New Haven to St. Augustine Road Trip Guide


For families looking to head out on their next RV adventure, a seven-day trip from New Haven, Connecticut to St. Augustine, Florida will not disappoint.

New Haven, a metropolitan center in the state of Connecticut, rests along the coast ofLong Island Sound. The city is best known as the home of the prestigious Yale University. Also found on the university grounds are the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Yale Center for British Art.

New Haven has a thriving food culture and received the honor of being recognized as the Best Foodie City in the United States by in 2014. The city has a large concentration of highly reviewed restaurants, standing toe to toe with such cuisine centers as Boston and Cambridge. Within the popular New Haven Green, RV campers will find over 120 restaurants featuring many different types of excellent food. Among the cuisines represented here are Malaysian, Ethiopian, Spanish, Belgian, French, Greek, Latin American, Thai, Italian, Turkish, Peruvian, and much, much more.

New England as a whole has earned a strong reputation for its pizza. One of the must-have dishes during a trip to New Haven is the white clam pizza featured at the well-known restaurant Pepe's, a pizza shop that has been open since 1925. Another restaurant that has put New Haven on the culinary map is Louis' Lunch, an iconic diner located on Crown Street that has become famous for its delicious fast-food fare that it has been proudly producing since 1895.

But New Haven is far more than a culinary hotspot; the city is also a haven for the fine arts being home to many different theatres and concert venues. Yale University is home to both a drama and music school.

For those looking to enjoy outdoor recreation during their stay in New Haven, the city will not disappoint. A city nestled along a coastline, there are miles and miles of beaches for RV campers to explore at their leisure. Also found in the area are many state parks, national forests, and campgrounds, offering families ample opportunity for outdoor fun.

Traveling through the streets of New Haven in an RV is a breeze, but for those who prefer to park their rig at their campground, both taxi and bus service will transport them into town where they can do some exploring on foot.

Among the best places to enjoy an RV stay in New Haven are West Rock Ridge State Park, Bear Creek Campground, and Gentile's Campground.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: family

Point of Interest

The Barnum Museum

Just 20 miles from New Haven is the Barnum Museum located in the town of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Housed in a building that was once owned by the legendary entertainer, the museum pays homage to the life and work of Mr. Phineas Taylor Barnum.

Mr. Barnum was born in 1810 and lived until 1891. This visionary entrepreneur made providing live entertainment and education to his community his life's mission. His original creation was the Barnum Institute of Science and History, an effort in which he attempted to unite the two disciplines and highlight the best work in both.

Mr. Barnum's vision for his museum was all-consuming. He willingly donated all of his resources to help the project to succeed. Unfortunately, Mr. Barnum passed away before the museum was completed.

Today, the Barnum Museum is home to over 60,000 pieces of memorabilia that were either owned or related to Mr. Barnum, his work, or his family in some way. The property has been included on the National Register of Historic Places.

Thinking spending a little more time in Bridgeport sounds like a good plan? Why not enjoy an RV stay at the picturesque Seaside Park?

Mianus River State Park

The next leg en route to St. Augustine is very short at only 27 miles. RV campers will enjoy taking in some R&R at Stamford's beautiful Mianus River State Park. This public facility consists of almost 400 acres in total and is subdivided into three distinct sections for families to enjoy. It is located between the two towns of Greenwich and Stamford.

Mianus River State Park is incredibly picturesque, offering RV campers unique views of the Mianus River and its many streams that are offshoots from this main body of water. This area is well-renowned for its wetland locale. Among the many features found at this public park are hiking trails, a cave, a stunning array of wildflowers (in season), and many interesting rock structures.

The property is a popular gathering place for people looking for the perfect spot to get in a dog walk while enjoying the beauty of nature. Among the most popular activities here are hiking, biking, fishing, picnicking, and jogging.

Finding access to this park can be a bit challenging. The easiest route is via Merribrook Lane which can be reached from Westover Road just outside the Merritt Parkway. There is ample parking in the outside lot for RVs, trailers, and vehicles.

