Joe Pool Lake
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Sited within two ecosystems that feature rolling tallgrass prairies bounded by rugged limestone escarpment, Joe Pool Lake is a beautiful place for vacations and recreation. Located west of Cedar Hill, Texas, and surrounded by highways as well as major and minor roads, this US Army Corps of Engineers park is easy to access by RV campers and visitors looking for a wonderful getaway location.

Recreational opportunities at Joe Pool Lake range from boating on the lake, to angling for black bass, largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie. There are many multi-use trail systems available in the park which offer hiking, bicycling, and mountain biking opportunities for outdoor explorers. Equestrian riders are also not left out of the adventure at the park. Resplendent flora and beautiful fauna decorate the park’s corridors, inviting nature observers and photographers to the park. Bird watchers also have their share of the fun across all seasons. Nearby attractions to the park include Benbrook Lake and Grapevine Lake.

There are RV and tent campsites located on the shore of the lake, with full hookups, partial hookups as well as primitive camping options. Campground amenities include a dump station, toilets, potable water, playground, and Wi-Fi facilities.

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Joe Pool Lake is located west of Cedar Hill, Texas, and is easily accessible via Highways 67 and 360, as well as Interstate 20 and several other major and minor roads. As a result, you’ll have no difficulty driving to the park in your RV, trailer, or any other motorized vehicle. RV rentals are available around the park at Cedar Hill State Park.


Parking spaces are available for vacationers and visitors at and around Joe Pool Lake for RVs, trailers and cars at the campground and recreation areas. Overnight parking facilities are also available.

Public Transportation

There are no direct public transportation services to Joe Pool Lake.

Campgrounds and parking in Joe Pool Lake

Campsites in Joe Pool Lake

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Cedar Hill State Park

Featuring 350 modern campsites as well as 30 primitive sites, Cedar Hill State Park offers nice ways to enjoy vacations by Joe Pool Lake. With options ranging from tent camps, to RV/trailer campsites and group sites, there are plenty of opportunities for every visitor to benefit from the facilities the park has to offer. The campsites are open year-round and cater for campers of all ages.

Amenities available within the park include electric hookups, water hookups, as well as sewer hookups for RVs/trailers. Dump station, toilets, potable water, playground, and Wi-Fi facilities are also available.

RV/trailer length limit is 40 feet.

Seasonal activities in Joe Pool Lake



Boating is a pleasurable activity at Joe Pool Lake, one which requires that campers and visitors exercise safe boating techniques. At the park, there are seven boat ramps distributed around the lake, so that boating enthusiasts can pursue their interests from various points. Parking areas are also available by the boat ramps.
Also, two marinas are available by the lake, both of which offer boating supplies and rental services such as paddle boats, dock storage, and powerboats.


There are plenty of fish species available within Joe Pool Lake such as black bass, largemouth bass, catfish, and crappie. Many things attract anglers to Joe Pool Lake. One of the attractive features at the park for those that fancy fishing is the diverse ways open to anglers to fish – at the marinas, from the bank, from jetties, by boat, or in the floating fishing platforms. Moreover, fish attractors are also present within the lake, for example, brush piles marked by buoys. Texas fishing laws are in place at the park.


There are several multi-use trail systems available at Joe Pool Lake, all of which open up the possibility to explore the various areas within the park. The trails are located around the lake and offer hikers, bicyclists, and mountain bikers exciting recreational experiences. Even experienced bikers are challenged by the mountain biking trail in the area. One of the popular trails is the DORBA trail, built for, and by mountain bikers. An equestrian trail is also present for avid horseback riders.



As you enjoy various recreational activities on your visit to Joe Pool Lake, plenty more attractions and spots are available within the park’s areas. One of these places that you must visit is the Penn Farm Agricultural History Center. Some buildings on the farm date back to the mid-19th and 20th centuries.

Ranger-led and self-guided tours are provided for groups at the farm. Another nice place to visit is the Perch Fishing Pond, which is great for youngsters to see.

Flora and Fauna

Diverse flora and fauna are present within the park’s areas, including endangered plant species. Native tallgrass prairie, which are natural features of the park, are part of the endangered species. Other resplendent vegetation in the park includes little bluestem, Indian grass, switchgrass, and many other native florae. Common fauna seen by wildlife viewers in the park include foxes, bobcats, squirrels, coyotes, and armadillos. Nature observers are presented with wonderful viewing and photography opportunities.

Bird Viewing

About 200 bird species have been listed and sighted in the area surrounding Joe Pool Lake. This abundance of birds makes the park a preferred destination for bird lovers and all who fancy taking photographs of these wonderful creatures.

Examples of birds that RV campers and visitors come across in the park include painted bunting (the most sought-after bird in the park), eastern bluebird, red-tailed hawk, black vultures, and great horned owl. In winter and fall, ruby-crowned kinglet, American kestrel and some other birds migrate to the park.