Rehoboth Beach to Buffalo Road Trip Guide


Rehoboth Beach in Delaware is an old town, but everything about it screams modern vacation destination. The city has miles of pristine beaches and modern amenities to entertain the masses. There’s plenty to do in this beach town, and the majority of it involves the Beach and Boardwalk. You can also introduce yourselves to a bit of the verdant beauty of Delaware at Cape Henlopen State Park and bask in the quieter and more peaceful stretch of sand beach, hiking trails, and generous fishing spots. For enlightening your mind and taking a deeper look into this old town, make sure to visit the Rehoboth Beach Museum.

You could point your RV in any direction you want from Rehoboth Beach for a weekend adventure, but the route heading north is the one that will offer you the most enlightening and adventurous trip. Delaware Highway 1 has some of the most gorgeous villages and interesting cities to keep your trip spiced up while having creature comforts available close by.

Most visitors make the mistake of limiting New York to just New York City. If you have chosen Buffalo, NY, as your final destination then you have most likely made the best decision of your life, or of this road trip at the very least. The city is culturally rich and is among the few places in America where one can almost see where most of the different American cultures have stemmed from. The city has a long history of German, Poland, and European settlers, as well as, many other minority settlements dating back centuries.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 2-3 days
Recommend rig: any
audience: couple

Point of Interest

Winterthur Museum Garden and Library

Make your first stop in Wilmington, DE, so you can witness the grandeur of Winterthur Museum Garden and Library. The historic estate is nestled by the rolling green hills of Brandywine Valley and is easily one of the most beautiful estates in the country. In fact, in its peak times, it was the American version of Downton Abbey and those passing by could get a peek of the farmers tending to cattle herds. Before it was turned into a museum and a library, it was the former home of Henry Francis du Point.

The huge eye-catching mansion has dazzling interiors and a 60-acre breathtakingly gorgeous garden surrounding it. The house also has a collection of unparalleled American decorative arts including the works of Benjamin West, Gilbert Stuart, and Charles Wilson Peale. In addition to the exhibits, you can also enjoy the ongoing exhibitions, shopping, and dining experience on the estate grounds.

Allentown Farmers Market

After your enlightening stop at Winterthur estate, hit the road and don’t stop until you reach Allentown, Pennsylvania. Here you can have a hearty and healthy meal and gather food supplies for the rest of your journey at the famous Allentown Farmers Market. In addition to healthy, you’ll also be introduced to a number of international condiments and specialties.

There’s a high chance you might return home from this road trip with a taste for something exotic. Your eyes, your sense of smell, and your appetite will appreciate the old cheese, freshly baked bread, fresh beef, hand-stuffed olives, and a range of food items from Europe and Korea that you may not be able to pronounce the names of, but would still love. You cannot only shop here for all the deli items to take home but can also enjoy a delectable lunch at Dan’s BBQ Chicken Stand or satisfy your sweet craving at the Mary Ann’s Donut Kitchen.

Nay Aug Park

Despite the rich history and mouth-watering organic foods you have seen and tasted so far, no road trip will truly be complete unless it takes you deep into the woods, towards waterfalls, deep canyons, and rolling hills. Fortunately, this road trip includes a place called Scranton in Pennsylvania which happens to be home to the absolutely stunning Nay Aug Park.

While the largest part of the city is advertised as an amusement park, it is established in an outdoor setting with rocky gorges, streams, and the glorious Nay Aug Waterfall. The park also boasts two Olympic-sized pools with waterslide complexes, so that visitors in the summer can cool off whenever they please. One of the highlights of the park is the enormous tree house and a 150-feet long walkway that is suspended in the air. The latter allows you to get undisturbed scenic views of the park and surrounding nature.

East Aurora

If your last stop is to be the big metropolitan city of Buffalo, why not enjoy something a bit more reclusive and private before embracing the chaos of city life. Before arriving at Buffalo, indulge yourself in exploring a bit of Western New York’s rural beauty. East Aurora has a subtle charm to it that is quite opposite from what you are going to experience in Buffalo. The small village has some big local attractions such as the Knox Farm State Park and the historic Roycroft Campus with its massive (14 buildings) art colony.

Arts and Crafts are what allures many to East Aurora. If you happen to be embarking on this trip during winter you can enjoy a magical evening at the Happy Zone Rink. East Aurora Farmers Market and the Hawk Creek Wildlife Center are also two unmissable attractions of this village which you should definitely check out if you can squeeze out the time.


Your last stop on this epic road trip happens to be in Buffalo, New York; a city that promises all kinds of entertaining activities that will make you never want to sleep. Begin your memorable and splendid exploration of the city with the 100 years old, Darwin D. Martin House. To experience something truly magical and catch an enchanted moment, head over to Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. Among all the other exciting things to do in this city, make sure you take out some time and make the trip to Niagara Falls before setting your GPS to ‘Home’.

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