Statue of LIberty National Monument

The Big Apple is only a short drive away at 46.5 miles from Stamford. While in New York City, RV campers won't want to miss the opportunity to visit one of the country's most iconic landmarks: the Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty, as she is sometimes referred to, is a symbol of the enduring friendship between France and America; in fact, the statue was a gift to the country from its European ally. The statue now stands as a worldwide sign for freedom and the power of democracy. It was first unveiled to the world in its current location on October 28th, 1886. In 1924, the property was declared a National Monument.

To reach the monument, RV campers will need to take a ferry to Liberty Island. There are many different public lots where families can pay to safely leave their rig then take public transportation to the ferry grounds.

While on the island, RV campers can enjoy exploring the statue then spend some time visiting Ellis Island in remembrance of the over 12 million immigrants who visited these shores in search of a new life in America.

After an invigorating day visiting Lady Liberty, why not catch some shut-eye before the next leg of the journey en route to St. Augustine? Consider parking the RV for an overnight stay at New York City North/Newburgh KOA Holiday, Deerpark/New York City NW KOA Holiday, or Nickerson Beach Campground.

Cooper River

Eighty-nine miles from New York City is New Jersey's Cooper River. This much-loved family park consists of nearly 347 acres in total and traverses through several places in the state including Pennsauken, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, and Haddon Township.

This beautiful recreational area offers much for RV campers to enjoy during their visit. From the popular William G. Rohrer Children's Playground to softball fields, mini-golf, and much more, families will not want for something to do at this stunning park.

Paddleboats and kayaks can be rented for those itching to spend a day out on the water. The river has often been the featured site of many prestigious rowing events since its conditions are perfect for this sport.

Cooper River Park is home to many different amenities including several bike paths, a dog park, four volleyball courts, picnic areas, a picturesque sculpture garden, and public bathrooms.

A popular golf academy is also housed on the grounds for those wishing to brush up on their skills on the green.

Had a ball exploring the Cooper River Park grounds but feeling tuckered out now? Consider an RV stay at Philadelphia South/Clarksboro KOA or Hospitality Creek Campground.

Washington Monument

RV campers will enjoy the route that leads 144 miles to culminate in the District of Columbia, the home of Washington D.C. There is much to see and do in the nation's capitol, but one place that should not be missed during a trip to the region is the Washington Monument. Built to pay homage to the very first president of the country, the Washington Monument stands 555 feet in height. The monument is in the shape of an obelisk and is comprised entirely of marble.

George Washington is a central figure in America's rich history, providing people with the military and political wisdom they required during the early days of the country. It is through the bar that he established that future presidents began to understand their role as the elected leader of the United States. The Washington Monument stands above the city, providing its citizens with a reminder of their forefather's prominent role in the founding of the country.

The obelisk was the vision of Mr. Robert Mills and was built by Mr. Thomas Casey and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project was comprised of two parts with the first taking place from 1848-1854 and the second completed in 1884.

The obelisk, a shape favored by the Egyptians, was selected as a reminder of the enduring legacy of civilizations of old. The monument was intended to convey the gratitude that U.S. citizens felt towards their founding father. At the time of its completion, the Washington Monument was considered to be the most statuesque building across the globe.

Tired from the day's travel and time spent exploring the Washington Monument? Spend a night doing some RV camping at Washington D.C./Capitol KOA Holiday or Cherry Hill Park.

Fun Land of Fredericksburg

Only 52.6 miles away is the family amusement park known as Fun Land of Fredericksburg. This popular destination is home to over 20 different things to do as well as over 100 arcade games.

When it comes to a place to burn off some steam, RV campers won't find a better place than Fun Land of Fredericksburg. This family fun center is home to such popular activities as laser tag, mini-golf, arcade games, go-kart tracks, and much, much more.

Feeling like doing some stretching after hours cooped up traveling in the RV? Why not practice your best swing in the batting cages? Feeling like something more competitive is in order? Fun Land offers mini-bowling and bumper cars for those looking to challenge their family members to a fun round or two.

The property consists of a 40,000 square foot space indoors as well as seven acres of grounds outdoors.

Thinking an RV stay might be the perfect ending to the perfect day? Consider spending the night doing some camping at Fredericksburg/Washington D.C. South KOA Holiday or Hidden Acres Family Campground.

Edgar Allen Poe House

56.9 miles from Fun Land of Fredericksburg is a truly unique place that is well worth taking the time to visit: the Edgar Allen Poe Museum. This building was founded over one hundred years ago when a group of fans of the author traveled to visit Mr. Poe's birthplace, Richmond, Virginia. Their intent was to create a monument to Mr. Poe.

