Roy Pioneer Rodeo

Small town, big event: you won’t want to miss the Roy Pioneer Rodeo in Roy, Washington. Polish your cowboy boots and set off on an RV adventure.

Event information

The Roy Pioneer Rodeo, which experienced humble beginnings in 1960, has become a standout event that sees thousands of visitors every year. It’s volunteer-run, occurs twice a year in the small city of Roy in Washington, and is a must-attend event for any rodeo-lover in need of a break.

Around 2,500 people converge upon the Roy Rodeo Grounds in June, August, and September to watch about 100 competitors do what they do best. Take delight in bull riding, calf roping, bareback bronc riding, steer wrestling, team roping, and more at 8710 Higgins Greig Road, Roy, WA. If the competitors aren’t doing it at Roy Pioneer Rodeo, then it’s not worth doing!

If all that entertainment has made you work up a thirst and hunger, then the rodeo covers all bases here, too. The kitchen is open for hamburger and hotdog sales, while there is also a beer garden for those over the legal drinking age.

If, after two days of rodeo, you’re ready for a new adventure in your motorhome, then why not check out what else Roy and surrounding Pierce County towns and cities have to offer? You can go kayaking at Tacoma or take day trips to Frederickson, Yelm, Spanaway, and other standout cities in Washington.

There is plenty to explore, so grab your family, polish your best cowboy boots, and head to Roy, Washington, for the Roy Pioneer Rodeo.


It’s getting harder and harder to treat the family to affordable vacations, but the Roy Pioneer Rodeo proves it’s not impossible. While you can’t purchase your tickets online for the rodeo, you can buy them at the gate with cash or payment cards (subject to a fee). In the past, children under five have been able to enjoy the rodeo for free, while children, adults, and senior tickets have varied between $5-15.

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Roy is a small Washington city spanning 0.49 miles between Yelm, Frederickson, Mt Rainier National Park, and Olympia. It’s accessible via Spanaway McKenna Highway and is nestled amid farmland for as far as the eye can see.

While driving to Roy is bound to be both pleasant and comfortable by any RV-goer, it still pays to travel with local updates in mind. On WSDOT, you can remain up to date with any traffic congestion, extreme weather warnings, and other delays you may face.

When you reach the outer boundaries of the city, you will find the site of Roy Pioneer Rodeo parallel to the train tracks that run down the main street of the city.

Parking areas

If you’re worried about being able to park your big rig upon arriving at Roy Pioneer Rodeo, then don’t be. When you get to the City of Roy, you will realize that not only is there plenty of dirt and grass parking at the venue, but in the city itself. Arrive with plenty of time to spare to avoid missing out on a desirable parking space, but enjoy peace of mind that you won’t be left without anywhere to park at all.

Public Transportation

The small size and limited population of Roy mean that public transportation options are not available to get you to and from Roy Pioneer Rodeo. However, that won’t be a problem. No matter where you end up in your motorhome in Roy, everything is within walking distance. Your feet may get a workout, but your wallet won’t.

Where to stay


Size constraints mean that Roy Pioneer Rodeo is not an event at which you can park your RV overnight. Instead, it’s a good idea to decide where to camp in your RV before you arrive. The further ahead you secure your accommodation, the broader the pool of options from which to draw.


If you’re looking for an RV campground near Roy Pioneer Rodeo, then pickings are slim in town. You will need to expand your search to within 50 miles of Roy to find places that are accessible with a large RV. Don’t be afraid to search in neighboring cities, such as Olympia. You can still be within a convenient driving distance of the rodeo, but you are also close to tourist activities and other fun things to do in Washington, as well.

Getting around

Getting around the site of Roy Pioneer Rodeo is a breeze, and you may not even need a map. The entertainment ring is central and easy to find, while all booths for food and souvenirs, as well as the beer and wine garden, are signposted and easy to find. Bring your most comfortable cowboy boots to navigate the grass and dirt grounds, and leave your scooters, skateboards, and other personal transport items back in your RV.

What to pack


What you wear might depend on what time day you plan to take an adventure. Visitors will want to wear warm gear in the evenings, but can still enjoy summer clothing during the daytime. However, overnight temperatures can be chilly, so additional blankets may be necessary.


Given Roy’s small size, preparing for a motorhome vacation to this Washington city can require a little bit of extra effort. You’ll need to consider things that you can’t access at a moment’s notice – such as prescription medication , as well as cash for onsite purchases and cookware for primitive RV camping.

Fortunately, vendors at Roy Pioneer Rodeo supply almost everything you need for each day of rodeo action, so all you have to bring with you is cash, payment cards, and your best cowboy hat and boots.

Health & Safety

It pays to never travel without drinking water, a first aid kit, prescription medication, and sun safety supplies, and the Roy Pioneer Rodeo is no different. Make sure you stock up on all those essentials, especially if you are visiting the rodeo in summer. Lather on the sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and protect your family from harmful UV rays on your travels.

Where to eat


RV camping is quite exciting as you get to try out new cooking methods. Most RV campgrounds allow you to use your onboard RV appliances, but others even welcome you to use fire pits, campfires, or a grill. Make sure you’re aware of specific RV camping rules before you start cooking. You can also pick up supplies for camp-style hot dogs and s’mores from the grocery store in Spanaway, ten miles from Roy.


Trying something new is a significant part of any motorhome adventure, so why not check out the eating establishments in Roy? Along the main thoroughfare of this city, there are a few different options to tantalize your taste buds. Stop in for coffee at the local café, or indulge in bar and grill offerings a few doors down.

Roy is also home to a teriyaki eatery, as well as a local eats for hearty meals at night. If you fancy something extra special, you also have the option of heading over to Spanaway or another neighboring city to see what they have to offer.


While you’re enjoying all the calf roping and bareback riding at the rodeo, you can also be chowing down on some delicious food with local vendors. Everything from French fries and ice cream through to nachos, hot dogs, and soda is available at Roy Pioneer Rodeo.

You can also show your support for the event by purchasing souvenirs from the merchandise booth, or quenching your thirst in the beer and wine garden if you are over the legal drinking age. Remember to bring both cash and payment cards to ensure you have the correct payment type.



Entry into Roy Pioneer Rodeo will be via Higgins Greig Road. Here, security personnel will be on the gates to check your tickets and provide entry into the venue. If you’d like quick and easy access into the rodeo, then consider leaving non-urgent possessions in your locked RV. The less you bring, the more comfortable you can be. If you require outside assistance at any time, you can dial 911 or head to the nearest police station half a mile away.


It doesn’t matter whether you attend the rodeo in June, August, or September, the weather is sure to be to your liking. While, of course, nighttime temperatures are lower than those during the day, they are still reasonably comfortable.

Average highs are in the 70s during June, while they increase slightly for August and September. To be on the safe side, bring wet weather gear, and make sure your RV’s heating and cooling systems are operational.


It’s always a good idea to carry a first-aid kit onboard your RV, but more severe injuries can call for expert assistance. If that’s the case, wave down a rodeo official to point you in the direction of the first aid area. In an emergency, dial 911 or make your way to the nearest hospital in Olympia around 25 miles from the rodeo.