten Park. There is no shortage of options to suit all palates and preferences.


Visitors to the Huckleberry Festival will want to bring plenty of cash to try the wide variety of huckleberry offerings. There will be plenty of jams, pies, beverages, and jellies containing the ever-popular huckleberry. However, there will also be ice cream, candy, muffins, and other delicious options to satisfy those hunger pangs.



Huckleberry Festival officials may ask to check any bags or people they suspect could pose a problem. If you have any concerns or questions during your visit to the festival, feel free to approach an organizer.

Don’t forget to lock your motorhome when leaving it unattended, and leave valuables out of sight. Anyone who requires a helping hand can also visit the White Salmon Police Department within a two-mile drive of the festival.


Fall temperatures in Bingen can be quite low, which can see the need for a few extra blankets in a camper rental in Washington. It also pays to check the heating and cooling unit before you set off on your road trip to Washington to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible. Before visiting outdoor attractions like Mount Rainier National Park, check a weather app to make sure the conditions are safe.


By carrying a first aid kit aboard your motorhome, you can take care of many minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises yourself. However, any visitor to the Huckleberry Festival and Bingen can also access high-quality medical care at the nearest hospital within a mile of the festival grounds. Always dial 911 in an emergency.