The group of individuals was formed in 1906 under the name the Poe Memorial Asociation. Unfortunately, at that time, there was not sufficient interest to fund a thriving museum to memorialize the author. After a decade had passed, the remaining members met with the purpose of saving the building where Poe was first employed as an editor: the Southern Literary Messenger. Their goal was to purchase the building to convert it into their museum. The former newspaper's headquarters were scheduled for demolition; however, the group's leader, Mr. Whitty, was able to save some of the remnants from the grounds to assist with reconstructing a monument on a different property to use for the museum.

In time, Mr. Whitty ran across Mr. and Mrs. Archer Jones who had a vested interest in preserving the history of the region and who also happened to be leasing the oldest home in Richmond, a place referred to as the Old Stone House. Mrs. Jones agreed to allow Mr. Whitty to use a section of land behind the house to build what would be known as the Poe Memorial Garden. It was constructed using the remains of the former Southern Literary Messenger building. A shrine was also erected on the premises.

The Poe Museum now contains one of the most extensive collections of Poe-related items in all of the world.

Ready to catch up on a few zzz's before hitting the next leg of the journey en route to St. Augustine? Park the RV for an overnight stay at Richmond North/Kings Dominion KOA or Picture Lake Campground.

War Between the States Museum

After a good night's rest, RV campers will be primed and ready to tackle the 293-mile journey to spend the day enjoying the War Between the States Museum. The museum houses pieces of memorabilia from the years 1850-1900 from a period referred to as the War Between the States.

Found on display in the museum are many paintings of well-known military personnel as well as personal effects, weapons, and more from the Florence Stockade (a facility used as a Union prison camp). Also housed on the grounds is a comprehensive library detailing the history of the period.

There is a gift shop on the premises where families can purchase many different items including souvenirs, snacks, and drinks.

The War Between the States Museum offers one of the most comprehensive collections of Civil War history in the country.
For more information about hours of operation, tours, and any associated costs, consult the museum's website.

After a day of fun exploring the museum's exhibits, an overnight stay just might be in order. Park the RV at Swamp Fox Campground or The Farm Campground for the night.

Amelia Island

Amelia Island is one destination that is well worth the 296 miles of RV travel it takes to arrive there. One of the most popular destinations in the state of Florida, Amelia Island is well renowned for its air of tranquility and scenic beauty.

Found along the northeastern shores of the state, Amelia Island is located 30 miles away from Jacksonville. This stunning island is well known for its beautiful golden-hued sandy beaches and equestrian trails along the coast.

Amelia Island takes pride of place as one of Conde Nast's most beloved islands in the world. The area has much to offer RV campers including incredible beaches, rich history, outdoor activities, excellent dining and shopping, and even on occasion, celebrities.

Among the most popular places to visit during a trip here are Ferdandina Beach, Peter's Point, the Amelia Island Trail, and Fort Clinch. Those looking to enjoy some RV camping can spend the night at Little Talbot Island State Park or Amelia Island State Park.


The final leg of the journey to St. Augustine is only 70 miles. RV campers will be delighted to arrive at their destination and settle in for a few nights stay at their campground.

St. Augustine is a bustling metropolis found along the northern shores of the state. It bears the distinction of being the oldest city in the country. One of the distinctive features of the region is its unique colonial architecture that is distinctly reminiscent of the early Spanish influence in the area.

St. Augustine has long been a hotspot for those that love to spend their days at the beach. There are several ocean beaches to choose from including the popular St. Augustine Beach and the more serene Crescent Beach. Other outdoor attractions include Anastasia State Park and the Castillo de San Marcos.

Another must-visit destination when exploring St. Augustine is the incredible fountain contained in Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. This property relates the tale of the founding of this incredible city and also shares the story of the Timucuan people who resided in the region several thousand years prior to the Spanish.

Traveling through St. Augustine in an RV is simple to do. However, for those who prefer not having to find a parking space for such a big rig, there is ample parking at the area campgrounds and an excellent bus and taxi system to transport RV campers to and from town. Some of the best places to enjoy RV stays include St. Augustine Beach KOA Holiday and Anastasia State Park.

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