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Information About Poway, CA

No more than a half hour to the north of San Diego, and ten miles to the south of Escondido, Poway awaits you for your RV rental vacation. This small little agricultural city, up until a few decades ago, existed as a neighborhood in the San Diego area but has since voted to become independent of its city neighbor.

Poway, an anglicization of Pawiiy, the original Native American inhabitant word for the surrounding valley, started as a Hispanic settlement but was later taken over by the encroaching Americans after the Mexican-American War. The setting and scenery today reflect this complicated past, and offers up exquisite and photo-worthy scenery, especially in the town's iconic Old Poway Park and historic downtown area. A rich blend of Mediterranean red tile roofs and old American frontier wood buildings greets you when you visit “The City in the Country”, named for its history as a former agricultural powerhouse.

With its close proximity to the Mexican border, the Los Angeles and San Diego metro areas, and a whole range of incredible deserts, forests, and beaches, Poway is sure to be an excellent place to rent an RV. Book an RV in Poway and get your vacation started.

Outdoors Adventures

Poway is well-known as a hiking haven, and with several incredible trails within this small motorhome rental city, as well as a dozen more in the surrounding area, your legs will get a vigorous workout in the exotic rolling hills and desert scrub. The town is closely tied to its outdoors areas and takes immense pride in its views. Lake Poway is a favorite for those visiting the area. With a small lake perfect for fishing and boating, an operational archery range, and numerous hiking trails, this recreation area could serve as one of the many highlights of your Poway rental RV vacation. Also in town, the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve holds many rare species of birds and plants. Perhaps the best time to visit the reserve though is at night, where you can see the cosmos almost in its entirety, dotted with trillions of specks of light.

North of Poway near the city of Temecula, you can visit the Cleveland National Forest, home to Palomar Mountain. The forest was dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt and designated as a massive wilderness recreation area to accommodate hikers, campers, recreational vehicles, mountain bikers, rock climbers, and anyone else that enjoys the thick mountainous scrublands that cover the area. Further north lies the Santa Rosas and Santa Jacinto National Monument, a breathtaking protected area lying between the eponymous mountain ranges on either side. Many recreational activities are allowed here but it is hiking that is the main attraction. The Pacific Crest Trail, one of the very first hiking trails ever created in the USA, runs through the western parts of the Monument making it one of the most widely visited areas in the country.

Last but not least, Joshua Tree National Park is a must-visit with the rental RV in Poway, CA. This incredible park is famous throughout the known world and is one of the only places to contain the alien-like Joshua trees. This park is unique because it serves as a blending point between the Mojave and Colorado deserts, making it a fascinating mix of ecosystems not seen anywhere else. It is also a favorite for rock climbers and fans of bouldering because the desert landscape is dotted with monolithic rock formations that are addicting to climb.

City Sightseeing

The little city of Poway itself offers a few fun options when touring around. Those who enjoy museums might enjoy visits to both the Heritage Museum and the San Diego Toy and Doll Museum. The Heritage Museum features lots of information on the surrounding area and holds a variety of artifacts from the settlers as well as the ancient native peoples that lived in the region for thousands of years. The San Diego Toy and Doll Museum is a lovely kid-friendly stop on your journey that offers a fascinating look into the toy industry and how it developed over time. They even have their own rare Lego room full of hard-to-find sets and pieces!

In the aforementioned Lake Poway park, you can hike some more to the top of a difficult trail and take in the natural beauty of the valley. Surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views, the famous “Potato Chip Rock” sits at the apex of the hike and serves as a great place to take wacky and hilarious photos on the small rock jutting out into the air.

When visiting the area with the Poway motorhome rental, you must make sure to spend at least a day in San Diego proper. San Diego is one of the nicest and sunniest cities in the world, and you might think twice about moving there after your trip is through. Visit the densely populated beaches, SeaWorld, or the USS Midway, an interactive decommissioned Navy aircraft carrier turned museum.

RV Parks to Visit

As far as RV parks go in this area, you will find there are endless options for places to park your Poway rental camper. Ramona Oaks RV Park is one of San Diego’s highest rated parks and enables you to enjoy both the city and the natural beauty of the outskirts of the city at the same time. The Escondido RV Resort is loaded with amenities making it an ideal place to stay in your Poway luxury motorhome. This high-class park has a refreshing pool, a dog park, hiking trails, and even a BBQ grill and restaurant on site.

Rancho Los Coches RV Park is another excellent place to stay if you seek to spend lots of time in the city; it takes pride in being less than 20 minutes from San Diego’s greatest attractions like the San Diego Zoo. Finally, you might want to check out Dos Picos County Park that is run by the government. This amazing park is not ideal for those looking for a luxury experience, but it is definitely ideal for people who love nature and seek to spend nearly their whole vacation enjoying the great outdoors. Don’t miss this stunning little RV rental city on your next vacation.

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Nearby to Poway are a number of National, State and Local parks. Travelers can easily rent RVs and motorhomes near Lake Poway Park, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, Limestone Canyon Regional Park, Eaton Canyon Park, Angeles National Forest, and Sheep Mountain Wilderness. Renters also want to search these zip codes for RV rentals: 85365, Arizona, 86403, Arizona, 86404, Arizona, 86406, Arizona, 90001, California, and 90007, California.

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