Las Vegas Raiders Tailgating

Do you hear The Autumn Wind ringing out across Allegiant Stadium? Put on your best black and silver for Las Vegas Raiders tailgating in Paradise, Nevada. Raider the Rusher may be there too!

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Raider Nation. Those two words evoke feelings of excitement, camaraderie, and, most importantly, a need for a vacation. After all, what better excuse does someone need for an RV road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, than a Las Vegas Raiders football game?

When the football season kicks off from September to January, it’s time to put on your best black and silver Raiders supporter’s gear, get acquainted with Raider Rusher the Mascot, learn the words to The Autumn Wind, and start making a beeline for Allegiant Stadium in the Paradise region of Las Vegas.

Football fans are then treated to a riveting match, not to mention Las Vegas Raiders tailgating that brings them to parking lots surrounding the stadium before and after the game. Be a part of Raider Nation, set up a tailgating base in one of the thousands of parking spaces set up for the occasion, and join in on the fun.

For any Las Vegas Raiders game, there’s entertainment galore – both on and off the field. The Las Vegas Raiders may have changed their name (and home capital) from the Oakland Raiders, but visitors can still expect the same passion, competition, and skill in every game. Why not arrange an RV road trip to the Clark County City of Las Vegas just in time for the next home game?


Sports-mad fans will not want to delay in securing football tickets to a home Las Vegas Raiders game, for these will sell out fast. Pricing is dependent on the seating area and any club discounts. As a rule, a season ticket can start from $650, while single-game tickets can be over $100 each. Parking is additional and may be purchased in advance.

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Allegiant Stadium is nestled in the heart of Las Vegas along I-15, with access from I-215 and I-515. Easy-driving roads cut through a barren landscape, mostly broken up along the way by national parks and preserves.

Visitors who make use of a traffic aid like NV Roads may find it useful for being aware of congestion. During Las Vegas Raiders games, allow plenty of time to get into the city, to nearby Las Vegas RV accommodation, and Allegiant Stadium at Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Parking areas

Allegiant Stadium in Paradise will amaze most visitors with its parking options and Las Vegas Raiders tailgating experiences. From the thousands of parking spaces near Allegiant Stadium to the thousands within walking and shuttle distance, there’s a minimal chance that any road-tripper will miss out on a parking space nearby.

What’s more, there is an app to help visitors find somewhere to park, not to mention hundreds of RV-friendly parking spaces. Some are located near the stadium, while other day parking spaces are at the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort by reservation, with a shuttle service to the stadium. Pricing for parking near Allegiant Stadium varies from $10 to $200, depending on stadium proximity and event.

Public Transportation

Even though parking spaces are abundant, several RV-goers may see the value in making use of Allegiant Stadium’s exceptional public transportation options. Several shuttles are in operation to and from surrounding parking lots.

In the past, there has also been an express bus route that runs loops of Downtown Las Vegas, including to nearby casinos. Pedestrian-friendly walking areas ensure that anyone making their way on foot can do so safely.

Where to stay


Onsite overnight camping is not available for any sports fan, but that doesn’t mean RV-goers can’t camp at Allegiant Stadium during the day. The abundance of RV parking spaces and fun Las Vegas tailgating experiences mean that visitors will only need to move their motorhome when the final touchdown has been scored.

Some of the best RV campgrounds near Las Vegas are within a short driving distance of Allegiant Stadium. In part, this is due to several outstanding events throughout the year, such as Las Vegas Supercross and the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival, that require nearby RV accommodation for visitors.


Some of the best RV campgrounds in Las Vegas are within a 20-mile drive of Allegiant Stadium, so consider booking months in advance to ensure you get your first pick. Las Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town Journey, for example, is within ten miles of the stadium toward Clark County Wetlands Park.

KOA Holiday Park is another worthwhile option within 15 miles of the stadium. Nature lovers will enjoy being able to park for the night at Valley of Fire State Park within an hour’s drove of Las Vegas.

