Minneapolis to Topeka Road Trip Guide


Besides its high-rising buildings, teeming population and amazing nightlife, Minneapolis is also known for its parks and lakes. Endowed with plenty of sunshine, averaging 198 days of sun per year, the city is perfectly engineered for an adventure. There are lots of things to do, so much so that the city rarely goes to sleep.

The RV road trip from here to Topeka may take up to a total of eight hours behind the wheel, which isn’t much considering the adventures that lie on this path. Plus, you’re not going to be spending all day driving. Whether you are looking to enjoy a reinvigorating atmosphere in the woods or you want to see through the lens of history in a museum, this road trip has all the ingredients to make it a memorable one.

Topeka is a city with a lot of arts and architectural structures connecting it to its history. The city is evolving and has a lot of fun attractions that could interest all and sundry. The city has many great parks and nature centers for the outdoor lovers and something to do for the indoor enthusiasts as well.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: couple

Point of Interest

National WWI Museum and Memorial

History is an integral part of our lives, and there is arguably no better place to get connected with the history and personal experiences of the First World War combatants than the only museum in the United States solely dedicated to this purpose. Thankfully, this museum is situated on your path in Kansas City.

The museum uses a combination of documentaries, interactive displays, and eyewitness testimonies to take its visitors on a thought-provoking adventure. It is a perfect place for vacationers to learn about sacrifice, patriotism, courage, and honor. This provides an ample opportunity for meaningful dialogue among friends or partners. Considering the tremendous insight that comes with this visit, this site is really a place to look forward to.

Once you are in the building, time goes really fast. You can spend between four hours and the whole day here, so consider setting out early enough so that you can have enough time to explore the museum.

Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens

After some time on the road, wouldn't it be nice to stop and smell the roses at Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens? Well, in this case, it’s not only roses you get to smell. There are several dozen plants and flowers that you get to smell, adore and admire. There are surprises along every corner you turn.

This botanical garden is a collection of individual gardens of various plants. The sight is relaxing as you walk through the meadows, so a visit here is a unique way to experience and explore the city. The array of different flower species and different plant collections available here will definitely make you appreciate the biodiversity in the gardens.

Try not to miss checking the Koehn Garden which is the jewel of the botanical gardens where nature and architecture connect. It definitely is beyond amazing. Stop at the garden store for some amazing gift items and check in the café to have a local meal that incorporates fresh and delightful flavors from the plants.

Diamond Jo Worth Casino

After the blissful experience of Wood Lake Nature Center, you may be yearning for some high-energy entertainment and nightlife. Diamond Jo Worth offers all these and more. The casino is located just off the Iowa/Minnesota border, about 110 miles from the previous attraction.

Whether you are with friends or your partner, there are several games to choose from. You can even try your luck at one of the slot machines. Who knows, you might hit the jackpot! Away from the games and their promising chances of making millions, the casino comes with four different restaurants that feature world-class cuisines from renowned chefs.

You can also have a go with your partner on the dance floor during the live entertainment offered by the casino. Should you need a resting place for the night, the entertainment complex has an attached Inn and suites, tailored to meet the need of every RV. You will definitely enjoy your stay here.

Wood Lake Nature Center

Begin your trip by coming in contact with nature here at Wood Lake Nature Center. In this suburb of Richfield, about eight miles off Minneapolis, is a hidden gem for travelers. This nature preserve, endowed with a wide range of wildlife and several trails, promises to be a great adventure while exploring its wetlands and forest habitat.

The nature preserve offers a beautiful place to escape from city life and it’s rigged with paths to enjoy trees and fresh air when taking a walk through nature. The trail system in Wood Lake is emphasized by a huge floating boardwalk that allows hikers access to the wetlands. The visitor center also offers a wide array of exhibits and animals. Whether you are a birdwatcher, a nature enthusiast or you just need a relaxing walk while having a strong connection with nature, Wood Lake Nature Center is the right place for you. It definitely is a good place for you to have a camera.


With a trip so exciting and involving, your destination awaits you. Topeka is a city famous for tree-lined streets. And it doesn't lack art, as evidenced by remarkable murals all over the city. Indulge your sweet tooth by having chocolate and confectioneries with some of the original recipes passed down generations. Enjoy sightseeing by visiting one of the many parks in the state. If you’re a car enthusiast, it would be criminal for you to miss Heartland Park. Whatever you do, plan to have extraordinary fun in this city.

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