Sacramento to Helena Road Trip Guide


More than just the capital city of California, Sacramento is the city of trees. Blessed with plenty of sunshine, about 269 days every year, there is little wonder why it is a hub for tourists. The stage is almost always set for you to get out there and have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and create unforgettable memories. Interestingly, this almond-producing city is very environmentally-friendly and is believed to be one of the best cities to raise a family.

Several interesting experiences make spending time in Sacramento a good idea. The booming economic activities that go on in Sacramento, coupled with the bubbling summer days make a vacation, perhaps a road trip, out of the city something to look forward to. Maybe even a necessity.

Traveling northwards from California to Montana definitely makes for an epic RV road trip. The adventure that takes you across several states and spanning seven or more days will bring you in touch with some of the country’s natural beauties including lakes, forests, and wildlife. Allow yourself to unwind from the commotion and chaos of the Sacramento city life and enjoy the adventure that this road trip offers. Start your RV and enjoy your trip.

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Max RV length
Max trailer Length
Road trip length: 7+ days
Recommend rig: motorhome
audience: friends

Point of Interest

Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

As you drive into Montana, you’ll begin to notice a change in scenery. Sure, the drive is long, but the view is rewarding. If you set out from the National Monument in Idaho very early in the morning, you can still have ample time to explore the Forest after you’ve traveled about four and a half hours all the way to this park in Montana. Mind you, Helena is your next stop, so you’re almost there.

At Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, you will enjoy the final hoorah before you arrive at your destination. Note that you will be exploring the wilderness within the largest National Forest in Montana, so get yourself totally ready.

Various water activities, as well as land recreational activities, are available in the forest. Camping accommodations are available after you’ve hiked your favorite trails, and dinner can be made in an open fire grill after your fishing or hunting experience. If you are here at the right season, you may be able to go for some quartz gem hunting.

Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve

With a landscape so rough and rugged, the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is one of a kind. The lava fields are incredible and you get to experience the size of the volcanic features that make this place so unique.

There are several activities scheduled for you depending on how long you want to stay here. You could do day activities (like hiking), or engage in multi-day recreational opportunities such as exploring the caves. Just make sure you have a good flashlight. If you visit in winter, you can stay active here by skiing and snowshoeing across the park’s areas.

Feel free to visit the Inferno Cone or the Echo Crater. Developed campsites that accommodate RVs and a group campground are available. Dogs are allowed too, as long as they are kept leashed at all times.

Shoshone Falls

As one of the largest falls in Idaho, this is one not to be missed when you drive through the State en route to Helena. Shoshone Falls is 212 feet high, standing taller than the famed Niagara Falls. This waterfall is spectacular, so be prepared to be blown away.

The waterfall, located on the Snake River, has a scenic overlook and is home to several outdoor activities such as hiking, nature observation, and boating. In addition, there’s a swimming area and a picnic area where you can eat and take in the view of the waterfalls. Feel free to come along with your pets, but ensure they are always on a leash.

If you still want to spend more time in this area, there are a few RV campsites at Shoshone Falls Park as well as a variety of accommodation options nearby that you can select from. This is one place you will never be able to get enough of.

Cactus Petes Resort and Casino

As you approach Nevada’s border with Idaho, you will come across the town ofJackpot. Perhaps the town is not as small as is often thought, as it has a lot in common with Vegas, save the crazy rush.

As the name implies, you could really hit the jackpot with the wide array of games and slot machines that Cactus Pete's Resort and Casino features. The size of this casino may temporarily make you feel like you’re in Vegas though. Besides, the wide array of games available is more than enough to keep you and your buddies actively engaged and excited.

You also get to eat choice foods from the different restaurants available. Enjoy a mix of different drinks while you keep winning at the tables. If you think the adrenaline rush is too much for you, there’s an outdoor pool where you can relax from the rush. You could also get some very cool artifacts and souvenirs with your winnings at the gift store in the casino.

