Minnesota Vikings Tailgating

With the capacity to hold up to 73,000 passionate fans, U.S. Bank Stadium is the proud home of the Minnesota Vikings, and it’s located in Downtown Minneapolis. This stadium, which opened in 2016, is one of the NFL’s newest venues, and it might be one of the best looking.

Event information

With the capacity to hold up to 73,000 passionate fans, U.S. Bank Stadium is the proud home of the Minnesota Vikings, and it’s located in Downtown Minneapolis. This stadium, which opened in 2016, is one of the NFL’s newest venues, and it might be one of the best looking. Join Viktor the Viking at this incredible venue and root for the home team. Skol!

The glass facade of the stadium lets in a ton of natural light, and it is a spectacle to behold. The stadium has five 95-foot doors that open to let in the public, making them among the tallest doors in the country. Whether you love the Vikings or not, the stadium itself is an attraction worth the trip.

While the main event takes place indoors, the outdoors is where tailgates are held. Parking lots open six hours before the game and close three hours after the game, which gives fans plenty of time to enjoy a good set of ribs. Unfortunately, RV parking and tailgating is not allowed, but you can still show up to the stadium and visit the other tailgates and events taking place. Make sure you’re properly bundled up since it gets mighty cold in the Minnesota area.


For most games, the most affordable Minnesota Vikings tickets range between $150 to $300, and the best seats are easily two or three times that much. These prices reflect early pricing. To get the best seats at a price that won’t break the bank, order your tickets as soon as you can, preferably before the season even starts.

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Several major highways can take you to Minneapolis from each of the cardinal directions including I-94, I-35, and some US Routes. Check road conditions before heading out, however, because the winter months are snowy and icy. It might be a good idea to drop off the RV at a campground and get to the stadium via public transportation. Have your navigator monitor 511 MN for road and weather updates in Minnesota.

Parking areas

RVs are not allowed to park anywhere on stadium grounds, nor are they allowed in the tailgate parking lots. The gates open two hours before the game, and there is plenty to do at the stadium. Leave your RV at a campground or park and take public transportation to the stadium.

Public Transportation

The Minneapolis area is served by Metro Transit, and they have several ways to get you to and from the stadium via light rail, bus, and train. Plan your trip with Metro Transit for the best results. If you’re in the downtown area, take the Skyway, which is a walkway that cuts through buildings and travels over streets. The Skyway is a great option because it takes you right to the stadium, and you can avoid the chilly temperatures.

Where to stay


Since you cannot park your RV at U.S. Bank Stadium, neither can you camp there overnight. But, all is good. You can stay at a nearby campground, which will have substantially more amenities and accommodations than staying at a parking lot.


There are a handful of RV campgrounds between 20 and 35 miles from the stadium, and they all offer more than a mere parking space. For an RV park experience on the edges of the city but still closeby, check out Minneapolis Northwest KOA or Minneapolis Southwest KOA. If you want to be a bit further from the city and in the outdoors, Interstate State Park is a great option.

Getting around

With such cold temperatures in the fall and winter months, it can be nice to stay indoors as much as possible, which is why you may appreciate taking the Skyway to the stadium. Once inside, there are several elevators and escalators around the stadium. Wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts are available to those who need them.

What to pack


With temperatures barely hitting 80 degrees during the hottest months, fans can expect to see temperatures drop below freezing in the colder months. It’s best to dress for cold weather when in Minneapolis, especially if you’re not used to it.

Pack sweaters, jackets, leggings, ear muffs, gloves, and whatever else you may need to stay warm and keep your skin covered. A solid pair of boots is good to have in case you walk through snow or ice. Since Vikings Stadium is enclosed, temperatures inside the dome may be somewhat comfortable during the game.


If you decide to take public transportation, make sure to bring an external charger to keep your phone fully charged throughout the commute. You can also bring a camera if you plan on doing some sightseeing along the way. Then you can bring it inside the stadium to capture images all the purple and gold, so long as the lens is no longer than six inches.

Health & Safety

Staying warm is crucial if you want to be in good health for the game. Buy some hand warmers to keep your hands from freezing, and get a scarf to protect your neck from any wind. For any small scrapes or falls, stock up on medical supplies for your RV or purchase a first-aid kit.

Where to eat


Guidelines for cooking outdoors at your campsite may vary, but bring a grill in case preparing a meal outside becomes an option. To stock up on groceries and supplies, visit the local grocery store. If you want to cook a dish with Minnesota ingredients, the state is known for its wild rice, morel mushrooms, cheese curds, and, last but not least, lefse, which is a Norwegian flatbread made from potatoes.


Minneapolis and St. Paul, or The Twin Cities as they are known, are home to some amazing restaurants. This area welcomes a significant Vietnamese population, which means that a hot bowl of pho is easy to find when the temperatures drop. Minneapolis is also known for deserts in bar form, tater tots, juicy lucy hamburgers, and, of course, lefse.


Visit the Viking Locker Room Store for purple and gold Viking apparel. The Vikings Locker Room Store has several locations, but there are also kiosks around the stadium with a more limited selection. If you would like something to eat before, during, or after the game, head to one of many concessions inside the stadium.



Viktor the Viking requests that fans not bring any coolers, laser pointers, weapons, noisemakers, and other items. Service dogs are allowed entry. For items that don’t fit in your pocket, bring them inside a clear plastic bag, per the NFL’s stadium guidelines.


The NFL season takes place between September and January, and these just happen to be the cold months in Minnesota. The coldest months have an average low of 10 degrees, and that is sometimes lower. Prepare for cold weather by prepping your vehicle and bringing plenty of warm clothing.


There are three first aid locations throughout the park, and there are also EMTs onsite to help with more serious injuries. Guests who are in need of medical treatment can ask a U.S. Bank Stadium employee for assistance to the closest station. Hospital and pharmacy services are both within two miles of the stadium.