Little Rock to Gallup Road Trip Guide


Little Rock, Arkansas needs no introduction. Built on the Arkansas River and home to one of the biggest presidential libraries in the country, the city is most famously known for the part it played in Civil Rights activities in the country.

Beyond this, Little Rock, deriving its name from a little rock just by the river, has about 217 days of sunshine providing plenty of time for recreation activities in the city. In recent times, the city has evolved from age-old archeological structures and shifted to more advanced architectural structures providing a mix of ancient and modern in a beautiful twist that gives the city an aesthetically pleasing sight.

The city’s zeal for commerce and its lively atmosphere showcases its versatility. Vibrant arts and culture make it attractive to residents and visitors alike. Nighttime in this city is perhaps more interesting than the daytime as the city never sleeps and indulges itself with entertainment and live music.

Beginning a road trip in Little Rock opens you to a new sort of adventure and opportunity to explore the highways and cities as well as vast lands and stunning landscapes. Gallup is a destination with several cool attractions that accommodate the passions of both the outgoing and indoor enthusiast.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Faulkner County Museum

Is there ever a completely fulfilling road trip that doesn’t involve coming in contact with history? There's no better time to learn about how time and events have evolved than this old building in Conway - first a jail, then a library and then a museum. There is so much to see in here that it would be wrong to miss it.

As a small building with a history that goes a long way back, the museum holds exhibits and artifacts from bygone times that shaped the town’s culture. The artwork from artists in the community is a pleasant addition to the exhibits in the museum.

Plan to spend anything between two hours to half a day touring the grounds.. A private RV park is located nearby should you choose to spend the night.

Cherokee Casino

After the museum visit, a little nightlife entertainment is definitely a great idea. Wherever you are headed from, spending time listening to some live music with friends and having some drinks is never going to be a bad idea. But if there’s anything better than that, it’s getting to try your luck when you play the casino’s games. You never can tell how much you’re going to walk away with. And like Vegas, what happens in Cherokee, stays in Cherokee. By the time you’re done at the games, if you need to eat anything, the casino has a wide range of mouth-watering foods that would excite your taste buds.

You need not be worried about where to spend the night in this town. Just across the road from the casino, you could use the motel, but if you’re game for some camping experience, try the Lakeside RV Park and Campground just a few miles from the casino, offering RV parking and other amenities designed to suit your needs.

Cadillac Ranch

Looking to break your trip and chill a bit as you venture deeper into Texas? The trip from Oklahoma City is quite long and after about 260 miles on the road, some nice outside time might be required. The landscape in Texas is different but nonetheless beautiful and striking. The unique scenery and open skies of the desert may be befitting at this point.

There’s no better place to experience this all than at the Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, open at all hours to the public. Ten individual Cadillac cars buried nose-deep into the ground proves that anything can become or be made art. Explore your love for arts and build your graffiti talent here as you are strongly encouraged to paint and spray the cars. Spend time bonding with friends, have fun painting and spraying while you bring out the artist in you. Don’t forget to come with your own spray cans.

The Blue Hole

Like a gem, the Blue Hole is an oasis with its deep blue color emerging in the desert in Santa Rosa along the famous Route 66. Without mincing words, this place is magic. Beyond being a watering hole, this is one of the most famed scuba diving spots in the country.

This lake in Santa Rosa, New Mexico is known for its clear blue waters, renewing itself every six hours. Come here on a hot summer afternoon and enjoy a nice dip in the lake. If you want the adrenaline rush, go scuba diving. With the lake at crystal-clear visibility, you may not even know how deep you’re viewing. This is definitely going to be the experience of a lifetime.

With a destination as impressive as the Blue Hole, it would be little wonder if you decide to spend the night or extend your trip. If this is the case, accommodations and RV parking are available at Santa Rosa Campgrounds and RV Park with a pleasurable camping experience.

ABQ BioPark Zoo

If you think a zoo can only be enjoyed by children, ABQ BioPark Zoo will make you think again. This facility in Albuquerque contains a zoo, an aquarium, a botanical garden, and a beach. What better way to spend the last leg of the trip before arriving at Gallup?

Take a tour around the park starting from the zoo, learning about the various exotic animals that reside here. The aquarium offers a spectacular view of aquatic animals in an ocean tank that is arguably one of the most amazing tanks in the country. Visit the botanical gardens that house plants across different climes. End your tour at the beach where you can relax, fish or hike trail paths with your buddies. After the hike, enjoy a picnic with friends.

A couple of RV parks are available north of this attraction. Gallup from here is about 140 miles and, in a few hours, your destination will be staring you in the face.


As Gallup comes into view, the red sandstones dominate the horizon and line up beautifully along with the clear blue skies. Home to several archaeological sites and stunning rugged and majestic landscapes, Gallup is always a marvel to behold.

Beyond the surroundings, Gallup is filled with skilled craftsmanship, delicious food and friendly locals, making it a suitable spot for any kind of adventure. Take a hot air balloon tour of the city and enjoy the view from above. Or, if you would want some indoor activity, dine at the El Rancho Hotel.

Take a tour around the city and enjoy the authentic Gallup experience where everything tells a story. Discover the artisans in the city and be amazed at how just anything can be transformed into art. Need a place to stay in the city? Try the Red Rocks RV Park or the USA RV Park, both in close proximity to the famous Route 66 Highway.

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