Little Rock to Richmond Road Trip Guide


There’s never a dull moment in Little Rock, the capital and also the most populous city of Arkansas. The city has a thriving New South culture, a pulsating nightlife, and a rapidly growing food scene.

When in Little Rock, every weekend means a new place to explore and adventures to experience. To begin your road trip adventure, first visit the Old Mill, a legendary structure built in 1933 and used in the opening scene of the old classic Gone with the Wind.

The Bernice garden and the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site are too momentous to miss either and should be your next stops before setting out on the open road.

Most people in Little Rock often head to New York for quick getaways. But when you have a few days to yourself, and you are looking for a vacation that is both fun and educational heading south is the way to go. By heading south, you get to enjoy and marvel at all the great history, museums, and landscapes, that North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia have to offer.

Richmond, your end destination and the capital of Virginia, is a tasteful city, known for its rich history, dynamic culture, lively neighborhoods, and the famous James River State Park. There’s a lot to see in this remarkable city that has a momentous connection with two major eras of American history.

If you are a history buff, do not leave the city without visiting the Maymont (a historic structure from the 1890s) or the Virginia Repertory Theatre.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 3-5 days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

Pink Palace Museum

If you are on a family vacation, keeping your kids happy is of ultimate importance. That is why we recommend your first stop to be all about them! The Pink Palace Museum is only a two-hour drive from Little Rock and is located in Memphis, TN.

The museum makes a great first impression on the young ones with its conspicuous pastel pink exterior and vibrant green rooftop. The parents too will find themselves attracted to this unique mansion built in 1852.

The structure used to belong to one of the richest families of Memphis, the founders of Piggly Wiggly. Inside the museum are hundreds of exhibits, aimed towards educating the masses on history and culture as well as interactive exhibits to keep both the adults and the kids occupied and invested.

In the museum, there is also a full-scale replica of the original Piggly Wiggly store. Other exhibits on display unveil the Native American’s pottery, preserved animals, fossils, and the history of the state’s cotton industry

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

Nashville, TN is home to country music and birthplace of some of the greatest musicians to ever exist. Hence, it makes perfect sense for the city to establish the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, so that every road tripper, visitor, and traveler can learn about the roots of country music and see their favorite artists inducted.

The museum is home to over two million priceless artifacts. Among the collection of these artifacts are some of the most legendary stage outfits, musical instruments, photographs, recording booths, and much more. A Cadillac that once belonged to Elvis and an enormous 40-foot guitar can also be seen from up close at the museum.

The inside of the museum isn’t the only gripping thing about this stop. The Hall of Fame is set inside a spectacular building with piano keys for a door. The museum is located in a prime downtown location and pretty hard to miss.

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, TN, pays homage to the greatest women basketball athletes of all time. Here, you’ll find numerous interactive exhibits as well as many court activities. Inaugurated in 1999, the hall of fame is a one-of-its-kind facility.

Some of the most attention-grabbing exhibits in the museum include the World’s Largest Basketball, which measures 30 feet in height and 10 tons in weight. Ring of Honor is also quite popular, as the exhibit consists of more than 100 jerseys of the top high-school and college players from every season.

Another exhibit that you’ll instantly spot upon entering the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, is called the Eastman Statue. The 17-foot bronze symbolizes the women athletes of past, present, and future and the facility’s mission of honoring them. A mini replica of the statue is gifted to all the inductees of the hall of fame.


Your road trip should be as diverse as possible, and when the opportunity appears to make it just that, don’t miss it. Your little adventure from Little Rock to Richmond will give you a chance to stray over the state line of North Carolina and check out the beautiful city of Greensboro.

Begin your exploration of the city with the Greensboro Science Center and decide for yourself if its reputation of being one of the best aquariums in the country holds. Set the little ones loose in the Greensboro Children’s Museum and allow them to learn and experience new things with hands-on exhibits and outdoor learning gardens.

You will also leave this city as a much more informed person after you pay a visit to the city’s widely popular International Civil Rights Museum. Experience a little bit of unique outdoor fun as a family by taking a hike in the Bog Garden, a wetland area with beautiful views and plenty of outdoor recreational activities to partake in.

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area

Kerr Lake is a massive 55,000-acre man-made reservoir located along the borders of North Carolina and Virginia. The beautiful lake attracts a lot of day-trippers, locals, and road trippers with its ideal location and plethora of water activities.

You can spend a good part of the day lounging by the river, bonding as a family, and teaching fishing and swimming to the young ones in the family. Kerr Lake State Recreation Area boasts many boat ramps from where you can launch your boats and enjoy the sensation of water under your feet, after spending hours on the road. Canoeing, kayaking, and sailing are also very common in the lake and keeps the place lively.

Fishing, however, remains the most popular activity on the water, mainly because the lake is recognized for being one of the best largemouth bass fisheries in America. You also have a good chance at catching some large-sized crappie during your angling escapades.


Your ultimate destination is a place of history, but that’s not all that this place has to offer. As much as Richmond celebrates history (and generously offers it to others in the form of preserved artifacts and structures) the city is also versatile with modern and natural touches.

This means that not only do you have plenty to explore and do in Richmond, the culture and hospitality of the people that reside here is also worth mentioning. Great people, excellent cuisine, and lots of adventures await even at the end of your RV road trip adventure!

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