LEGOLAND California

Looking for a fun RV family adventure? Let LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, San Diego, California deliver. Let the adventure begin!

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No parent wants to hear, "I'm bored," uttered endlessly throughout school breaks. If the kids are going mad, but the parents are going madder, then why not plan an RV adventure to LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, San Diego, California?

The coastal City of Carlsbad not only delivers on being a popular vacation hotspot but is home to LEGOLAND California. If you have a few days up your sleeve, then there’s every reason to dust off the RV, pack a few essentials, and hit the road.

LEGOLAND California is the perfect destination for children and children at heart. Make your best pirate impression at the Pirate Shores, or cruise the tiny city streets of Fun Town and Miniland USA. Imagination Zone will undoubtedly impress the creative kids in the family, while the Land of Adventure will grab the attention of everyone.

The hardest part of planning a trip to LEGOLAND California is deciding what to do first. Will you explore the main LEGOLAND facility on its own, or will you head next door to the SEA LIFE Aquarium as well?

The kids will also be impressed by the endless opportunities to explore outdoors while in Carlsbad, which means there’s no better time than now than start planning a vacation. Write a list, add fun things to do in Carlsbad, California, then set off for an exciting LEGO adventure.


Buying tickets to LEGOLAND California is an effortless process that travelers can take care of in advance of their trip. Prices range between $90 and $110, depending on what you select. Single-day passes are usually more affordable to buy in advance and can be paired with admission to SEA LIFE Aquarium on the same day or the next. Ticket sales are also available at the gate upon entry.



Carlsbad is 87 miles from Downtown Los Angeles and a mere 35 miles from Downtown San Diego. Its mild climate makes it an attractive vacation destination, not to mention its proximity to several national forests and state parks in the general area.

Travelers who are new to the state may like to make use of a local travel aid like QuickMap or 511 San Diego Region which can provide the most direct and uncongested routes to get to LEGOLAND. The attraction lies east of the I-5 Freeway, one hour south of Anaheim. Travelers can enter LEGOLAND California via Legoland Drive.

Parking areas

An expansive parking lot for LEGOLAND is available along Legoland Drive. Early birds will enjoy a variety of parking options to suit, but the lot can fill up fast, so travelers may like to arrive early. Parking spaces for cars, campers, RVs, and preferred parking vary from $25 to $35 per day, with re-entry allowed.

Public Transportation

For the RV-goer who prefers to leave their campervan at their RV accommodation near LEGOLAND in San Diego, public transportation can be of assistance. The North County Transit District offers train rides to LEGOLAND every few hours, while bus services offer various pick-up and drop-off points for traveler convenience. Alternatively, rideshare services and taxis may provide a more direct and personal service.

Where to stay


It would be every child (and child at heart)’s dream to camp overnight at LEGOLAND, but since that is not an option, San Diego RV parks stand at the ready. Given that Carlsbad is an idyllic tourist destination, RV-goers can revel in having an abundance of options at their disposal. However, during peak travel seasons such as summer, booking in advance is advised.


Families who prefer the luxury of service hookups or the adventurous approach of primitive RV camping will both be well catered to in San Diego. The South Carlsbad State Beach Campground is within a five-mile driving distance of LEGOLAND, while the Cleveland National Forest for camping is within 60 miles.

If both location and convenience are deciding factors on where you book in advance, then Temecula / Vail Lake KOA and San Diego Metro KOA Resort are both within 50 miles of Legoland in Carlsbad.

Getting around

Exploring LEGOLAND in San Diego on foot is one of the best ways to make sure avid LEGO fans don’t miss a thing. For the younger members of the family, strollers are available for hire, as well as wheelchairs and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECVs). There is a lot of ground to cover, so arrive well-rested and with comfortable footwear.

What to pack


The semi-arid climate of Carlsbad makes for a smooth suitcase packing experience. Winter woollies are rarely needed, except for the odd day or two in winter. Given the average of over 260 days of sunshine each year, RV-goers can feel confident in picking their summer’s best.

However, don’t forget to check a weather service before setting off. It may also prove convenient to pack outdoor-appropriate clothing for trips into nature, such as hiking and biking at Black Mountain Open Space Park near Poway.


Spending a full day at LEGOLAND in the Carlsbad portion of San Diego is easily an exciting and fun experience, but what you bring with you can make all the difference. Kids may like to take their best Minifigure to trade at the Minifigure Market, while parents may see the convenience in a backpack to carry all those brand new LEGO purchases. There are also lockers available for hire.

Cash can prove useful to have on-hand, but ATMs are dotted throughout LEGOLAND, and most merchants accept credit cards and debit cards. Camping and cooking equipment and non-essential items can remain in your locked RV in the parking lot for use back at your campsite.

Health & Safety

No matter where you go in Southern California, be it to LEGOLAND, SeaWorld San Diego, or an attraction like Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, it’s imperative to factor health and safety into the equation. Carry plenty of drinking water aboard your motorhome, not to mention a first-aid kit, prescription medication, and bug spray.

Sunscreen can prove convenient for both outdoor adventures and travels around the LEGOLAND of San Diego. It’s also worth talking to any kids in your traveling party about how to wait in line safely, be aware of their surroundings, and where to go if they are separated from your group.

Where to eat


Whether you’re staying at an RV park near LEGOLAND California or visiting a national forest like San Bernadino National Forest, there’s no harm in putting a camping prep plan together to make mealtimes a little easier. Preparing food in advance can save much time, but using campfires, onboard appliances, and barbeques can be quite an exciting experience.

Pop into the nearest grocery store within ten miles from LEGOLAND in Carlsbad so that you’re well prepared to feed all members of your traveling party.


Travelers will be blown away by the offerings in Carlsbad and nearby Oceanside. From pizza and takeout to Italian and steak, the options are endless for satisfying hunger built up through a full day of exploring. The best part is, a myriad of different cuisine options are available within a short ten-mile journey of LEGOLAND.


LEGOLAND caters to both adult and child tastes, but the hardest part will be choosing just one thing to curb those hunger pangs. Everything from pizza, pies, and pasta through to salad, sweets, and sandwiches are available at the various vendors throughout the land of LEGOS. Most, if not all, will accept debit cards and credit cards but have cash available just in case.



Before venturing through the main gates of LEGOLAND California, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of what can and can’t be brought into the facility. An excellent rule to follow is that if it impinges on your ability to enjoy rides and the overall LEGO experience to the fullest, then it's best to leave it in your RV.

Coolers, weapons, alcohol, drugs, glass, luggage, transport such as skateboards and wheeled shoes, and folding chairs are all prohibited. Food and beverages, aside for specific dietary purposes and medical needs, are also not allowed.

Any traveler that requires assistance throughout their visit to LEGOLAND can approach an official for assistance. Outside of the facility, help can also be found at the Carlsbad Police Department within five miles of LEGOLAND San Diego.


There’s a reason that Carlsbad is a popular tourist destination: it’s blessed with some pretty impressive weather. Winters tend to be mild and dry, while summers often see no rainfall at all.

Carlsbad also gets more sun than many other cities in the state and country, which means umbrellas and heating units on your travels may not even be required. To be on the safe side, it’s worth turning on the weather channel before you head off from home to ensure you’re well prepared for all weather conditions.


Stubbed toes, cuts, scrapes, and other minor injuries can be taken care of by the trained medical staff at the first aid building next to the Coast Cruise at LEGOLAND. The first-aid building is also an ideal meeting point for lost family members.

Anything more serious, such as a sprained ankle from hiking at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, can be taken care of at the medical center within four miles of LEGOLAND. There is also a pharmacy within the same distance to stock up first-aid supplies.