Lamoille Canyon

Drive two hours from Winnemucca and you will be in one of Nevada’s most popular cities, Elko. Elko is Nevada’s goldmine, literally! And there’s no limit to what you can find in this city. Catch the cowboy spirit when you arrive at Elko but that’s not to say this is all you’ll get.

Discover Lamoille Canyon, the hidden treasure embedded in the Ruby Mountains. Enjoy a scenic drive with many spots where you can stop to enjoy the view and take pictures. This drive leads into the canyon, where you can explore several trails, have a picnic or just immerse yourself in the beauty of the breathtaking scenery.

You can hike the many trails, angle for various fish species, hunt small and big game, and enjoy picnics with your friends here. If you have worn yourself out, there are campsites available that accommodate RVs. A visit to this canyon is definitely worth your while.

Humboldt Museum

This local museum in Winnemucca is a gem, and so it would be a shame to miss it on your RV road trip. The artifacts are well laid out and they explain interestingly the local history of the community. What’s more, the presentation of these exhibits makes a trip to this place something to look forward to.

There’s easy access to the museum and plenty of parking spaces. Even though the facility is not very big, it is really quite optimized with a lot of things to look at, so you and your buddies would have a nice time there. Visit the local gift store and you may walk out with a treasure.

If you still have some time on your hands, why not explore the town? You could visit the Royal Peacock Opal Mine, known for its Black Fire Opal and find your own precious stones. The mine even has an RV park where you can camp.

Humboldt State Wildlife Management Area

Nature is something you can’t do without and its views are always breathtaking and rewarding. While you journey through Nevada, enjoy the look of the countryside as a two-hour drive may not seem that long. Some of these views are picture-worthy, so get your cameras rolling.

You can rest assured that you will enjoy watching the wildlife and birds that call Humboldt State Wildlife Management Area home. What’s more, the park is open all year round and features several archeological areas that will definitely give you insights into historical events. Hiking, hunting, boating and picnicking are other popular activities here, meaning that there’s so much to do that can keep you occupied for days.

The wildlife refuge has a number of primitive and semi-developed campsites if you wish to turn in after a long day of driving and sightseeing. Large RVs cannot, however, be accommodated here.

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

After your splendid time connecting with nature, you may be craving some modern entertainment and a bustling nightlife. This resort offers you all that and more. If you’ve got some loose cash, you can take a chance at the casino and who knows, you could be lucky to win something.

Alternatively, you can have a go at the theme park or just laze around the pool with your buddies. There’s nothing stopping you. When you’re done, you can stop by at any of the fine dining restaurants where first-class chefs prepare delicious cuisines. Of course, you can also watch a show from a world-renowned entertainer here.

Should you want to spend the night, the resort has enough grounds for even the largest of RVs, as well as several amenities, to make your stay pleasurable. You’ll surely enjoy your stay here and the adventure that awaits when you leave!

Tahoe National Forest

Outside of Sacramento, about 150 miles east, lies this National Forest that’s the absolutely perfect place to make your first stop. No words could actually prepare you for the wonders you’ll behold here. It’s just the right place for you to ease out of city life by immersing yourself into the calming view of Mother Nature’s works.

Enjoy the fresh and crisp smell of the air and trees; take a hike and enjoy the view overlooking Lake Tahoe; take a dip in the waters; or just listen to the sound of the waterfalls that are forceful, yet relaxing. Everything you want for your adventurous spirit, you get here.

There are several developed campgrounds in the Forest, many of which are available all year round to meet your camping needs. Not to worry, though, if what you prefer is dispersed or primitive camping opportunities, because you’re covered too. You’ll find plenty of spaces for your RVs and motorhomes in the park.


At last! You set your foot in Montana’s golden and capital city, Helena. On a clear day, you can get a good view of some parts of the Rocky Mountains here. The climate is beautiful and there is something for every indoor and outdoor recreation enthusiast, whether it’s hiking Mount Helena, visiting the State Capitol, or spending time at any of the several parks and gardens distributed across the city.

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