Getting around

Upon parking a motorhome at Allegiant Stadium, the best way to get around is with the use of shuttle buses and feet. Coaches can bring sports fans to tailgating lots and the stadium, while walking can be the safest way to navigate the stadium grounds.

Scooters and bicycles can be fun on any RV vacation, but they may more useful at some of the top national and state parks near Las Vegas, such as Death Valley National Park in Skidoo.

What to pack


A fan’s suitcase may be packed to the brim with black and silver supporter’s gear, for that’s what the Raiders are all about on game day. Turn up to any Las Vegas Raiders tailgating experience decked out in your Raiders finery, with a few backup pieces for those cooler nighttime temperatures. The football season kicks off when temperatures average in the high 90s, so light and breathable layers may be a requirement, as well.


Strict screening protocols will be in place for all sports fans who make their way into Allegiant Stadium for a game of football. While dressing up is allowed, it pays to leave any bulky things like camping equipment, coolers, and similar, back in your motorhome. Cash and payment cards can come in handy for vendor and merchandise purchases, while binoculars can ensure that sports fans don’t miss a moment of the action.

Health & Safety

RV-goers who take an RV road trip to Las Vegas may not like to hit the road without factoring in their health and safety. Bring sunscreen for that intense Nevada sunshine, not to mention plenty of drinking water, a first-aid kit, and any prescription medication you might require.

Anyone visiting nearby attractions like Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area may also like to bring bug spray and outdoor-appropriate garments for comfort. Inside Allegiant Stadium, there is plenty of shade, shelter, and health and safety policies in place to keep visitors safe.

Where to eat


Tailgaters who arrive bright and early to secure their tailgating spot may like to bring along their grill and cook up a few favorites. Motorhome parking can be reserved in nearby lots, and there is a dedicated parking lot for visitors to cook to their heart’s content. Outside of Allegiant Stadium, anyone staying at an RV campground nearby may like to make use of their onboard kitchen appliances or ask their host if it’s okay to light a campfire.


While there will be plenty of snacks available for purchase at Allegiant Stadium, there’s no harm in treating yourself to something special in Las Vegas, as well. Grab a bite to eat at a local casino, or travel a little further out of the city limits to support more intimate dining establishments. There are plenty of cafes, bistros, and bars that are ready and waiting to take your order.


Cheeseburgers, barbeque chicken, jalapeno nachos, they’re all on the menu, among many other things, at Allegiant Stadium. There are vendors dotted across the sports venue to make sure no one goes hungry. Bring plenty of cash or payment cards, and keep a few extra dollars aside for a fresh set of Raiders supporter’s gear.



Security screening protocols will be in place for all entry gates into Allegiant Stadium. Any bags will be checked, and some bag sizing limitations may apply. Clear bag policies could be in place. Save time by bringing very little to Las Vegas Raiders games, and focus on enjoying the game. At any time, sports fans can approach security officials for assistance, who will be appointed throughout the stands and facility.

Outside of the stadium, RV-goers can request assistance from the nearest police station, the Las Vegas Police Department, within six miles of Allegiant Stadium.


Las Vegas, Nevada, is known for its subtropical hot desert climate. By fall, rain often becomes minimal but temperatures are still moderate and warm. Winters are short, while summers are long and often sweltering. Visitors to the area may like to check out a weather app before they arrive to make sure they are well prepared. Make sure your RV rental’s water tanks are full, and that water and food considerations have been made for outdoor adventurings, such as to Charleston Peak in Mount Charleston.


Allegiant Stadium is well-prepared for any medical events, with trained staff to help any sports fan or sports player in need. Approach an official for assistance or dial 911 in an emergency. Any traveler stocking up their first-aid supplies can do so at a pharmacy within six miles of the stadium.

Otherwise, medical assistance is available at the closest hospital within four miles, in the direction of Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas.