Los Angeles Angels RV Camping Guide

Los Angeles is a fan-tastic place to be a baseball fan. With such a nice stadium and great players, you’re sure to have a fun time at an Angels game in Anaheim.

Event information

If you have heard of Nolan Ryan or Albert Pujols, you probably know who the Los Angeles Angels are. However, you probably know who they are since you are considering taking your RV to an Angels game. Angels Stadium in Los Angeles, California is often considered one of the best places in the world to take in a game. They have been an American League baseball team since 1961.

Even though their name has gone from the Los Angeles Angels back in the beginning to the California Angels in 1965, the Anaheim Angels in 1997-2004, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim from 2005-2015, and back to the Los Angeles Angels in 2016, everyone knows them as the Angels. Confusing? Maybe. But they have come full circle and will probably always be known as the Los Angeles Angels because they were the first Los Angeles based sports team ever.

Angels Stadium has also changed its name to Angels Stadium of Anaheim, but many call it the Big A. The park was also the home to the Los Angeles Rams football team from 1980 to 1994. It’s also been host to motorsports, soccer, and concerts by ZZ Top, Kiss, Pink Floyd, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and many more.

The food, the seats, the scenery, and the ambiance are all spectacular in Angels Stadium, and it has been voted one of the most popular parks in the country. This is often especially so with ADA guests because Angels Stadium boasts over 500 ADA accessible seats throughout the park.

The Kids Zone activities at the park include face painting, games, and photo ops, as well as Family Sundays when kids are allowed to run the bases. So, get the family in the RV and head to Anaheim for a Los Angeles Angels game.


The price you pay for your Los Angeles Angels tickets at Angels Stadium can vary from under $15 to over $500. It just depends on when you go and who the Angels are playing. However, the typical price for a general admission seat during the regular game season is usually about $15 to $50. Special seating and VIP club seats come with other perks and fan selections.

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Less than 30 miles from Los Angeles in the City of Anaheim, Angels Stadium is also only a half-hour from the coastline. You can get to the stadium relatively easily since it is just off of CA-57, which can be reached from I-5, CA-91, or CA-22. Only three miles away, you can find Disneyland, where you can add rides, games, shows, and awesome restaurants to your RV adventure. Consider the neighboring activities when you are in town for an Angels game, especially if you bring the kids.

Parking areas

Oversized vehicles have to enter the park on Orangewood Avenue, and those over 20 feet long are charged an additional fee. You may want to leave your rig wherever you are camping and take public transportation to the game. Or, consider bringing a tow vehicle to drive to the game and around town if you plan to visit the nearby attractions. Tailgating is allowed in designated areas, and only propane or gas grills are allowed. No alcohol is allowed in parking lots.

Public Transportation

You will find public transportation provided, especially for the Angels games in Orange County. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) provides a bus to the stadium on game days and other special occasions. This service is appropriately called Angels Express and is quite inexpensive.

From further out, you can take the Metrolink to the Angels Express bus from just about anywhere in the Los Angeles Metro area. There are many stations where you can park your rig and board the bus, but remember to check with the individual parking lot for details during your scheduled time of travel.

Where to stay


Maybe someday the baseball stadiums will start letting their fans camp onsite. Until then, you will need to find other RV accommodations. Fans cannot camp or sleep in a vehicle in any of the parking lots either, unless you want to get towed or ticketed. For now, check out the surrounding cities for an alternative place to park the RV for the night.


Luckily, there are quite a few campgrounds in the immediate area where you can camp in your motorhome. Recently, there have been three within three miles. One of them, the Orangeland RV Park, is within walking distance at less than a mile from the stadium. With over 200 campsites, you are sure to find a good spot if you plan in advance. This place is popular and close to Disneyland, so reserve your space early. They’ve got tons of amenities including full utilities, an exercise room, pool, jacuzzi, playgrounds, a mini-golf park, and you can even pick oranges from their orange trees for free.

Getting around

Guests with special ADA needs are welcome to use Angels Stadium’s free shuttle service from the parking lots to their seats and other areas of need. In addition, Segways can be used by those with mobility impairment, but be prepared to show proof of disability such as a disability card. Strollers and wheelchairs are welcome, but strollers must fit under your seat or be checked in at the nearest Guest’s Services location during the game.

What to pack


The temperatures in Anaheim are typically in the 80s during the day from May through October, so you can likely pack clothes for warm weather. However, it is not abnormal for the temperatures to drop into the 50s in May and October, so bring a hoodie or jacket. Angels fans usually wear t-shirts or baseball jerseys and jeans to the games as well as baseball hats. Comfortable shoes are a must as well.


Some of the important things to bring to the game include your ticket, cash and debit cards, ID, and your phone. A bag or soft cooler up to 16 inches has been permitted in recent years but cannot have alcohol. Only plastic bottles of water or refillable water bottles are allowed. Following the “less is best” rule is a good idea. The more you bring, the more time you will spend at the gate and metal detectors as you wait for your things to be searched.

Health & Safety

Sun safety is important during outdoor events like a Los Angeles Angels baseball game. The California sun is nice and warm on your skin, but it can do some damage if you aren’t protected. Bring (and use) sunscreen and sunglasses. If you did not pack a hat, pick one up at one of the vendor’s booths or the gift shop. Pack some insect repellent as well because even if you don’t need it at the game, you will need it at the campground.

Where to eat


If you are still hungry when you get back to your campsite, you will be able to cook on your outdoor fire ring, or you can bring a camp stove or BBQ pit. If you are staying at a campground with utilities or have a generator, you can also cook inside your campervan. Whether you are making breakfast on the grill or just having a bowl of cereal in the RV, if you need something, there are plenty of stores within a short drive to town where you can pick up supplies.


If you have browsed all the food places at the park but want something else, or just want to enjoy a night out on the town, there are quite a few great places nearby. In Anaheim, less than a mile away, there is a homestyle restaurant you can walk to nearby. A couple of miles out, hungry fans will find a burger place, steakhouse, and a bar & grill. In the City of Orange, about four miles to the east, you can find about a dozen more eateries from fine dining to fast food.


Over 100 different vendors are based all around Angels Stadium of Anaheim, just waiting to serve you. In fact, there are five different chicken vendors, over a dozen snack vendors, and burgers everywhere. You’ll also find plenty of places to pick up an ice-cold beverage from beer to wine and soda to cocktails. The park also has a couple of gift shops with souvenirs and surprises if you cannot find what you are looking for at the merchandisers’ booths in the courtyard.



Walk-through metal detectors are located at every entrance gate for the security of everyone involved. If you bring a bag or cooler, it will need to be searched, and metal detectors are a part of the entry process. Arrive early so you can make it to your seat in plenty of time for the first pitch.


The weather in Anaheim is fabulous almost all the time. Angels guests can expect upper 70s to lower 80s in spring or fall and upper 80s in the summer. Lows typically do not go below the high 50s during games, even at night. Rain is unlikely here, especially during the summer, so you probably won’t need a raincoat. However, it is best to keep a weather app handy.


Angels Stadium takes the health and safety of their guests seriously, so they provide a first aid center by Section 130 on the Field Level. They are available from when the gates open until a half-hour after the game and are staffed with certified medical professionals. If you prefer to see a doctor on your own, there are five hospitals within three miles of the stadium.