Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200

For your next vacation, check out the races at Salem Speedway. The Fall Classic 200 is an exciting event and camping at the track makes it even more fun.

Event information

For RVers who love racing and camping, the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200 in September is a fabulous experience. And Salem Speedway in Salem, Indiana is one of the best places to enjoy both. The .555-mile track has 33-degree banking that is built especially for speed. In fact, the racers here reach speeds at about 140 miles per hour. The huge motors of these sprint cars will shake the ground so much you will think it is an earthquake.

The food is awesome, the beer is cold, and the weather, well… the weather can be pretty close to perfect in Salem during September. You get to meet and greet the drivers, see the cars up close and enjoy all kinds of fun activities for everyone. Located in the valleys of Southern Indiana, the view is spectacular no matter where you are at the track, so when the cars are quiet and still, you can look around in awe at the surroundings.

The track also offers special events, concerts, and other race-related fun as well, and with the concessions and merchandisers booths, you will have plenty to keep busy in between races. The gift shop is also available in case you need some munchies, souvenirs, or SWAG. Bring the kids along too; they will love it.


The cost of tickets for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200 at Salem Speedway varies depending on where you sit and what amenities you get. General admission tickets for one person typically runs about $20 to $50. This does not include any VIP or special seating, pit passes, or other add-ons.

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Easy to find off of IN-56 and IN-60, Salem Speedway is three miles from Salem, which is a small town full of history. Morgan’s Raid was held here in 1863 when John Hunt Morgan and the Confederate Army invaded Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The track is also just an hour south of Indianapolis, which is the state capital and the most populated city in the state. Here you can visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, Indianapolis Zoo, and the Children’s Museum.

Parking areas

Parking at the track for the Fall Classic 200 is easy, and being in a motorhome is not an issue. In fact, the entire grassy area of the raceway is open to free parking as well as free camping. Yes, it is free to park or camp anywhere as long as you are not on the track. But you can camp in the middle of the track too, in the infield. Salem Speedway really loves their racing fans and wants everyone to have a great time.

Public Transportation

Hoosier Ride Services and Miller Transportation have a service that offers visitors and residents a ride to just about anywhere from Chicago, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky, with Washington County as the main hub of this service. Alternatively, rideshare and taxi services are also available in and around Salem.

Where to stay


What could possibly be better than free camping at the track during the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200? Being able to choose whichever spot you want? Check. Not having to make reservations? Check. Being able to bring your furbaby? Check. Yeah, you get all these benefits when you visit the Salem Speedway.

Fans can even camp on the infield right in the center of the track. A concession stand and restrooms are right there on the infield, too. Just get there early, or you may not get a spot, and be prepared to dry camp at your free site. Note your vehicle size for reference when planning your RV trip to Salem Speedway.


Just 23 miles southeast of the park, you can find Deam Lake State Recreation Area in Clark County, which is one of the most popular campgrounds in the Midwest. Not only does it have a huge family campground with over 100 sites, but it also has a humongous horse campground with 93 campsites with stalls and stables. There is also a 194-acre lake to enjoy. In addition, you can find over a dozen campgrounds within a half-hour of the track with various amenities.

Getting around

You may be walking wherever you need to go at the Salem Speedway because they do not allow motorized personal vehicles (except golf carts with some regulations). Luckily, you can get to everything pretty easily. And if you are camping at the track, you won’t have to go far to do anything, especially if you are in the infield. Pack some comfy shoes anyway.

What to pack


Pack for the summer as well as fall for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200. While the temperatures can vary quite a bit, it is usually in the upper 80s at this time of year in Salem. It has been known to get a bit chilly as well, so pack that hoodie and some jeans along with your shorts and t-shirts.


If you are staying at the track, your gear for the campground should include camp chairs or lawn chairs as well as a camp stove or barbecue grill. The park allows fires up to three feet in diameter, so bring something to get the fire going. Fans can bring a cooler up to 14 inches as well as food and drink into the track during the races, but make sure you don’t bring any glass or alcohol.

Health & Safety

Midwest mosquitoes are hungry after the sun goes down, so you will want to bring some good bug repellent with you. Always have some sunscreen or sunblock when you are going to be out and about during the day. Besides these two things, sunglasses and a hat for eye protection, as well as a first-aid kit, would be great additions. Toss it all in a small backpack or another bag, and you are good to go.

Where to eat


With no utility hookups at the campsites in Salem Speedway, you will probably want to cook outdoors. A gas grill or camp stove is good for that, or you can heat frozen meals that you have prepared beforehand. If you have a generator, you can use it to power your RV for cooking during non-quiet hours. Grocery and retail stores are within a couple of miles of the track if you forgot anything.


There is a diner that serves homestyle meals just a mile from the track that you can walk to while you are in town for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200. About one more mile to the east, and you can find a plethora of food choices from Mexican to Italian and Asian to Southern-style cooking. If you are looking for a nice restaurant to take the family or a loved one, there are a few of those in Salem as well.


You’ll be pleased with the amount and variety of food vendors at the track from pizza to burgers and even some breakfast meals if you need a hot breakfast to start your day, no matter what time your day starts. You’ll also find a fantastic array of merchandisers showing off their newest wares, and many are interactive, so you can get a hands-on demonstration. The gift shop at the track also has a great choice of different items with your favorite drivers or sponsors’ names on them.



Similar to any other large public gathering, there will be security checkpoints where bags and coolers will be inspected at the Fall Classic 200. Do not bring any kind of weapons, drugs, fireworks, or glass with you. If you have to bring any medication, they should be in their original prescription bottles with labels. Also, fighting and other no-nos will not be tolerated at the track or the campgrounds.


Guests can expect warm weather for the most part in Salem at this time of year, with temperatures averaging in the upper 80s and lows in the lower 50s. So, you may be hot during the day and cool at night, just like any other Midwest state in the fall. Thunderstorms are a common occurrence here too, so bring umbrellas and raincoats as well as proper footwear.


Salem Speedway has a full medical staff, including paramedics and emergency personnel during the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers Fall Classic 200. If you have an emergency and cannot find the help you need, you are encouraged to call 911. If it is not an emergency, the track personnel ask that you go to one of the security stations or the first-aid station on the infield to get help. Or you can head to the nearest hospital or urgent care, which is only two miles away in Salem.